Weight Loss Diet: The Fat Smash Diet

The new year can mean a new start for many people looking to get healthy. Aside from The Master Cleanse, there are also some great diets out there that can help you start off right and stay right in 2013. One of the great diets out there for you is the fat smash diet.

The fat smash diet is a 90-day, four-phase weight-loss program that is designed to “smash” bad habits and make permanent lifestyle changes in eating and physical activity. This diet, created by Dr. Ian Smith, is constructed as a pyramid, with each of the four phases building on the previous phases:

The Fat Smash Diet

Here is an overview of the phases of the fat smash diet, including what they mean and what you can eat in this weight loss diet

Phase I – Detoxification

Phase I is the 9 day natural detoxification stage to rid the body of impurities. In this stage you will eat mostly fruits and vegetables except white potatoes and avocados. You also can have the following: legumes/beans & tofu, 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of brown rice, 2 cups low fat or 1% milk, 2 6oz yogurts and 4 egg whites (eggbeaters) only water & 2 cups of herbal tea to drink. You also get a very limited amount of olive oil dressing to use.

Phase II – Foundation

Phase II is a three-week period introducing additional foods, maintaining the schedule of four to five small meals throughout the day, and enjoying them simply prepared as defined in stage one. Foods allowed in limited quantities in this phase include avocado, lean meats, seafood, whole egg, cheese, a variety of whole-grain cereals, granulated sugar, butter, fat-free mayo, coffee (10 ounces a day), fruit juice, diet soda, lemonade, and club soda.

Phase III – The Construction

Phase III is the four-week construction stage requires at least four meals per day. Phase 3 allows: up to 5 oz (140 g) of meat,daily, although seafood remains at 3 oz (85 g), two whole eggs daily,four thin slices of wholegrain bread daily, additional brown rice,1 cup of whole-wheat pasta, up to 16 oz (475 ml) of fresh-squeezed fruit juice, up to 3 cups of skim or soy milk daily, 1.3 oz (37 g) of low-fat or fat-free cheese daily, fat-free mayonnaise, one daily dessert—one scoop of low-fat ice cream or two-three oreo-sized chocolate-chip or oatmeal-raisin cookies or graham crackers, 2 cans of diet soda daily, 10 oz (300 ml) of coffee.

Phase IV – The Temple

Phase IV is the lifelong temple stage. In this phase you eat the same foods as phase I,II, & III. In addition to those foods, you can eat some white starches (ie. white rice, potatoes) as well as have a couple of glasses of wine or beer each week. Phase 4 for life every food you want come back including alcohol & all sweets/chips everything. the idea is your able to now handle a snack or high fat meal & go back to your regular good habits you have learned to retrain your body with. Through all of the phases, learning to have self-control and to limit portion sizes is key.  Also, it is very important to participate in some type of physical activity or exercise plan to make this diet truly successful.  In order to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, this diet should be treated as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

Try This Weight Loss Diet And Smash The Fat

While the initial phases of this diet can be strict, it is set up that way because it works and will definitely help you lose weight if you stick to the phases. In addition to that, many people lose 6-8 pounds during the first phase, so this diet will not only help you lose weight but you will lose a good amount pretty quickly.

The fat smash diet is a great weight loss diet to give a try and, if you stick with it, is a great way to lose weight and feel great.

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