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The Master Cleanse News Digest For The Week Ending 03.10.13

The Master Cleanse News Digest is a weekly curation of the best articles of the week about Master Cleanse and it’s pertaining topics.

From holistic healing to detox and cleansing to personal health and development, this article will bring you all you need to know about your favorite cleanse.

This article is put together thoughtfully and thoroughly throughout the week by one of The Master Cleanse writers, Sonya Solomonovich.

Holistic Healing

Natural Remedies to Relieve Stress

diabetesyogaDr. John Tilden, who is considered by some to be the originator of American naturopathy, is the author of a book called Toxemia Explained. Toxemia is what happens when the bodily tissues are inflamed and mucous cannot be cleared out of the body. This usually occurs as a result of stress.

Because we live in an environment that causes increased stress, it’s not enough simply to follow the basics of good nutrition and exercise. There are some specific supplements and remedies that can decrease our stress levels and help us avoid disease in the future.

To read more about these natural remedies, head over to the Natural News website

Get Rid of Acne Naturally

acneAcne occurs most often in our teenage years because of hormonal changes, but it can stay with some people into their adult life. For those suffering from recurring acne, this could be a sign of imbalance in the body. Having a healthy diet is the best way to get rid of acne and restore balance to your system.

While there are cases of acne that arise occasionally due to hormonal changes, these are usually not lasting. The really persistent cases of acne are usually due to a lack of nutrients and poor liver or intestinal health.  There can also be some cases when better skin care is needed. Here are a few tips to help you relieve that persistent case of acne.

To read more about how to get rid of acne, head over to Reboot with Joe

Cleansing Diet

A 7-Day Raw Foods Cleanse for Women

628x471This delicious cleanse designed by raw food and detox expert Nwenna Kai was created specifically for women. It can be done by anyone around the world and will guide people to optimal mind, body and spirit.

It teaches you how to integrate a balanced raw food diet into your life. The results are increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, and better digestion.

To read more about this cleanse, head over to

Nutrition Expert2013-03-04-IMG_0629550x413 Enjoys Cleansing Resort

Culinary nutrition expert Meghan Pearson reflects on her stay in Hacienda del Sol, a Costa Rican retreat where she found peace and harmony. The cleansing program includes juice cleanses and enemas, but for those who don’t want to go quite that far, there is vegetarian food and nutrition workshops with cooking academy founder Meghan Telpner.

The Hacienda experience includes a fairly laid-back program: “Seven days of 8 a.m. yoga, 10 a.m. brunch, 11 a.m. food talks, and then free time galore. Hours spent hammock swaying in the sunlight, hiking to the nearby beaches (20 minutes each way for one, 40 minutes for the other, all uphill I swear), chilling in the Buddha hall with my personal yoga practice, clay baths, and massages.”

To read more about this cleansing retreat, head over to HuffPost Travel

Healthy Food

Interview with Food Blogger Laura Wright

laura-wright-first-messLaura Wright is a healthy food blogger with a unique take on cooking and a flair for writing and photography. The recipes in her blog, The First Mess, “can be described as healthy, rustic and always adventurous.”

In her interview with Diets in Review, Laura describes her approach to healthy eating as “rather seasonal, going along with what my body needs/wants throughout the year. I try to think about how the food will satisfy me in a whole body/mind sense – aesthetically, nutritionally, ease of preparation etc.”

To read more about Laura Wright, head over to Diets in Review

How Resistant Starches Are Different from Other Carbs

resistant-starch“The term, resistant starch, is not something many are familiar with, but it is commonly found in all types of plant-based foods. Resistant starch is exactly what it sounds like—it resists being digested right away,” says Nicole German, RD.

“Resistant starches are quite complex, so this may be why they have not been covered by the media extensively. But, today, I will explain to you why you should eat these starches and enjoy foods like bananas while still losing weight!”

To read more about resistant starches, head over to dietblog

Detox Diet

Quick Detox to Get You in Shape for Spring

quick-detox-dietWith March bringing in warmer weather and the beginning of spring, it’s the perfect time to prepare your body for wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops. A quick detox and weight loss program is called for.

As your body detoxes, it becomes so much easier to lose weight. Below are a few very successful detox plans to choose from. From fitness to juicing, these detox plans are proven across the board.

To read more about these detoxes, head over to Guest of a Guest

 Jim Carrey Feels “Blissful” with Detox Diet

PANews+BT_N0241451362742824037A_I1Although the 51-year-old actor had reported that he hated hated dieting to get in shape for his role in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, he says he now feels happy and blissful with his detox diet. Carrey has ditched wheat, dairy, coffee, soda, and alcohol.

He tweeted: “Clarity! Contentment! Youthfullness! Longevity! This diet, though tough at first,gives me that! I eat eggs meat fish n veggies cooked in olive oil fruits nuts water tea wth honey or stevia gluten free crckrs n almond butter 4 snack.”

To read more about Jim Carrey’s diet, head over to the Belfast Telegraph

Alternative Health

How a Cat or Dog Benefits Babies’ Health

1229741.largeWhile some parents are concerned about a cat or dog being bad for their baby’s health, a recent study shows that in fact these pets could be beneficial. Babies and infants who can boast having a pet in their home are actually not sick as often as those without pets.

For example, youngsters living with a dog in their house were 44 percent less likely to develop an ear infection. While pets do increase the amount of bacteria around the house, this may actually be a good thing as the child’s immune system is better able to develop by being exposed to them.

To read more about the effect of pets on babies, head over to

Reduce Symptoms of MS with Massage Therapy

massage-therapyMassage therapy is a good way to relieve the symptoms multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms such as pain and numbness.  Experts say that massage therapy is not a cure but rather an option for dealing with the symptoms of MS.

“Don’t expect massage therapy to cure your MS. It is not meant to be a treatment or have any lasting effects, but it can improve your mood and your quality of life,” a licensed clinical massage therapist, Salif Bishop, MLT stated. 

To read more about massage therapy, head over to Counsel&Heal

Lose Weight Fast

Getting in Shape for Spring

the-master-cleanse-lose-weight-fastIt’s almost spring, and bikini season is soon to follow. It’s time to “debloat and detox” by replacing comfort food with fruits and salads.

As Leta Shy of SugarFit advises, having a structured weight loss program is best: “If your larger goal is to drop a few pounds, start by writing in a food journal every day to record the holes and excesses in your diet.”

To read more on getting in shape for spring, head over to FitSugar

How to Lose Weight Despite Food Cravings

eating-cakesAnyone who has dieted knows that food cravings can be downright irresistible. So would it be all that bad if we didn’t resist them? Sometimes giving in a little can actually help you maintain your diet without going on an all-out binge.

Create an “A list” of favorite foods you definitely must eat even when you’re on a health kick, like chocolate for example. Keep it in the house and allow yourself a small amount each day.

To read more about food cravings, head over to

Juice Fast

Camp Reboot Offers a Five-Day Juicing Getaway

the-master-cleanse-juice-cleanseFor those interested in taking some time off and devoting it solely to cleansing, Reboot with Joe is now offering a retreat from July 28th through August 2nd. Joe and his team will be there to support you and offer you plenty of guidance and advice. You don’t have to make your own juice, and all the cleanup and preparation will be done for you!

This juicing retreat is set in Rhinebeck, New York by a pleasant lakeside. It accommodates a variety of budges and includes yoga and fitness areas as well as a wellness center offering relaxation massage.

 To read more about Camp Reboot, head over to Reboot with Joe

“Manly” Esquire Writers Are Juicing

esq-juice-cleansing-prMMLT-art“We know the perception of the Esquire staff is steak-gobbling he-men,” writes Anna Peele, “but if you look in our fridge, you will see bottles and growlers of low-calorie, vitamin-rich juice. It’s true: Esquire cleanses. Openly.”

“LizzyJaysJuice founder Casey Sabol claims juicing‘s ease of digestion allows maximum vitamin intake because ‘the longer it takes to assimilate food you eat, the fewer nutrients your body absorbs,’ and there’s a lot of talk about the importance of giving your digestive system a rest. But the real reason to consume half of your typical caloric intake in liquid vegetable form is to shrink your gut and give your body a respite from its usual bacchanal of caffeine, alcohol, and processed food.”

To read more about this writer’s juice fast, head over to Esquire

Personal Development

Inspiring Facts about Women’s History Month

1232127.largeThroughout history, men have been considered the primary movers and shakers, and women’s role in history often went untold. Because March 8th is International Women’s Day, March was also chosen to be Women’s History Month in the U.S.

This year, there is also a special occasion to celebrate as it marks the 100th anniversary of the famous march on Washington by suffragettes demanding women’s right to vote. 

To read more about women’s history month, head over to

How Mundane Tasks Can Help Creativity

Mar13_daydream-believers-384x240Thomas Mann once said, “Thoughts come clearly as one walks.” He could have also added that thoughts come clearly as one performs boring, everyday tasks. A study from the University of California, Santa Barbara has shown that these mundane tasks can be the gateways to creative thinking.

“Mind-wandering may metaphorically stir the creative pot, causing the mind to jump from one idea to the next, and in so doing encourage unconscious associations,” explains Jonathan Schooler, PhD, professor of psychology at UC Santa Barbara.

To read more about kick-starting your creativity, head over to Experience Life!

Health Management

Essential Spices, Foods, and Home Remedies 

home-remediesHere are just a few spices, foods, and home remedies that can help restore your health in the present as well as create a healthier start for the future.

From lowering your cholesterol and relieving inflammation to reducing your risk of allergies, autoimmune disease, neurological problems, and chronic illness, these foods are a must-have in order to ensure good health for years to come.

To read more about these home remedies, head over to the Natural News website

The Implications of Eating Junk Food

Mar13_how-junk-food-inflames-us-384x240The results of a recent study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill show that regularly eating junk food is the top cause of tissue inflammation.

The research was led by Liza Makowski, PhD, assistant professor of nutrition at UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health. Makowsky suggests snacking on healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds and that one should “keep junk food high in sugar, trans fats and salt — and low in vitamins and fiber — to an occasional treat.”

To read more about how junk food causes inflammation, head over to Experience Life!

Self Care

What to Do if You “Woke Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed”

wakingupcrpdWaking up in a bad mood can affect your whole day, but you can do many things to counteract “wrong side of the bed syndrome” so that the blues will be gone by lunchtime.

Maybe on this day you can treat yourself to something good. First of all, getting something to eat always helps. Then think of what you’re going to wear; this could be the day to try out that bold accessory like a colorful purse or scarf. And of course, music can have a huge effect on your mood, so start the day with some happy tunes.

To read more about how to fix a bad morning mood, head over to PsychCentral

How to Maintain Healthy Muscles

healthy-musclesThere are many health hazards to watch out for as we grow older, not least of them being sarcopenia. While this sounds like the name of a mythological monster, it is in fact the medical term for loss of muscle mass, and it literally means “poverty of flesh.”

These tips will help you reduce silent inflammation overall. The benefits of this include not only maintaining healthy muscles but also reducing the risks of other serious health issues.

To read more about maintaining healthy muscles, head over to

What was your favorite article in the The Master Cleanse News Digest? Are there other articles about The Master Cleanse you read this week that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Let's rename The Master Cleanser Side Effects. I want to call them Front Effects because they are simple, natural, tolerable and, most importantly, a sign of your healing in progress. The term "side effect" has an emotional trigger for most of us. We associate the term with the life-threatening effects of modern prescriptions. We think of side effects as something unwanted. The Master Cleanser Side Effects are very much wanted. These "Side Effects" are why we are Master Cleansers to begin with.

Master Cleanse side-effects

The Master Cleanser Side Effects are well worth it and so natural.

Are Master Cleanser Side Effects really "Side Effects" at all? I have a hard time referring to the Master Cleanse "Side Effects" as such; at least in the traditional sense. Master Cleanse side effects When I think of side effects, I think of those absurd TV commercials for artificial prescriptions that
[easyazon_link asin="156025856X" locale="us"]
 are trying to convince us we need. They even "brand" a disease with a term and then give it an acronym (such as ED for erectile dysfunction) so that they can market a "Cure" for you. Then they have the nerve to list dozens of horrifying side effects while calming music plays and we watch very healthy, happy people illustrating just how healthy and happy we can be if only we take their product. For life — or at least for as long as their product doesn't kill us, make us bleed from the eyes or have 4-hour erections, etc. It is mind boggling that people will denounce The Master Cleanse as a treatment, cure, prevention, cleanse, etc. because you might have a headache on the second day or break out for a few days, whereas these drugs being offered as cures include catastrophic side effects such as paralysis and "an increased risk of death." HA! They slip these "Side Effects" in the side door when you're not looking, hoping you will be so convinced you're already dying that their prescribed increased risk of death won't look so bad.

Master Cleanse side effects

Positive Master Cleanser Side Effects

[post-content id= 22206]
Since The Master Cleanse is a Detox Diet, or Cleansing Diet rather than primarily a Weight Loss Diet, the fact that you will likely lose weight is, in fact, a side effect as well. Master Cleanse side effects, weight loss So even though many people use The Master Cleanse for Weight Loss, that doesn't make it the primary intention of the Detox. In fact it is more about weight management than weight loss, since the loss of weight is not your body's primary objective either. The primary objective is DETOX and the positive results of the detox: the cleansing of our bodies of toxins and waste results in the side effects we Master Cleansers refer to as Healing Events.

Healing Events (Healing Crisis)

[easyazon_image align="left" asin="1569756139" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="102"]
Tom Woloshyn refers to Healing Events as Healing Crisis, but I prefer the term Healing Events since it casts a more positive light on the events. The Healing Events truly are positive as they represent the elimination of something that caused a Disease Event when they were first ingested. There is a saying in the Master Cleanser Community about the side effects we call Healing Events: "Sick in, Sick out". When you pick up something like a flu virus, bacteria, or something your body wants to reject, you experience a Disease Event. Your body is not "At Ease", but rather in a state of "Dis-Ease" because of it. Your body's immune system then deploys any and all available defense mechanisms to expel the intruder. These mechanisms include: Master Cleanse side effects
  1. Stuffed Nose, Runny Nose or Congestion
  2. Coughing and Sneezing
  3. Sore throat and swollen glands
  4. Fatigue, Muscle aches and other Cold and Flu Symptoms
  5. Skin Irritation such as Rashes and Breakouts
  6. Headaches
  7. Fever
  8. Cold sores or other mouth sores
All of these "side effects" of a cold, flu or any other disease agent are the result of your body's primary objective: to rid the body of the disease agent. All of these "side effects" are actually just the reaction to the disease agent as it now exits your body. And best of all: these "side effects" are temporary. They last for only a brief period. The Healing Events resulting from the Disease Agent are far less severe than the Disease Events which were the cause of the ingested Disease Agent.

Problem Days with Greater Side Effects

There are generally 3 days during which most cleansers experience the greatest number of master cleanser side effects, especially those of the Healing Crisis variety noted above. Day 1, Day 3 and Day 4 always seem to be the hardest. In my Day-to-Day account of the characteristics of each day during The Lemonade Diet, I have named these days: Day 1 - Bandwagon, Day 3 - Healing Events, and Day 4 — Hump Day.
  1. Day 1 - Bandwagon Side Effects: The side effects of day 1 are usually Detox Side Effects or Withdrawal Side Effects (both discussed below).
  2. Day 3 - Healing Events: Day 3 is when most of the Healing Events tend to surface. This is likely due to the detox part of the Master Cleanse really starting to reach a critical point.
  3. Day 4 - Hump Day: Healing Events are often short lived, lasting only a day or two. I once had severe cold symptoms for one night only. They disappeared as quickly as they came. Day 4 is Hump Day like Wednesday is in our work week. Just get past these Healing Events, and you are likely to succeed the rest of the way.

Master Cleanser Detox Side Effects

There are a few side effects of The Master Cleanser that are not directly related to Healing Events. I call these the
[easyazon_link asin="B00HYQ5L98" locale="US" new_window="default" nofollow="default" tag="mc-easyazon-us-20" add_to_cart="default" cloaking="default" localization="default" popups="default"]
, as they are not the common cold or flu symptoms we experience when our body is fighting off a new invader. The following side effects are results of the Laxative, SWF, improperly taking the Lemonade and/or the general detox process  itself:
  1. White Tongue: A general side effect of the detox. It is generally reported that the tongue turns pink again once detoxing is complete.
  2. Bad Breath: Related to the aforementioned White Tongue. This is due to the extra release of toxins through the tongue.
  3. Greater Tooth Plaque: Related to above.
  4. Mucous Increase: A primary tool of our immune system, the loosening of mucous including sinus congestion and draining is brought on by the Fresh Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper.
  5. Increased Ear Wax: Similar to above.
  6. Nausea: Usually the result of the Salt Water Flush.
  7. Dizziness: Usually the result of not drinking enough Fresh Lemonade or not drinking it early enough in the morning upon rising (especially after the SWF).
  8. Feeling Chilled: Not "chills" like when you have a cold, but feeling cold as the result of lowered metabolism.
  9. Passing Gallstones: This is not uncommon and is good news.
  10. Diarrhea: Either from the SWF or from an excess of Vitamin C from the Lemon Juice.

Withdrawal Side Effects

[post-content id= 22207]
Discussing these side effects from the perspective of the Healing Events and Detox is necessary, as they are indeed related to the cleanse.  However, many of the side effects felt by cleansers are not necessarily the result of the detox, or healing, nor are they some awful sign that cleansing is not for you. They are often just symptoms of withdrawal from some chemical dependency you have. There are many common chemical dependencies which (if you did the cleanse properly) you would have had to stop feeding during the cleanse.
  1. Nicotine
  2. Alcohol and Drugs
  3. Caffeine
These substances are obvious. Most of us know we go through nicotine and alcohol withdrawal, but we don't always realize that caffeine withdrawal can be even worse. Caffeine is a food (found in coffee, tea and other foods like chocolate). Food is addictive as well. Most of us know that, but we don't dig much deeper than that basic understanding. Caffeine is a drug which is found in food. All food is a drug, as are all substances. Everything we consume is a chemical that our bodies break down, then decide to use, expel, destroy or quarantine. So we can be addicted to anything. We can be addicted to coffee, sugar, pasta, or sushi. And when our body doesn't get a substance it is expecting, it will send us signals — often painful ones — that it wants that substance NOW. Once the body is re-accustomed to NOT expecting these substances, a new norm is set and symptoms disappear. Now most of those foods aren't as chemically addictive as caffeine is, but they can certainly be emotionally or psychologically addictive.

Emotional and Psychological Master Cleanser Side Effects

The loss of Comfort Foods can be devastating both emotionally and psychologically. We are so used to managing our chemistry by ingesting foods we like. If we feel down, we turn to food because eating it will make us feel good, either because we like the taste so much or because we have another association built into that food. Perhaps this type of cookie reminds me of my childhood when times were more simple. Maybe that ice-cream puts me into a state of subconscious self-loathing that I have come to depend on. This is a major topic and is beyond the scope of this article, but it is worth mentioning because it leads to the following two Emotional Side Effects and Psychological Side Effects of The Master Cleanse:
  1. Impatience and Irritability: Our patience can really be tested when we are not getting what we want, when we are not comforted by our crutches.
  2. Flashbacks (Feelings, Tastes): in his book "The Complete Master Cleanse" Tom Woloshyn describes the body as a "Time Machine," saying that his clients report tasting cigarettes or feeling "stoned" as they relive past experiences.

Any other Master Cleanser Side Effects?

I have avoided going into detail on a number of very common side effects in an attempt to keep this post from getting too long. I want to leave the forum open to you to so you can add your own feelings. What were some Master Cleanser Side Effects that you experienced? How did you overcome them?
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