Hello  Master Cleansers,

This is day 4 of the  Group Master Cleanse. Many people may be getting over the first hump and start feeling like they have transitioned into this “lifestyle” chosen for at least 10 days. Master Cleanse is truly an opportunity to really tap into the natural detoxing functions of your body. Considering the world we live in ( polluted air, unknown food sources that may not be trust worthy ….) you can just imagine how amazing our bodies are at filtering all these things and still thriving. What a miracle that our bodies are! Master Cleanse on it’s own is a great Detoxing routine, but there is ways to add to this detoxing program.

Kick Your Detox into the High Gear

Detoxing routine, Master Cleanse

  • If you can give your body a hand it will really kick into the high gear when it comes to the natural ways of releasing toxins. That is really what Master Cleanse is. Drinking your lemonade, plenty of water and redirecting the energy normally used for digesting towards detoxing and healing abilities of your own body.
  • In addition to following the Master Cleanse program, you can do a few simple things that can better your results and even develop more healthy habits that you can retain even after the cleanse. Here are 3 suggestions that I recommend:

1. Join the No Poo Movement

I know how this sounds ( SMILE) but just give me a minute to explain. This is something that I have personally been doing for a few months now and I am a big fan! No-poo stands for NO shampoo. As you know, our skin is the biggest organ of our body, so all the personal hygiene and cosmetic products we use are absorbed into our body. Our body than have to detox these chemicals just like any other we may consume in food, our water…..

So what do you do, if you are not going to use the shampoo ( and conditioner actually as well) to clean your hair?

Detox Routine, No poo movement

Image source : http://thisissogood.wordpress.com/

Detox routine, No poo method, heathy hair

You can use baking soda as a shampoo and organic apple cider vinegar as conditioner. I have been enjoying an amazing results (and I have very fine, wavy hair that may be hard to style and keep looking good for more than a day) :

  1. Shiny, healthy, soft hair. I can’t get over how great my hair feels to the touch.
  2. I no longer have to use styling products as my hair is not as frizzy and is much more manageable, and shiny.
  3. I save money. My 2 months supply is under 10 $
  4. I feel great about not having to deal with not being able to recycle the packaging of some the traditional shampoo & conditioner product. Less waste to express my appreciation for the Mother Earth.
  5. Less breakage. My hair is definitely stronger. The traditional shampoo actually strips my hair of its natural, “good for my hair” oils which causes my hair to get week and brake.
  6. My boyfriend joined the no poo movement as well and his dry scalp and dandruff is gone. YAY!
  7. I know exactly what my body is in contact with avoiding the chemicals that can be found in traditional shampoos and conditioners.

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This movement is really becoming popular. Here si an article on No Poo Movement that I really love.

Little additional tip: I also use the apple cider vinegar/water mixture as a toner and I love it! I started to use it to even out my skin tone and target some sun damage but I also noticed that it keeps my acne away. It’s really worth the try.

How to do the No Poo Method video:

So what do you think about the No Poo Movement. Are you in?

Leave us a comment and if you have already joined to No Poo tribe, let us know what your results are and if you have any tips, please share. We will love you for it. (SMILE)

2. Detox Yoga Routine to Maximize Your Detox Results

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This little tip was inspired by my last night at home yoga session. I got caught up in work and have missed my yoga class, so I decided to do some yoga at home. If you have a nice big screen TV that can connect to Youtube, you will love it. Detox Yoga is a great evening routine to maximize the overnight natural detoxing functions of your body.

There are plenty of videos available on line. You can choose a particular type of yoga: Flow, Vinyasa, Power yoga…. as well as the difficulty level that accommodates your needs and abilities to stretch your body.

Detox yoga video

Here is more info on yoga poses to detox your body. Enjoy!

What is Your Detox routine during the Master Cleanse ?

  • Do you practice yoga during your cleanse?
  • Do you notice any difference in how you feel and how your body respond to additional care during the cleanse?
  • What are some other additional detox routine tips you may share with our readers?

Please, leave a comment below and share the post if you find it valuable. We will greatly appreciate it!

Thank you and Happy Cleansing!

Erika and theMasterCleanse.org team.