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What Cheating is Permitted?

Organic herbal teas may be consumed. You can also suck on the pulp of one of the lemons you use to make the juice. Try taking a small dose of maple syrup alone, just to get the sweet taste unaltered by the cayenne and the lemons. Sometimes, that can be all you need to fight […]

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Can Vitamins and Supplements be Taken During the Cleanse

Give your body a chance to clean itself out by only taking in natural foods. Vitamins and supplements are not as nature intended, obviously. If you feel you must take them, the closer the ingredients are to real life, the better. Since your stomach is not prepared to digest solids, dissolving any hard substances into […]

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Are There Alternatives to SWF or Laxatives

No, not really. You need to eliminate, and since you are not digesting any fiber you will not eliminate enough on your own. The SWF or the laxative should work for you. Just follow the instructions exactly.

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I Did the Salt Water Flush (SWF), Why is it not Working?

Your ratio of salt/water is off. Try adding more salt. Stanley Burroughs specifies 2 level teaspoons for 1 quart of water. Make sure you have that right and adjust from there. It is also very important that you don’t use everyday table salt. It can not be refined or iodized. Find mineral salt or organic […]

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Is there a Kit with everything included?

There are several kits that we promote from Amazon, although I feel they are pricey and don’t include everything. I am working on a kit produced by myself for sale in the coming months.

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Will The Master Cleanse Help Constipation?

Yes it should. Every one is different, but the SWF when taken on an empty stomach will produce a movement – and end constipation. Following the cleanse cycle, your bowels should be refreshed and move more easily. Of course, if you go back to eating clogging foods, you will likely become constipated again.

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What Kind of Water Should I Use?

Like all the ingredients for the cleanse, the most pure choice is the best choice. Alkaline water would be mine. Read more about that here. Tap water is full of chemicals, so find a nice filtered water source.

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What are the Exact Directions for the Salt Water Flush (SWF)

Using one of your 1 liter chuggables and your 1 tablespoon measure, mix a solution of sea salt and room temperature water. NOTE: There have been many questions about this process. Some claim it doesn’t work, but the fact is, it should for absolutely everyone: you may have to adjust the amount of salt, in […]

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What Are the Alternatives to the Maple Syrup – Cane Juice, Molasses, Agave Nectar?

The keys to the maple syrup are the calories and the nutrients. If you are looking for a replacement, not only do you need to ensure you are getting the same caloric amounts from it, but also the same nutrients. Not all sugars are equal. Some have been refined so much that they no longer […]

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What does my body do when on the cleanse?

Your body’s PH balance will move to an Alkaline state. This is a healthy state. Your body will purge itself of toxins that are lodged in joints, soft tissue, cartilage, and mucous membranes especially.

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What is the Difference Between Grade A/B/C Syrups – Which Should I Use?

Each grade represents the amount of processing the syrup has gone through. Grade A is more refined and less useful. Grade B is better and Grade C better yet. However, Grade C is not easy to find and realistically, Grade B will usually be your best choice. Other grading systems, such as Grade 1, 2, […]

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Is it safe for women who are menstruating?

I have heard both sides of this argument on several occasions. Please provide your opinion with fact links if you have them. Some say it makes you very weak, others say that they have never had an easier period – less cramps and bloating.

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