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Top 10 Master Cleanse Tips for First Time Cleansers

With so many forums and articles on the web, negotiating your first ever Master Cleanse could not be easier.

All the information is out there, but sometimes it’s a matter of knowing what to look for.

So many give up only halfway through, or even on their first day. This is usually due to not having the right information.

Here are my top 10 tips to help with your detox; I learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to!

1. Look After Your Teeth:

master-cleanse-tipsEven if you don’t feel sensitivity when you’re on the Master Cleanse, it’s best to make sure all that acid isn’t doing too much damage.

To limit the effects of the syrup and lemon in your mouth, drink your lemonade through a straw, and invest in some sensitive, repairing toothpaste.

Some people like to brush their teeth after every drink; whatever you decide, it is vital you don’t brush your teeth until at least 20 minutes after a glass of lemonade.

Brush any sooner, and the softened enamel will most likely be pulled away for good.

2. Drink Plenty of Water:

This is pretty good advice on any day, but you mustn’t confuse the Master Cleanse’s water requirements with the general 8-glass rule.

Even though your liquid diet is giving you plenty of water, you need to make up for the hidden water content that you’re missing from your food. Drinking half your body weight in water every day is a good place to start.

3. Sip Constantly:

This is just an extension of the “Drink Plenty of Water” Rule, but you should remember that it’s better to maintain a steady water intake than to down solid glasses in one go. The former will keep you properly hydrated, whereas the latter might cause you some digestive discomfort.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much (Or Too Little) Lemonade:


The recommended intake of lemonade is between 6 and 12 glasses on a daily basis. Whilst it is true that the less lemonade you drink, the more weight you lose, you must pay attention to your body’s needs.

Don’t drink fewer than 6 glasses a day; even if you don’t feel ‘hungry’ for them, you must consume at least the minimum amount. Set yourself alarms throughout the day if you think you might forget to have the mixture.

5. Laxatives Are Your Friend:

They might be a little yucky, but you need to have a laxative every morning and evening on the Master Cleanse. The evening laxative should be taken as a tea, with another tea in the morning or the Salt Water Flush, depending on your preference. Whatever you do, don’t skip them.

There’s no point dislodging the things stuck in your colon if you don’t help them make it out!

6. Do Your Research:

There’s a wealth of information about the Master Cleanse on the internet- some of it critical, some of it positive. Read through as much as you can and take a note of useful facts. Going into fasting unprepared can lead to disaster, especially if you’re not aware of all of the consequences of a detox. Speaking of which…

7. Know Your Detox Symptoms:

A lot of people have done the Master Cleanse, and every single one of them has had their own unique experience.

You might not receive all of the following, but be on the lookout for any of these symptoms.

They’re not a reason for giving up; they’re a sign of the bad things coming out.

Some common symptoms include the following:

Increased earwax, itchy skin or rashes, spots and pimples, dizziness, headaches, faintness, ‘furry’ white tongue, bad breath, sensitive teeth, rapid weight loss (mostly sustainable with a good diet), aching muscles, sleeplessness, increased energy (especially in the mornings), sweating, liquid waste, frequent urination.

8. Make a Tick Chart:

Make a poster for ticking off each day you manage on the cleanse, and carry round a daily chart to record how much water and lemonade you drink. It will help you keep track of things and look after yourself, as well as encourage you to continue.

9. Prepare for After Cleansing:

The lifestyle you choose to lead after you’ve finished the cleanse can greatly effect your over all results. Even if you don’t expect to go completely cold-turkey on your little vices (caffeine, chocolate, alcohol etc…) you cannot go straight back to your usual eating after day 10.

Take a look online at what to do to ease yourself out. Most importantly, expect to spend half the amount of time you spent
cleansing in the post-cleanse stages. If you cleanse for 10 days, the first 5 days after will be your ease-out period.

10. Write Your Own Blog:

Writing about my experience on the Master Cleanse is perhaps the main thing that’s kept me going.

Having a place to vent your frustrations and share your successes is great, and there are few things more public (or more anonymous…) than the internet.

Make a cleanse blog as you’re easing in, and update it at least once a day with as honest a diary entry as you can manage. If you cheat, write about it!

Reviewing each day will help your learning process and make your cleanse all the more successful.

Create Your Own Master Cleanse Tips

Good Luck with the Master Cleanse!! Try to keep the advice you hear online close to hand, and add your own wisdom once you’ve started your own cleansing. You never know who you might help!

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