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Plastic Surgery can be a healthy choice

About Plastic Surgery

Today we live in a world in which being as close to perfect as possible is something that many people are striving for every day, in many areas of their life. Confidence is for many of us rooted in the way we look and the way they feel about our selves and our bodies. In my Style -Coaching (aka Image Consulting) practice I have worked with many women that felt less that great about their looks and this lack of confidence would affect many other areas of their life. Our relationships and our ability to live life fully may be limited by this lack of confidence.

There are people out there that are not in a relationship or living their life to their full potential because they think they are not attractive or slim enough to have what they truly want. I also know many people that work really hard on having the body they desire choosing healthy diets, exercising etc…but there are still some things they cannot alter with all these efforts.

Plastic surgery : To do or not to do?

I assume that there are many people out there who had at some point entertained the thought of altering their body through the means of plastic surgery. If I was to count how many times I have heard ” Oh, if I was as pretty as she is, I would also do or have  xyz……” the number would be pretty impressive.

Making a decision to live the life you desire

I personally have always felt very torn about plastic surgery until the moment I have met someone who is a good friend of mine today. My friend have suffered greatly because of his looks that were altered when he was just a baby. He was born with a small but very noticeable defect caused by his mother falling down a stairs while she was pregnant with him. This fall was very unfortunate and had caused damage to his face bone structure, particularly his nose. Everything about my friend was “normal” accept for his what would apear as ” squished “, slightly pushed in-words nose. As long as I knew him, he was determined to have a plastic surgery that would allow him to feel easy about life, dating and finding someone to raise a family with.

About plastic surgery, transformation

I believe, the plastic surgery that my friend had few years ago had greatly contributed to him having the confidence and courage ” to ask a girl out “. (Smile) Not long ago he got married and is now a proud father of a cutest little boy.

Beauty awakens the soul to act. Dante Alighieri 

This is a story of how plastic surgery can improve a person’s life but just like anything else, it can be miss-used or misunderstood. Choosing plastic surgery to improve your looks can go wrong and as it is now becoming more affrontabile and available to more people, it is very important that we have the right reason and resources to undergo these alternation to our bodies.

Transformation through plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery process tips

The temptation to change your image can sometimes be very strong, and can lead to rash decisions. This is why people get tattoos at the spur of the moment, or suddenly dye their hair. Sometimes it is just appealing to try something new, or to attempt to enhance your style or appearance. Fortunately, many of the changes that people make quickly are reversible, meaning that it is possible for you to play with your image a bit without a lot of consequences. However, certain changes are more significant in nature, and thus require a good deal more consideration. For example, if you are considering altering your appearance through plastic surgery, you will want to do some careful research and consideration first.

Make an educated decision

Obviously, the first thing that you will want to do is figure out exactly which sort of surgery you think you may be interested in. For example, don’t just think “nose job” if you are unhappy with the size or shape of your nose. Consider carefully what you think would make your nose and face look better to you, and do some research to see which specific sort of surgery seems best for you. This can keep you from starting down a road toward a surgery that you don’t need, or one that won’t meet your desires.

If you do decide to look into a particular type of surgery, your next step should be to head to a website like About Plastic Surgery, where you can search for a surgeon relevant to your desired procedure. Many people don’t realize that plastic surgery is a very broad field with specialists for each type of procedure. With the search tools offered on this website, you can simply input the region in which you live and the type of surgery that you’re seeking, and suitable search results will come up. This can lead you to a trustworthy doctor with experience in the field you are interested in.

Knowledge is power, but only if you use it. 

confidence, self love

If you get this far, and you conclude that you want to go through with your surgery, you will also want to conduct detailed research before you iron out the specifics. Ask your doctor questions, observe before-and-after photo sequences from similar patients, and take advantage of any predictive imagery tools that may be around, in order to make sure that are affecting a bodily change that you will be pleased with. Always remember that this is not a quick process – there is plenty of time to weigh your options, and consider whether or not you truly want to undergo surgery. Either way, every decision along the way should be your own.

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