11 Secrets That 95% of Failed Master Cleansers Didn’t Do

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These 3 Super Foods Melt Fat Away Up to 2 lbs Per Day

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    • How to assign value to the research you do, from your perspective, and recognizing others so that you can determine for yourself what you believe to be true about TMC, Cleansing, Fasting, and Personal Health Management
    • Understand the 4 SPECIAL situations that might exclude you from doing The Master Cleanse so that you don’t think that you can’t do the cleanse and give into your own excuses.
    • Learn how to set objectives properly so that you don’t do this one counter productive mistake that will actually cause you too lose less weight, fail the cleanse, and potentially develop an unhealthy relationship with cleansing and detox.
    • How to pick the perfect time to do The Master Cleanse so that you won’t be tempted to quit at unavoidable social events and daily life issues that need to be considered, like work schedules, and taking care of your family.
    • How to develop your routine before hand so that you won’t find an unexpected reason to quit. The first day is the easiest to jump off the Bandwagon. Having your system in place will keep you from quitting on Day 1.
    • Learn about the Types of People that you should NOT discuss your cleanse with, and the People YOU SHOULD so that you avoid dealing with people who don’t support you. This cleanse has a funny way of finding “Toxic” people in your life.
    • Discover and consider Awesome Supplemental Therapies to increase your detox, cleanse, weight loss and well being so you can maximize your cleansing experience, and begin to “Master” the art of cleansing.
    • Use this shoppers secret weapon to get EVERYTHING you need delivered to your door – Even LEMONS so that you don’t fail to start because you think the ingredients are too hard to find, or your run out unexpectedly during the middle of the cleanse.
    • Learn these 9 secret “CHEATS” that will help you past the hardest moments during the cleanse so that you get through those passing moments feeling strong and confident.
    • How to do not only the STRICT Master Cleanse but also the Variations of The Master Cleanse so that you can know what type of Master Cleanser you are so you don’t end up so far from the regimen that you might actually do yourself harm.
    • And so much more

I am amazed at how this cleanse contributes to my overall health and not just weight loss

Master Cleanse Day 11 – I am feeling so good physically and have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays and then some. I don’t go by numbers – just by feel. I know it will average out to be around 10 solid pounds as usual. The difference in how I feel (and LOOK!) in my clothes makes it all worth while. But there’s MORE! I have arthritis in my hands and am happy to say that my pain and other symptoms have been drastically reduced. I have asthma and my symptoms are non-existant since being on the cleanse. I had been feeling very low before going on the cleanse and my mood has radically shifted since I started. (my sweet husband can attest to that.) My physical energy is phenomenal too. I am amazed at how this cleanse contributes to my overall health and not just weight loss.

Paula Langton, 2013/09/20

I’m headed for optimal health

Ease-Out Day 3 – I am super happy about the weight lost and will try to keep it this way, with a more mindful way of eating, plenty of exercise and rest, and a cleanse again in April. This is the year of the truth for me, I’m headed for optimal health and so I will do the cleanses, also because this first one was so easy and went so well. Physically I feel great, I still had energy to get everything done and do my Qigong. This was a very positive thing to do for me.

Marlice Vonck, 2013/09/20

2 Awesome Audio interviews with Master Cleanse Guru’s valued at $17

3 Bonus Books each valued at $17 Value

    • The Veggie Diet: There are many reasons to consider a vegetarian diet. First of all, check yourself out in the mirror. The majority of Americans are not a healthy weight and this can be the number one reason for them to switch.
    • Zero To Yoga: Yoga might be the most common, and most beneficial supplemental therapy or activity to do while Master Cleansing. This book is specifically written for the Noobie Yogi, perhaps like you. It is easy to follow and includes everything your need to know.
    • The Green Tea Diet: It’s been used as a treatment for everything from headaches to depression. Today, various health benefits of green tea are constantly being reported by many scientists. Dieticians are now focusing their attention on the simple, yet elegantly profound.

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