The Master Cleanse News Digest For The Week Ending 02.10.13

The Master Cleanse News Digest is a weekly curation of the best articles of the week about Master Cleanse and it’s pertaining topics.

From holistic healing to detox and cleansing to personal health and development, this article will bring you all you need to know about your favorite cleanse.

This article is put together thoughtfully and thoroughly throughout the week by one of The Master Cleanse writers, Sonya Solomonovich.

Holistic Healing

Food Diary App by Aspiring Holistic Health Coach

holistic-health-appCalorie counting can be tedious, especially if math wasn’t your favorite subject at school. However, there is another way to keep track of your food, based on emotional responses. Aspiring holistic health coach Christy Venter created the HealthyME Living food diary app for a simpler approach to eating.

Instead of laboriously documenting ingredients and calories, you simply upload photos of every meal and write down what feeling you associate with it. At the end of each day, you have a gallery of the food you consumed and some insight into why you chose those foods.

To read more about this holistic health food diary app, head over to

Holistic Health Coach Helps People on an Individual Basis


Whitney Fretham, a certified holistic health coach, was first attracted to this profession by the desire to help others find better health: “There are so many of us who don’t know how to fully live, to find fulfillment and balance in their lives,” Fretham says. “It’s hard work to change your life, but I’m proof that it’s doable.”

As owner and operator of She Lives Fit Health Coaching, Fretham provides consultations that help clients set goals and make gradual changes. She also provides extra email sessions and stays in touch with clients throughout the process.

To read morea bout Whitney Fretham, head over to the

Cleansing Diet

Is It Time for a Cleansing Diet?

cleansing-diet-is-it-right-for-youSometimes a thorough cleansing diet that purifies the mind and body is the best thing you can do for yourself. According to Elson Haas, author of Detox Diet, cleansing or detoxing should start with plant-based eating, but it’s about so much more than just food.

if you have been experiencing headaches, fatigue, allergies, depression, or joint pain, you would be a good candidate. A thorough cleanse could help you get rid of these health issues. Many people also find it helps them to overcome emotional issues such as eating when stressed.

To read more about cleansing diets, head over to the Washington Post

Total Wellness Cleanse

elkaim-detox-diet“The human body is not designed to digest hormone-pumped meat, antibiotic-laced dairy, pesticides, artificial sweeteners or the multitude of processed foods that many have, sadly, eaten for a lifetime,” says Total Wellness Cleanse creator Yuri Elkaim. “I can’t stress enough that these foods are a direct assault on the body’s overall wellness and chemical balance.”

Yuri Elkaim is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Kinesiologist. In his book “Eating for Energy,” Elkaim explains his nutritional philosophy, the inspiration for which was derived from his own personal experience: “[For] 23 years of my life, I suffered from incredible fatigue, asthma, allergies, poor eating habits and eventually an autoimmune disease.”

To read more about the Total Wellness Cleanse, head over to SBWire

Healthy Food

Coffee Pros and Cons

coffee-healthy-foodFor some, it’s a beloved morning ritual, and yet others consider it a noxious substance on par with illegal drugs. There are definitely some pros and some cons to coffee that could change your mind about whether you choose to partake in this morning pick-me-up beverage.

Studies have proven both positive and negative effects of coffee, so in order to be well-informed, you might want to consider all the facts.

To read more about the pros and cons of coffee, head over to

Are Chia Seeds the New “It” Food?

chia-healthy food“Chia seeds have been in Whole Foods for a long time, but they’re just now starting to grow in popularity,” said Drew Rosen, nutrition and cooking teacher at New York City’s Whole Foods Market Tribeca. “It’s an ancient crop, but because the seeds are so flexible and high in omega threes, they are just blossoming all over the markets in all different types of products.”

While chia seeds may be upstaging kale as the new favorite, it’s important to note that you should only consume a maximum of one ounce per day. Due to its high fiber content, chia can cause an upset stomach if consumed excessively.

To read more about chia, head over to

Detox Diet

Interview with Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo

Ani-raw-detoxRaw Food Celebrity Chef Ani Phyo says that the surprising thing about raw food is the great variety of dishes you can enjoy: “Raw food includes pizza, pastas, burgers, crackers, cakes, pies, truffles, chocolate, soups, sauces, and shakes that taste great and boost your vitality.”

She also offers Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast, which “combines ingredients from four main categories: probiotics, prebiotics, thermogenics, and medium chain fatty acids. Foods from each of these four groups are combined in each phase to accelerate detox and fat burning. Ingredients like green tea, cacao, ginger, and chili increase fat burning. As a matter of fact, the active ingredient in diet pills comes from spicy chilies, capsicum.”

To read more about this raw food detox, head over to Saratosa Magazine

Self-Proclaimed Carb Addict Takes Paleo Challenge

carb-addict-cleansing-diet“Last summer, I dropped bread and sugar from my diet,” writes Bethany Sanders on dietblog. ” I also dropped 30 pounds in three months.  It was the only time in my life I’ve achieved significant weight loss, and I felt like a new woman.”

“I did some research and realized that what I was already doing was very close to the Paleo diet.  And so, in an effort to get a handle on my carb addiction- (which is once again getting the best of me) once and for all, I started my own personal 30-day Paleo challenge.”

To read more about Bethany’s diet, head over to

Alternative Health

Choosing the Best Supplements

supplements-alternative-health“No, not all vitamins and supplements are created equal,” reports the Atlanta Black Star, “The gummy bear variety X-Mart brand really and truly is not giving your child a “leg up.”  In fact, all the sugar is actually killing his/her immune system.”

“‘Bioavailability’ is a VERY important concept here.  We’ve all heard the term “whole food,” and it is equally important in supplements.  All this means is where are the good parts of the vitamins made:  a lab or in nature?  You can fool your body with man-made or “synthetic” vitamins, but you have to take A LOT of them in order to get a reasonable dose.  Why?  Because the body doesn’t readily recognize and assimilate them.”

To read more about these alternative remedies, head over to the

The Natural Way to Boost Brain Power

Brain-alternative-healthDepression, lack of productivity, and memory loss are all the results of poor brain function. These are the ways your brain tells you it’s undernourished or suffering from the effects of inflammation.

Avoiding gluten, unfermented soy products, and overconsumption of sugar are some simple ways to reduce inflammation throughout your body, which makes for a healthier brain. And let’s not forget that the brain is mostly composed of fat cells. So, make sure you’re consuming an adequate amount of healthy fats contained in foods such as coconut oil, avocados, and grass-fed meat.

To read more about boosting brain power, head over to Natural News

Lose Weight Fast

Interval Training Produces Rapid Weight Loss

lose-weight-fast-interval“According to World Health Organization recommendations, all people should engage in between three and five hours of endurance training every single week in order to be fit and healthy and to reduce their risk of chronic diseases and early death. Yet, it can be a major challenge for many city dwellers to make that much time for exercise,” reports Natural News, “Indeed, the majority of U.S. adults do not meet exercise recommendations, and lack of time is considered the main cause.

The good news is that interval training, which involves a low-intensity workout interspersed with very intense intervals of high-intensity exercise, offers amazing fitness results with just 90 minutes of exercise per week.

To read more about interval training, head over to Natural News

Avoid These Weight Loss Pitfalls

lose-weight-fast-mistakesThere are many pitfalls on the journey to perfect weight loss. One of them is purchasing so-called “diet” drinks. Yahoo Lifestyle reports that diet soda, just like low fat foods, will in fact inhibit weight loss or even cause you to gain weight.

Becoming overly fixated on your exact weight is another common mistake: “Many dieters become fixated on the number on the scales; however, this can actually be counterproductive. Not only is your body weight not an accurate reflection of how well you are doing (after all, how do you know how much of that weight is muscle, water or undigested food and how much is fat?), failing to see the results you want can also affect your motivation, lead to emotional eating, or cause you stress which can lead to weight gain.”

To read more about weight loss mistakes to avoid, head over to Yahoo Lifestyle

Juice Fast

Blogger Describes Juice Fast Success

juice-fast-successMiami blogger Alex de Carvalho began what he thought was a short-term juice fast but ended up lasting 21 days. He writes about his experience with alternating between a water and juice fast and the successful results he’s experienced in terms of weight loss and overall health.

“While on my juice fast — or feast, rather, as the juices are really refresh­ing — I was read­ing all I could about fast­ing. Some of the resources I came across sug­gested an alter­nate juic­ing with water days. That is, once you’ve “cleansed” your sys­tem through juic­ing, you can eas­ily and safely spend some days on a water fast. That’s exactly what I did.”

To read more about this juice fast success story, head over to WLRN

BluePrint Offers Interesting Array of Juices

blue-print-cleanseNaomi Shapiro of Diets In Review reports trying the BluePrint cleanse as a way to stop feeling lethargic. With unique flavor combinations such as pinapple-apple-mint or cashew-milk, she found it both detoxifying and delicious.

“What really surprised me the most about the BluePrint Cleanse was how I never felt hungry or deprived,” she says, “Between drinking the juices and water, I was totally sated. The flavors were different enough to keep things interesting, too.”

To read more about this juice cleanse, head over to Diets In Review

Personal Development

 Understanding the Psychology behind Financial Decisions

money-personal-developmentBrent Kessel’s boook It’s Not About the Money expounds the theory that there is a basic Core Story behind every individual’s style of handling finances. It usually stems from what we have been taught about money or some memorable money-related experience.

“A 4-year-old runs your financial life,” Kessel writes.  “Until you can identify and examine your Core Story, your outer financial life will be a mirror of your unconscious expectations.”

To read more about these psychological forces, head over to Experience Life!

How and When to Speak Up for Yourself

img-juliette-personal-development“Often what upsets us in life is less about what someone else does and more about our own issues,” says Juliette de Campos, author of the Effective Living blog, “For those on the path to higher consciousness, however, it’s sometimes hard to know when to process things on our own and when to speak up for our self. If we’re not careful we can easily fall into a pattern known as the “spiritual by-pass,” which means we use spiritual principles as a justification for avoiding difficult situations.”

Juliette talks about the importance of honouring and expressing our feelings: “If we are afraid to express how we really feel, we can cheat ourselves out of having the kinds of relationships we really want.”

 To read more about speaking up for yourself, head over to the Visalia Times-Delta

Health Management

Foods and Supplements to Fight Recurring UTIs

Cranberry-health-managmentUrinary tract infections (UTIs) are extremely painful and occur very frequently for some women. Conventional medicine treats these infections with antibiotics, but a better way is to prevent them before they start.

To prevent UTIs, take supplements  such as dandelion leaf and D-mannose, a healthy sugar compound, which is thought to be the main active ingredient in cranberries. It prevents harmful bacteria from flourishing in your urinary tract and also promotes good bacteria in your intestinal system.

To read more about preventing UTIs, head over to Natural News

A “Minor” Symptom That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

heart-health-managementAtrial fibrillation is a symptom that’s often written off as nothing major, but it could signal the risk of more dangerous cardiovascular issues. Over three million Americans are affected by it; it could be felt as a skipped heartbeat or a racing heart rate, and often the heart experiences up to 400 irregular spasms per minute when it happens.

“When someone experiences their first episode of atrial fibrillation they may not think too much of it,” says Anne Gillis, M.D., president of the Heart Rhythm Society. “It feels quite different from having a heart attack, so many people pass it off as nothing serious.”

To read more about atrial fibrillation, head over to 

Self Care

New Ways to Exercise in the Office

exercise-in-the-office-self-careSitting for hours at a time is not so great for our health, so how do we vary our office routine and make exercise a part of our workday?

Actually there are plenty of options for stretching and toning at work. Here are some easy exercises you can do using things around the office like a chair, desk or filing cabinet as props. This saves you the time of going to the gym and keeps your mind active and energized so you’re more productive than ever.

To read more about exercise in the office, head over to

Famous Aphrodisiacs and Recipes for Valentine’s Day

heart-in-chocolate-self-careDid you know that the word “honeymoon” comes from the ancient Persian tradition in which couples drank mead every day for a month to prepare for a successful marriage? This is no coincidence, since honey was shown to increase testosterone, the hormone that promotes a stronger sex drive in both men and women.

Chocolate is another sweet indulgence that deserves its reputation as the food of love. Check out this Homemade Walnut Dark Chocolate recipe, which contains no refined sugar, unhealthy oils or preservatives!

To read more about special foods for Valentine’s Day, head over to

What was your favorite article in the The Master Cleanse News Digest? Are there other articles about The Master Cleanse you read this week that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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