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Master Cleanse – How to stick to it

I have personally done the Master Cleanse a few times. I am on a day 5 of the 4th Cleanse right now and there are definitely few things I have learned about that can greatly contribute to my and maybe also your success as a cleanser. Challenging your mind and tuning into your body’s needs and rhythms  The Master Cleanse […]

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Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit

The Master Cleanse Kit will be your breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snack routine for the next 10 days and so it’s importance should be obvious. ” The lemonade diet, about to be described, has successfully and consistently demonstrated its eliminative and building ability. Lemons and limes are the richest source of minerals and vitamins […]

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How Can I Make the Salt Water Flush (SWF) Easier?

Most of us can’t stand the Salt Water Flush. If it isn’t the taste, its the volume of liquid. Here are a few tips from our readers to help get through this process. Use a straw to drink the mixture. You won’t have to taste so much as the liquid does not pass over most […]

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Can I Use Capsules for the Cayenne and Take as a Pill

If you are having trouble with the cayenne pepper – if it is too hot for you, or causes heartburn – a good solution is to use the pill capsules, and take the cayenne as a pill. That way, you won’t have to taste it, but it will still get into your system.

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There are many misconceptions surrounding fasts, cleanses and other diets. The word “diet” has become negatively charged. Diet is simply your choice of nourishment. In this cleanse, you choose to nourish your body in a way that allows for rest and elimination to take place. Much like an IV or intravenous solution can provide all […]

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