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Salt Water Flush Tips

Ohhhh, the yummy salt water flush! This is many times the most difficult part of the Master Cleanse detox. It is also optional as you can drink the Smooth Move tea instead, but I certainly would recommend doing the Salt Water Flush every day the first couple of days. After that you can do the flush every […]

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Master Cleanse Group Experience Conclusion

Hey everyone, Congrats on making it through the Master Cleanse Group Experience – Spring 2009. It was another successful journey together, with lots of great support provided by everyone. I will be making the draws after I have done some preliminary preparations. Here are a few stats on MCGE.09.04.13: We had a total of 309 […]

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Ease-Out – Day 2 – Juicing and Soup Broths

Preparing for a new approach to a daily diet regimen always gets me thinking about juicing. A juice fast has been proposed by many as a compromise between a more difficult fast, such as the Master Cleanse, or a straight water fast. Sometimes I wonder whether a full-time juice fast, or juice diet, would be […]

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My Experience Update 4 – 134 Participants, Registrations close 12.31 at 24:00

There are now 135 registered participants for the first Group Master Cleanse Experience. I had tried to cap registrations to 50, then 75, then 100 because it was going to cost me so much money to provide 10$ gift certificates from or The Master Cleanse Book. But since there has been so much enthusiasm, […]

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My Experience Update 2 – 36 Registrations for The Master Cleanse Group Experience

1 – Psychological Emotional 2 – Physical 3 – Weight Loss 4 – Detox Elimination 5 – Support – Social Hey everyone, Just a quick update. We currently have 36 Registrations. That’s Awesome. This could be largest group chronicling of the Master Cleanse ever. I thought there would be a lot of interest but I […]

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Invitation to the New Years Resolutions Master Cleanse Experience

Hey everyone. Over at there is a Group cleanse starting January 4th. Many people are talking about doing the cleanse in the new year, and many more want to do it with the support of others at the same time. If you register, and provide comments on your experience everyday you will receive a […]

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