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The 10 Best Superfoods for Dropping Pounds Fast

Did you know that some foods are better than others at promoting weight loss? When it comes to eating, there is more to it than simply cutting out calories. While you may be able to lose weight on the Twinkie Diet, you certainly won’t be any healthier! To keep your weight down and stay as [...]

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When Approaching a Weight Loss Plan Keep Things As Realistic and Scientific as Possible

The weight loss industry has become an incredible outlet for fads, half-truths, and marketing mumbo jumbo. It’s really quite unfortunate seeing as how more people suffer from weight problems today than ever before, and are sincerely looking for ways to achieve a healthier state. The best thing you can do to cut through all of [...]

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Lose Weight, Feel Confident, and Love Your Body: Weight Loss Webinar with Jessica Ortner

Weight gain and loss of confidence are two things that typically go hand in hand. The more weight we gain, the more we’re dissatisfied with our bodies and with ourselves. In fact, an astonishing 80% of women are unhappy with their bodies when they look in the mirror. How can a woman be successful in [...]

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A Super Tea That Helps with Fat Loss? Here’s the Facts

Many people are working hard to lose weight and wondering if there is something that can help them in what seems like an uphill struggle. It may sound strange, but something as simple as drinking certain kinds of tea known as “super teas” can really make a difference in the fight against flab. Okuma’s authentic [...]

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4 Diet Trends That Are Actually Healthy

Following a nutritious diet is undoubtedly the most critical component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With all the fad diet trends surfacing each day, picking a genuinely healthy diet to abide by can be challenging at times. It’s easy enough to tell a fad diet from a real diet since fad diets are not sustainable [...]

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How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

Natural weight loss is essentially a slow, simple, and healthy way to lose weight successfully. Weight gain often occurs if a person has been eating fatty or high-calorie foods or leading a sedentary lifestyle for extended periods of time. Thus, to lose weight naturally, it is important that you eat a healthy balanced diet and [...]

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The 5 Best Ways to Track Your Daily Diet and Calorie Intake

Eating healthy is hard enough without making tracking your diet and your daily calorie intake difficult. Instead of complicating things, use an effective method of tracking your diet so that you will be more likely to succeed. Whether you prefer high-tech gadgets and phone apps or more old-fashioned methods, you can always find a reliable [...]

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Six Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Detox Diet Every Now And Then

There are many good reasons to go on a detox diet. A lot of people wait until they are suffering or concerned about some internal issue before they consider detox methods. A more beneficial and cost-effective approach would be to undergo at least one of these processes regularly. The length of time between detoxifications is up [...]

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Tips To Detoxify Your Body

With proper nutrition, and healthy juice consumption, you can maintain your metabolism and help the body get rid of waste materials and excess weight. Polluted air, food sprayed with pesticides, stress, and lack of physical activity are all creating harmful substances in the body. Due to this way of life, it’s very important for the [...]

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How to Lose Weight and Look Fabulous: Fast Track to Fat Loss with Kim Lyons

Have you ever dreamed of having a celebrity fitness coach help you lose weight? Now you can experience the next best thing: Kim Lyons, a trainer who has appeared on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, has created an online fat loss program that you can access from your computer. [...]

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Benefits of Ginger Tea: a Perfect Method to Lose Weight

There are many health benefits that can be derived from drinking ginger tea. One of the promising effects would be your ability to lose weight when you drink ginger tea regularly. Ginger is known for its benefits in reducing inflammation and helping the body to have a better digestive system and now it has become [...]

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Healthy Eating Habits: How To Stick To Your Diet Forever

Everyone wants to lose weight and feel great. Diet and exercise are obviously the keys to unlock those feelings but it can be tough. When you are navigating through the world of healthy eating you are bogged down by get-rich quick schemes and other nonsense. You will never be able to escape the books, seminars, [...]

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Removing Food Attachment

If you are looking to start a diet regimen, chances are you’re having trouble giving up your favorite foods. There is no way to be able to eat the unhealthy food we enjoy so much all the time, and still lose weight. It would be nice to have a real pill that worked magic by [...]

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A Great Way to Lose Weight: Spruce up Your Lifestyle

We always complain how it is really hard to stay fit and to lose weight. We always say stress, a crazy way of living, climate, health and family problems are the culprits of obesity, life instability and health troubles. We already know without a doubt what it is that we need to change in order [...]

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An App a Day: The Top 5 Android Apps to Help You Eat Healthily

From tricky calorie counting to balancing fat intake, many people find it a challenge to eat healthily. Luckily, thanks to the advances in technology, it’s easier to develop healthy eating habits. Did you know your smartphone can help you start eating healthier? There are more apps being created every day to help individuals develop better [...]

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The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

Bethany Sanders has completed a “primal” 30 day challenge, a Paleo diet, which mimics the eating habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors. “It’s been an interesting month.  There have been moments when I’ve been convinced that this lifestyle is for me,” Bethany says. “There have also been moments when I wondered why I ever tried to try [...]

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Understanding the Role Played by Calorie Intake in the Modern World

“We live in a fitness-conscious world governed by a formidable King known as Calorie. He is revered by everybody across the globe and anybody who disobeys him ends up becoming fat!” The above statement was made by a colleague while we were exercising at a local gym. I agree with her because today, calories control [...]

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4 Great Running Workouts for Losing Weight

You’ve come home from a tiring day at work and all you want to do is crash out on the sofa and escape into the simplistic warmth of television. The kettle is on, the bread is in the toaster, and all stressful issues will soon be forgotten in a blaze of caffeine and high carb glory. [...]

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Stop Eating and Save Your Life: The Eat Stop Eat Diet

The public interest in dieting is easy to understand considering there is an epidemic of obesity in a country culturally biased in favor of thin people. Government researchers, dietitians, and fitness gurus have formed a parade of advocates urging people to lose weight, but the waistline of the general population has continued to expand. The [...]

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Caralluma: The Weight Loss Cactus

Everyone seems to be searching for a quick, easy way to lose weight. From celebrity crash diets to a cleanse and everything in between, everyone wants to be their ideal size. One culture in particular that has been praised for its beautifully svelte women is India. What we didn’t know was they had been growing [...]

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