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The Soup Diet by Fiona Kirk

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Soup is well known as a comfort food favorite during the colder seasons, but it also makes a surprisingly satisfying diet food. Fiona Kirk, author of Soup Can Make You Thin, recommends soup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a snack between meals.

“Breakfasting on soup might be an alien concept to many,” she says, “but once you have tried it you may never again want to run out the door on just a slice of toast.”

In addition, soup is cheap and easy to make; there are practically no right or wrong ingredients.

The Benefits of a Soup Diet

“Soup is simply a miracle in a bowl for fat loss,” says Kirk. “The combination of water and solid fills you up more effectively and for longer than if you eat exactly the same food but drink the water separately – plus the water and water content of the vegetables in soup allows for efficient exchange of nutrients into body cells, greatly reducing the possibility of bloating.”

As with any type of meal, soup can be made healthy or unhealthy depending on which ingredients you select. Here are Kirk’s top five tips for making healthier soups:

  • Choose high-protein soups or add your own protein toppings.
  • To stay full and energized, add healthy fats such as olive oil.
  • To get a better night’s sleep, try soup before bed.
  • Eat soup as a snack to keep your energy levels even throughout the day.
  • Add healthy herbs and spices to rev up your metabolism.

To lose weight fast, check out the recipes in Soup Can Make You Thin. If you’re more adventurous, you can always make up your own recipe. That’s the great thing about soup: it’s one of the most veratile foods around.

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