Weight Loss & Diet Book Review: The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease

Searching for a diet book that will not only make you healthy but also yield meaningful, rapid and sustained weight loss while enabling you to live longer by avoiding many of civilizations’ most dismal diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease? Look no further, The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease is a groundbreaking science-based approach to diet, healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Unlike other diet and health books that preach dietary lifestyles based largely or solely upon weight loss related benefits, with little or no compelling scientific evidence to back up their claims, this book is based on achieving whole body wellness, and as a bonus, inducing significant weight loss related results, all backed by a plethora of authentic scientific research.

More Than Just a Diet Book

The author, Mr. Walter Wood, believes that a lean body is another “side effect” of a healthy body. Once the underlying hormonal abnormalities which have caused obesity to appear in the first place disappear, significant weight is lost effortlessly and rapidly.

Mr. Wood writes that “…Yes, this book is about obesity and weight loss. But in truth it’s about much more. You see, obesity is part of a phenomenon much greater than just being fat. It’s but one disease of a bundle that afflict and paralyze our bodies.”  This is why the author believes that calorie counting, skimpy meals, skipping meals, fear and deprivation is NOT the solution to the current obesity epidemic or for that matter any of it’s attendant ailments. These will service primarily to fuel and exacerbate the fat accumulating problem, not provide a viable solution to the obesity epidemic.

The book is not only about obesity and weight loss but also about that bundle of diseases, which afflict and paralyze the human body.

And what are those diseases, you ask? Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, myopia and dementia to mention just a few. Mr. Wood reveals startling research about the real cause of these “modern” diseases and tells us what we can do to avoid “catching” them. And even reverse them.

The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease

diet-bookIn chapter one, Mr. Wood, debunks the myths associated with obesity, weight gain and weight loss. He claims calorie counting won’t help you lose weight, and increased energy expenditure will not lead to significant amounts of fat loss,  either. The only viable way to loose weight, ward off disease, reverse diabetes and cure cancer is by targeting the true underlying abnormality that caused these dismal diseases and the weight gain in the first place.

And how is it that we target this hormonal abnormality? It’s not as hard as you think. All we need to do is eliminate a single “secret” dietary toxin from our food supply.

Instead of blaming all diseases of civilization on all carbs equally, as many low carb diet books (think Atkins diet) tend to do, Mr. Wood drives in and singles out the true and only culprit. Not all carbs are created equal, he writes. Many are not only harmless but even beneficial.

In chapter two, the author discusses the causes of diabetes and the dietary steps that can be taken to reverse and heal this dreaded disease which afflicts and paralyzed nearly 25 million Americans.

In chapter three, Mr. Wood shatters the myths associated with heart disease and high blood pressure and reveals the true nature and cause of heart disease,  and how one can cure, reverse and prevent this disease from taking root. No, cholesterol isn’t a killer, he says. In fact, it’s an essential and important molecule in the human body. And, no, saturated fat is not evil, either, it’s actually healthy.

What is the real causes of heart disease? Not what you think. It’s the sugar and other refined carbs in the diet that make us fat, prevent us from losing that fat and that give us heart disease and high blood pressure.

In chapter 4, Mr. Wood reveals startling new discoveries on dietary-induced cancer. He says that “cancer isn’t a death sentence. The fact remains, as recent research suggests, that as much as 80-90% of all cancer in the US is strictly avoidable.”  And he suggests that cancer can be avoided and even cured by the lifestyle he’s recommending in his book. He also writes that low fat or calorie restricted diets don’t seem to prevent cancer.

In the next chapter, the author reveals never seen before research on Myopia. For the first time ever, Mr. Wood has identified the scientific cause of myopia and what we can do to prevent this dire disease from erupting amongst our children. He writes that “..instead of trying to clarify the underlying cause, contemporary medicine has proclaimed myopia is an incurable malady, only modified by the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses to correct, albeit only transiently, our ailing and failing vision, thereby masking the symptoms of myopia rather than actually curing it.” Mr. Wood certainly clarifies the scientific cause of myopia or nearsightedness.

Following an identical pattern, Mr. Wood debunks many of the other modern diseases of civilization and their underlying cause.

A Practical Guide to Losing Weight and Achieving Vibrant Health

In the second part of the book he provides a practical guide on how to implement these dietary changes in one’s life to lose weight, preserve health and resurrect happiness and joy in one’s life that may have been lying dormant.

The Ultimate Unification of Diet Health and Disease is available on amazon here.


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