The Science of Eating Less

Eating less is key to either losing weight or staying at your ideal weight; this is true especially as we age. We all have a tendency to overeat, especially when eating processed foods. You will inevitably feel some hunger as your stomach decreases in size, which is not something you should try to avoid but embrace instead. It is of course easier said than done as our instinct and habits tell us to eat and in this day and age whenever hunger comes knocking, we can conveniently reach for the nearest cupboard, shop or restaurant which inevitably leads to unwanted weight gain.

The Warrior Diet And Eating Less

Ori Hofmekler of bases his dieting approach on how our ancestors used to live, only eating when they would hunt and find foods; meaning they didn’t always get their food instantly like we do. He strongly believes in intermittent fasting, under-eating during the day followed by over-eating at night as he states there is evidence that humans are nocturnal eaters.

Apparently following this idea will cause your appetite, food consumption, choice of  foods and even your taste preferences to change within five to six weeks.

Crave Healthy Food!

eating less

Could this be the key to stop craving junk foods? Ori suggests that your body will naturally crave healthier foods. His theory is quite radical and certainly far removed from what regular doctors recommend: a diet of eating three square meals per day at regular intervals and the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Could skipping breakfast and lunch altogether be good for you? Apparently so, with the premise that following the Warrior Diet you will live longer, your body will be more efficient in the removal of toxins, at fat to energy conversion, more efficiently utilizing nutrients and  stress resilience. You will achieve a leaner, stronger and healthier body.

In his book, “The Warrior Diet”, Ori states that eating foods that cause energy crushes and weight gain during the day time may actually be beneficial to you if have eaten at night time. There are however certain rules and techniques he recommends you follow. He is an advocate for healthy organic foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs, raw dairy and some marine food which I am in agreement with. I also agree with his theory of under-eating and exercising or leading a very active life for quick and efficient weight loss. He goes on to say that doing so will improve our strength, our resistance to fatigue and our ability to utilize energy. His aim is to show us how to achieve our true biological needs for a prime state of health.

Fasting Toward A Healthier Life

Ori makes reference to Dr. Mark Mattson, who is a neuroscience and aging expert and a leading researcher on intermittent fasting, on how it has been scientifically shown that intermittent fasting helps you achieve better health, increased fitness levels and fast weight loss. He points out that “from an evolutionary perspective humans were adapted to intermittent feeding rather than to grazing.” The idea is to fast  for fourteen plus hours for women and sixteen plus hours for men. Following this simple technique alone will let you achieve a longer, healthier life.

Ori also has a line of natural, pesticide free health products aimed at nourishing, energizing, balancing and enhancing all metabolic systems for improved health and performance. One of his outstanding products is called ” Warrior Whey”, made from raw milk from pasture-fed cows. It will help nourish your body, curb cravings for sweets and help you achieve optimal weight. It is used by athletes for optimal muscle health.

Can Eating Less Mean More?

There are many theories and beliefs out there as to which diet we should be following. Although I don’t agree with Ori on everything, he does have some good points that do make sense to me.

Please let me know if you have had any experience with this type of diet and what you experienced. As always I wish you happy, healthy living!

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