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5 Tips to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Right

Everyone who chooses to do the Master Cleanse has very specific reasons to do so and goals to achieve: be it weight-lose, releasing toxins and bad eating habits or balancing their health in certain aspects. To ensure your results, we decided to write a short article to help you avoid the common mistakes many people make […]

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The Master Cleanse. Can I do it?

Hello wonderful Master Cleanse community! There are many people visiting this website that are about to do the Master Cleanse for the first time. A lot of them are wondering about their ability to keep going after the first couple of days on the cleanse. That is natural as our mind will have us convinced […]

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Participant Recaps

Anyone who completed the cleanse, but maybe didn’t post that much, would you be so kind to go to this page, and leave a brief comment, stating your experience. Did you start? Did you finish? If not when did you quit? Which day and why? This would make for a great analysis for everyone to […]

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New Year’s Resolution Master Cleanse Experience

The New Year’s Resolution Master Cleanse Experience is all about starting fresh, making changes and sharing with each other for support and encouragement. Since we all eat so much over the holidays, New Year’s Resolutions naturally follow. I have noticed that many people are going to start the Master Cleanse this New Year’s, so I […]

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