The Master Cleanse News Digest For The Week Ending 12.23.12

The Master Cleanse News Digest is a weekly curation of the best articles of the week about Master Cleanse and it’s pertaining topics.

From holistic healing to detox and cleansing to personal health and development, this article will bring you all you need to know about your favorite cleanse.

This article is put together thoughtfully and thoroughly throughout the week by one of The Master Cleanse writers, Sonya Solomonovich.

Holistic Healing

Natural Light for Optimal Health

AR-121209952Linaya Hahn advocates her Indoor Sunshine brand of light as being “the closest match to natural sunlight available, a ‘bio-correct’ light for people, plants and animals.” According to Hahn, who is an author, holistic health educator, and licensed nutrition counselor, natural light is something we need to fuel our metabolism.

However, most standard light bulbs emit only yellow light. They are based on Thomas Edison’s model, which mimicked candle light or fire light. Hahn’s version also includes colors such as blue, which raises serotonin levels, keeping us both calm and alert.

To read more about Indoor Sunshine, head over to the Northern Colorado Business Report

Take Care of All Aspects of Health during the Holidays

holiday-holistic-healthPhysical and mental health can show signs of deterioration at this time of the year due to stress. Try starting out your day with a stretching session. If you’re a yogi, just doing the surya namaskar (sun salutation) will get you revved up.

Turn off all electronics such as TVs, computers, smartphones, for at least an hour every night, and you’ll see your stress levels drop. Avoid refined sugars and try to snack on fruits or lean protein instead. It’s surprising how your body can trick you into craving sugar when all you really need is a good steak.

To read more about holistic care during the holidays, head over to the Miami Herald

Cleansing Diet

No Evidence Exercise Plays Role In Detoxification, Health Experts Say

Contrary to popular belief, there may be no connection between exercise and detoxification thanks to information coming from a recent study.

“If you start talking about exercising to detoxify, there’s no scientific data,” said Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, chief of women’s sports medicine at Harvard Medical School. “The human body is designed to get rid of what we don’t need.”

For more information about exercise and detox, head over to The Huffington Post’s Web site

Experts Debunk Detox Diet Myths

Diet help

About 70 per cent of more than 600 people surveyed by Hepatitis Australia thought liver cleansing diets or detox products, such as those available from pharmacies, were beneficial.

But liver-cleansing products have no proven medical benefits and can even be harmful, says Associate Professor Simone Strasser of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia.

It turns out the Australian experts have found a balanced diet, healthy weight and limited alcohol consumption is the key to a healthy liver rather than detox supplements.

For more information about experts debunking diet myths, head over to The Australian’s Web site

Healthy Food

Healthy Foods Equal Healthy Teeth

“Good nutrition is important for every cell in our bodies, including the teeth and gums. You know that supersized sodas and candy are not good for your teeth. But did you know that starchy foods, from pizza to crackers, could also cause tooth decay?

You might be surprised at some of the foods that could potentially harm your teeth and others that are good for your teeth and gums. Dr. Andrew Greenberger, a West Orange-based periodontist and participating Delta Dental dentist, shares the foods that you should eat and avoid for a healthy smile.”

To read more about healthy foods and healthy teeth, head over to

Clay Pot Cooking Is Both Healthy And Delicious

Osama Jalali for The Hindu went to a clay pot promotion in New Delhi and and was pleasantly surprised about what was found.

“Basically it’s a technique in which food is cooked in an unglazed clay pot which has been submerged for 15 to 30 minutes to absorb water before cooking. Then the pot is filled with the food and placed in an oven. The walls of the pot help to diffuse the heat and release the water as steam. Because no oil needs to be added while cooking, food cooked in clay pot is low in fat and healthy. Since the food inside loses little of its moisture, it is tender and flavorful.”

To read more about clay pots and health, head over to The Hindu’s Web site

Detox Diet

Master Cleanse Diet Review: New Revolutionary System to Detox the Body 100% Naturally

caption id=”attachment_2020″ align=”alignleft” width=”150″]Fresh Lemon Juice Fresh Lemon Juice[/caption]

“Every day the body is loaded with chemicals in food consumption,in water or air. Toxins in the body causes inflammation gather and weaken the immune system. That can lead to chronic diseases such as migraine, arthritis, asthma, heart disease or cancer. Liver, kidneys and colon are designed to filter and eliminate toxins, but sometimes they are too much and the body can no longer cope.

Master Cleanse Diet is not a diet, is a method of cleansing the body of toxins. This revolutionary detox diet offers the opportunity to recover in a natural way.”

For more info about The Master Cleanse review, head over to SBWire’s Web site

Cleanse And Detox With Juice


With the holiday season in full swing, everyone is looking for a way to stay healthy. One of the best ways to do that is to cleanse or detox with juicing.

A popular detox diet that’s all the rage around the world is the juice cleanse. As a form of fasting, its efficacy is ensured by substituting two out of the three daily meals with healthy juice blends. It gives the body enough nutrients to function without the bad bits, such as fat, cholesterol, salt and processed sugar.

To read more about cleanse and detox with juice, head over to MST Sunday’s Web site

Alternative Health

Controversial Bill Sets Penalties For Unlicensed Alternative Health Practitioners In Illinois

Senate Bill 2936 passed both houses of the state legislature late Wednesday, and it will increase fines for non-licensed health practitioners offering nutritional counseling.

The bill means herbalists, homeopaths naturopaths and all others must be licensed in Illinois in order to practice without risk of hefty fines. The bill was passed in response to an update that was needed to the Dietetic and Nutrition Services Practice Act, which expires at the end of the year.

To read more about a controversial bills regarding licenses, head over to Medill Reports Chicago’s Web site

 Top 5 Alternative Health Lifestyle Trends for 2013


“As the year closes, it’s time to take a look at some of the emerging alternative health related lifestyle trends that will start to become mainstream in 2013. You may think that some of these trends are a little far out to gain real acceptance, but when you stop to think and reflect, you’ll see the groundwork has already been put in place for these trends to blow up big time.”

To read more about 5 lifestyle trends for 2013, head over to The Natural Independent’s Web site

Lose Weight Fast

The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast – Fat Loss Factor


Fat Loss Factor is weight loss program designed by Dr. Charles Livingstone who’s also a chiropractor, nutritionist and weight loss expert, which promises to help dieters lose weight effectively by following its simple nutrition and 12-weeek exercise schedule.

The package comes with an e-book written by the author himself consisting of an overview of the program, what dieters should expect from it, what it really is and how it works. This way, users will know the significance of every step provided in program and how it affects their body.

To read more about Fat Loss Factor, head over to SBWire’s Web site

20 Tips for fast weight loss

Weight Loss Diet

“In order to lose weight quickly, most folks try crash diets or extensive workouts. But for some surprisingly odd reason, your fast weight loss planning did not work out for you. So we give you 20 tips for fast weight loss that’ll clear the air for you, while helping you decide what your personal weight loss journey should be about.

Weight loss wish

Decide how much weight you need to lose – Most people start their weight loss journey by claiming to be xyz kilos overweight. This isn’t a healthy way to project or aim for weight loss. Calculate your desired weight against your height by using reliable methods like the BMI, and set a healthy weight loss target. This is often half the battle won.”

To read more tips for fast weight loss, head over to The Times Of India’s Web site

Juice Fast

 That All-Juice Cleanse Probably Won’t Work

A recent study has found that just detoxing is exclusively beneficial to your body. While a detox is clearly still good for you, it must be coupled with a healthy diet and exercise regimen to gain it’s full potential.

“No good scientific data supports any of those cleanses, where you drink juice, or (only) water for a week,” Elizabeth Matzkin, MD, chief of women’s sports medicine at Harvard Medical School recently said in an interview.

To read more about exclusively all-juice cleanses and why they don’t work, head over to Cosmopolitan’s Web site

Food News: Vegan Juice and a Buggy Cocktail

“Amy Waldman, the owner of Bethesda’s Purée Artisan Juice Bar that opened about a year ago, has launched a home delivery service—and with it a vegan commercial kitchen based in Kensington, Potomac Patch reported.

The home delivery service of the fresh, raw juices (useful for those going on a juice fast) required additional production space. Finding no commercial kitchen space for rent that was suitable for vegan, raw food production, Waldman opened up her own commercial kitchen. Other vegan food businesses already are renting space in it, Potomac Patch added.”

To read more about the juice bar and other great food attractions, head over to the Rockville Patch’s Web site

Personal Development

Top Personal Development Books Of 2012

There are so many great things about the end of the year. From all the holidays to metting up with family and friends, few would disagree this is one of the best times of the year.

Another thing that makes the end of the year so great is because of the various “Best Of” lists that come out leading up to New Year’s. One of the best examples of that comes in the various mediums, whether it be movies, TV shows or books.

In this case the media of choice is books, and this list of the top personal development books is one that is sure to help you regroup and prepare for 2013 while on your holiday vacation. Pick one of these titles up, enjoy a great read and pick up some great inspiration to hit the ground running in the new year.

To read more about the top personal development books of 2012, head over to Inman News’ Website

The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth

“The leadership guru John C. Maxwell recently published his latest book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. It’s a timely and practical “growth tool” based on his 65 years of experience.

In his introduction Mr Maxwell writes: “To reach your potential you must grow. And to grow, you must be highly intentioned about it. This book is my effort to help you learn how to grow and develop yourself so you have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be. My desire is to help you develop the right attitude, learn more about your strengths, tap into passion, become more in touch with your purpose, and develop your skills so you can be all you can be.'”

To read more about 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, head over to The Bankok Post’s Web site

Health Management

How To Manage Holiday Stress


The holiday season means the stress season for many people. Parties, family and friends can all bring unneeded stressors upon someone. Luckily, there is a way to cope and beat the holiday stress

”The barrage of expectations during the holiday season can be quite stressful,” said Asha George, Department of Health and Human Services Mental Health director. “Having reasonable expectations of yourself and others and keeping in mind that the most important part of this season is the chance to connect with loved ones and express gratitude for the year that has passed can be helpful in negotiating the holidays.”

To read more about holiday stress, head over to The Times-Standard’s Web site

Can’t Be There To Manage Elderly Relative’s Health Decline? These Folks Will Stand In For You

With the aging of the baby boom generation, the 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, calls for the business of taking care of the elderly are expected to increase over the next 20 years.

Their service doesn’t come cheap and it’s generally not covered by insurance. But some customers have found it’s worth the peace of mind.

To read more about managing elderly health, head over to The Republic’s Web site

Self Care

Self-help isn’t what it used to be

“The concept was first named (and voluminously expounded) by Samuel Smiles in his 1859 best-seller, Self-Help: With Illustrations of Character, Conduct, and Perseverance. Erstwhile apothecary, railway secretary, newspaper editor, and biographer, Smiles’ birth in Haddington, Scotland marks its bicentennial on December 23. If this populist Victorian sage is worth remembering for anything, it must be for his original self-help book, translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Croatian, Czech, Arabic, Turkish, and various native languages of India within his own lifespan, and purchased by more than a quarter-million readers by the time of the author’s death in 1904.”

To read more about the change of self-help, head over to Oxford University Prep’s Web site

Anxious Heart-Surgery Patients Less Able To Care For Themselves

“Lowering levels of anxiety in heart surgery patients using simple relaxation therapies could help them to take better care of themselves and reduce readmissions, a Canadian study suggests.

Patients who aren’t recovering well may go to the emergency department or be readmitted for fluid overload from eating too much sodium.”

To read more about heart surgery patients and self care, head over to CBCNews’ Web site

What was your favorite article in the The Master Cleanse News Digest? Are there other articles about The Master Cleanse you read this week that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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