Weight Loss Success Story: Juice Cleanse Leads to Better Lifestyle

weight-loss-success-story-juice-cleanseAllan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, found out about juice cleansing by watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in which Joe Cross goes on a juice cleanse and becomes a weight loss success story while traveling all across the U.S.

Allan had been dealing with health problems such as diabetes and obesity when he realized that he needed to make a serious change.

“I had been fired after 10 years in a major retail corporation during a restructuring,” Allan said, “I absolutely loved my job and was devastated. As a result, my eating habits worsened. I was shocked when I went  to a regular doctor’s visit and told if I did not lose weight, I would be looking at becoming a Type I diabetic on insulin. My mom passed away at only 52 due to complications with diabetes Type I, and I was 45. This was a wake-up call. I enjoyed seeing Joe inspire Phil to change bad eating habits. I got inspired that maybe I could eat better and feel better.”

Although he struggled for the first few days, day three found him feeling better. The absence of caffeine allowed him to get a deeper and more restful sleep than he had experienced in a long time.

Health Benefits of the Cleanse

Amazingly, Allan has lost 60 pounds, and he found his diabetes symptoms greatly reduced.

“I am a Type II Diabetic and after only 2 days of juicing I noticed my blood sugars lowering,” he said, “Currently my morning fasting sugars are near normal and more importantly, I did my 6 month A1C blood-work (much more accurate lab testing) with my doctor and he was very surprised and pleased to let me know I had stabilized my blood sugars to near normal and could come off ALL my oral medications.”

Allan says he has now become more physically active, putting in a big workout anywhere from four to six times a week. He does a repeat juice cleanse every few months to keep up these good results.

“This experience taught me I truly am what I eat,” Allan said. “Lettuce was an exotic vegetable for me in the past . I now have a green smoothie daily. I probably have 2 cups of spinach/kale before most folks have their first cup of coffee in the morning now.”

To read more about Allan’s juice cleanse, head over to RebootwithJoe


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