The Master Cleanse News Digest For The Week Ending 12.11.18

The Master Cleanse News Digest is a weekly curation of the best Master Cleanse articles of the week.

From holistic healing to detox and cleansing to personal health and development, this article will bring you all you need to know about your favorite cleanse.

This article is put together throughout the week by one of The Master Cleanse writers, Sonya Solomonovich.

Holistic Healing

Rock Star Supports San Diego Health Institute

Phil Collen, co-lead guitarist of Def Leppard, hopes to bring more publicity to the Gerson Institute. He is  donating $20,000 to this holistic health organization, which treats diseases such as cancer with natural, nutrition based methods.

“I thought working with Gerson would make an impact,” Collen said, “Otherwise, it’s like giving money to the Titanic, where all this money goes into research and then disappears.”

“We’ve never received a donation from a rock star before,” said Mika Payden-Travers, the institute’s development coordinator.

To read more about the Gerson Institute, head over to the San Diego Courier-Tribune.

Ayurveda Expert Says Prescription Drugs Often Unnecessary

At his Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre, Raman Das Mahatyagi helps clients with chronic conditions such as asthma, arthritis, digestive disorders, and weight loss.

“I find the majority of my clients come to me after they have exhausted all the options that medical doctors can offer. They all wish they had come to me first,” says Raman Das Mahatyagi. “People are often very scared of the options proposed to them. For menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy is often offered by clinics. In my opinion this option is not only invasive but also not necessary for many clients. I treat them naturally and allow the body to heal itself.”

To read more about the Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre, head over to the Broadcast Newsroom.

Cleansing Diet

The Three-Day Diet by Dr. Oz

This is a delicious diet that aims at jump-starting your metabolism and cutting back on fat.

Dieters will begin their day with a cup of green tea with stevia as well as a smoothie made with cleansing foods such as raspberries, spinach, bananas, and lemon. The diet also includes omega-3 supplements and other blended beverages with exotic ingredients.

As a relaxing evening ritual, dieters can enjoy a bath with the addition of Epsom salt and lavender oil.

To read more about Dr. Oz’s three-day diet, head over to

Hormone Diet Tested by TV Station

KDKA-TV monitored two people who tried the Hormone Diet for six weeks, and both people were successful in losing weight.

The Hormone Diet combines the Mediterranean and Glycemic Index diets in order to normalize hormone levels that would otherwise cause weight gain.

The first portion of the diet is a two-week detox, followed by keeping close track of the amount of food consumed and the timing of meals.

To read more about the Hormone Diet, head over to CBS Pittsburgh. 

Healthy Food

Chia Seeds Are The Ultimate Survival Food For Long-Term Storage

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has shown that preparedness is everything. Stocking up on food could be the difference between life and starvation.

Chia seeds are the perfect survival food, having a long shelf life (2-4 years) and amazing nutritional value. They can be added to many recipes, including soups, breads, and even refreshing drinks such as Chia Fresca.

To read more about the benefits of chia, head over to

Nut Butters: Which is Healthiest?

Those who grew up on good old peanut butter may be confused by the sheer variety of alternative “nut butters” available today — and some of them are not really even made of nuts.  So which one of them is healthiest?

In the top five, according to Nicole German of Diet Blog, are almond butter, natural (ie no added sugar) peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, soy butter, and cashew butter.

To read more about these nut butters, head over to Diet Blog.

Detox Diet

Digital Detox Program by Andrea Cox

The Digital Detox Program was created by Andrea Cox, fitness model turned author and living foods coach. As a huge fan of the California lifestyle and the Raw Food Movement, she advocates buying seasonal and local food, and eating raw and plant based meals.

Andrea has created the Digital Detox as a convenient program that anyone can download from their computer, and at $97 it’s reasonably priced.

To read more about this detox program, head over to SBWire.

Carrot Ginger Soup for a Gentle Detox

A blogger known simply as Yoga Mom writes about wanting to combat the darkness of winter with a gentle detox.

“My mind was drawn to Claire Mark’s Cooking with Yogaview and got excited about the concept of cleansing by simply eating pure, fresh foods,” she writes.

“I appreciated each bite of decadent orange pureness way more than any potato chip, cookie or greasy French fry.  The best part was I felt energized instead of sluggish after eating it.  I didn’t have the usual desire to lounge on the couch, instead I continued being productive in my day.”

To read more about this detoxing soup and get the recipe, head over to Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom.

Alternative Health

Alternative Ways to Improve Your Immune System

acupuncture-immune-systemMany people turn to alternative and complementary methods when conventional medicine fails to help them with faltering immune systems during cold and flu season. These alternative methods, such as herbs or acupuncture, require time and patience as well as for the practitioner to really get to know each individual patient’s ailments.

Bodil Meleney, a practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, says,“In Western society there has been, until recently, little focus on wellness, but rather, ‘run to the doctor and get a pill that’s going to work instantly.’ My specialty is to create formulas that are specific and targeted for that person.”

To read more about boosting your immune system, head over to Tacoma Park Patch.

 Students Practice Yoga to Relive Pre-Exam Stress

Students at North Carolina State University have the encouragement of their Counseling Center to practice yoga and meditation as a form of stress relief.

They also have access to the Art of Living Club, created by Vaneet Goyal, a graduate student in electrical engineering. The club introduces students to yoga and meditation techniques through weekly and monthly workshops.

“The Art of Living Club at N.C. State is actually an extension of a club that is seen around the world that practices techniques that are observed globally,” Goyal said.

To read more about the Art of Living, head over to

Lose Weight Fast

Weight Lifting Better than Cardio for Losing Weight

Image courtesy of Women’s Health

Dr. Tyeese Gaines had tried for many months to lose weight after pregnancy, but her cardio program just wasn’t producing any results. So, she tried a weight-lifting class. She found that lifting weights had increased her metabolism, enabling her to burn fat even after the workout was over.

“My weight went up, numerically, at first, as muscle formed,” she said, “But, then inches and pounds fell off quickly, and I could recognize myself again.”

To read more about the best fitness program for weight loss, head over to

Lose Weight with the Superfoods Diet

Energy Boosting Super Foods is a new book by Jenna Kelly. It’s a guide on how to lose weight while eating delicious super foods.

“Jenna Kelly filled her book with tips on how to make delicious meals using an array of super food ingredients” says the San Francisco Chronicle, “She shares her personal secrets that have made her a highly respected diet and nutrition expert as well as a bestselling author.”

To read more about superfoods, head over to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Juice Fast

The 30 Day Juice Fast

A 30 day juice fast can put you on the fast track to weight loss. You could try a more short term one to begin with: even a fast of a few days will bring results.

The basic pattern for all juice fasts will be the same: the first few days will include simply eating fruits and other whole foods. For example, you could have “a fruit cup for breakfast, salad for dinner, soup for lunch, and some raw nuts and herbal tea for snacks.” Then comes the real juice fast. You can drink as much juice as you want, and try different recipes. An ease-out process is recommended to help you readjust to solid food.

To read more about the 30 day juice fast, head over to Best Cleanse For Weight Loss.

Great Reasons to Go on a Juice Fast

Did you know that periodic fasting can increase your lifespan? Despite the messages we probably got from Mom telling us we should eat to stay healthy, occasional fasting is in fact more natural.

Another great benefit of juice fasting is its ability to alleviate depression. According to the Complete Idiot’s Guide, “about 90 percent of the serotonin your body has is made by the neural tissue in your digestive system. All you need to do is revitalize your digestion and metabolism and your mood will improve soon after.”

To read more about the benefits of juicing, head over to the Complete Idiot’s Guide.

Personal Development

Do You Nag?

“A recent survey found that 60% of male and 44% of female survey respondents consider nagging a problem in their relationship—enough for it to lead to less frequent and less satisfying sex,” says Diana Vilibert of “The really troubling news? A mere 15% of respondents say they’re good at resolving conflicts as a couple. Uh-oh.”

The top subjects of nagging are wanting their partner to give them more attention, pick up after themselves, or do chores.

To read more about the nature of nagging, head over to

 How Being too Nice Can Backfire

“People who are highly agreeable are often too nice,” says Art Markman of YouBeauty, “And that can be a huge problem.”

By being too concerned with wanting people to like them, agreeable people might hold back on constructive criticism and not express their opinion. They might also be less likely to stand up for themselves. Markman has several suggestions on how to correct this.

To read more about how to avoid being too nice, head over to the Huffington Post.

Health Management

Phoney Apps

Image courtesy of

With the rise of cell phone apps, a new kind of “snake oil salesman” has made his appearance. One example is an app that claimed it could cure acne using cell phone light.

“These apps offer quick fixes for everything from flabby abs to alcoholism, and they promise relief from pain, stress, stuttering and even ringing in the ears,” says The New England Center for Investigative Reporting, “Many of these apps do not follow established medical guidelines, and few have been tested through the sort of clinical research that is standard for less new-fangled treatments sold by other means.”

To read more about medical phone apps that don’t work, head over to Health News Review.

A New Vision of Health Care

Lissa Rankin, MD writes about her vision of a “healed healthcare system.” She has done a TED talk on the subject, and her upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself will also talk about ways to improve the current system.

In Dr. Rankin’s vision, “doctors and other health care providers remember how to be not just body mechanics, but loving healers. It’s the healer’s job to hold safe, sacred, non-judgmental space for the personal work patients will need to do while facing illness and using that illness as an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening.”

To read more about this new vision for healthcare, head over to

Self Care

What Does It Really Mean to Love Yourself?

Image courtesy of

It seems like many people, especially those struggling with self esteem issues, are almost being pressured to love themselves. This is difficult for some when they have to face some of the negative sides of their personalities. According to the Deepak Chopra philisophy stated on, knowing all sides or yourself should not be an obstacle to self-love:

“Consider the aspects of yourself you can’t stand, the ones that get in the way of total self-acceptance. Would you love your spouse or mother or child in spite of those very same faults? Might you not even love the faults, themselves, for making that special person so beautiful and unique in your eyes?”

To read more about being your own best friend, head over to

How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season

While the holidays always approach with a seemingly high pile of expectations, you are free to choose your own way to enjoy them. As Ahsley Eder LPC, a psychotherapist in Boulder, Colo., said, “You are free to honor what feels right to you, and you can even decide that as you go. Good people in your life will support you in this.”

For example, planning ahead to make sure you’ll have time to yourself is always a good idea. “Schedule in time for pleasurable things like time to yourself, a new book to read, a holiday pass to the gym, a phone call with a long-distance friend, or even a Netflix marathon,” Eder said.

To read more about how to have a stress-free holiday, head over to PsychCentral.

What was your favorite article in the The Master Cleanse News Digest? Are there other articles about The Master Cleanse you read this week that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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