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You've found this page because you realize that is the #1 resource online for the very popular detox diet also called The Lemonade Diet and has an audience that may make a great platform for your to promote your goods or services.

We are actively seeking the following Promotional Partners:

  1. Direct Advertisers or Ad Networks (this page)
  2. Affiliates and Super Affiliates
  3. Joint Venture Partners / Exclusive Opportunities

Simple and Immediate Banner Ad Placements (via

We have several placements available immediately, and all for under $100 per month, perfect for testing your creatives, campaigns, and products before considering a larger Custom Advertising Campaigns at

Advanced Ad and Promotion Opportunities

For more advanced opportunities we offer the following detail about our Site and Network reach and the packages available:


Site & Traffic Details (Reach & Exposure) gets well over 200,000 unique Visitors per month, and nearly 450,000 pageviews. We are the most popular website in the world on the topic of The Master Cleanse, a detox diet that is often used for weight loss.

If you have a product or service to promote to our audience of alternative health, personal health management, cleansing, detox diet or weight loss, we want to hear from you! Here are just a few stats to help you understand the value we can provide to the right affiliates, partners and sponsors.


The median demographic profile is:

  • 80% Women, 20% Men
  • 25-55 is the Highest Response Age Group
  • College Educated
  • Earns $25,000 – $100,000
  • Caucasian
  • United States (77%), Canada (6%), United Kingdom ((4%), Australia (1%)
    • mc-advertising-geo
  • Has no children

Relevant Topics and Categories

  1. What is the Master Cleanse?
    1. Juice Fast made from Fresh Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup and Water
    2. Specialized and substantial spectrum of nutrients
    3. NOT a starvation diet (1,000 + calories per day)
    4. Invented over 70 years ago
  2. Who Does The Master Cleanse
    1. Tried by Millions with glowing reviews
    2. Controversial in a fields but with many supporters including many Doctors practitioners, and nutritionists.
    3. Dr. Wayne Dyer
  3. Why Do People Do The Master Cleanse?
    1. Used for cleansing and detox
    2. Also very effective as a reduction diet.
    3. Disease prevention and treatment (see disclaimer)

Our Market(s)

  1. Diet & Weight Loss Industry – $20 billion dollars in the United States – 85% of which is driven by women
  2. Alternative and Integrated Wellness


Graphic & Text Banner Advertising

We have several locations on-site and on other properties for banner ad placement. The easiest way to test a campaign with our audience is to use BuySellAds, our advertiser banner server. The process is very simple. Follow this link to see inventory, cost and traffic stats.

We also take special request for certain locations not available on BuySellAds. Please contact us for more details.

We do both internal advertising for premium locations, and also outsource the ad serving to Buy Sell Ads for secondary inventory
All standard sizes, served through (Website, Email)

  1. Graphic Banner – 300×250 – (Content Headline 2) – Available with Premium or Packages
  2. Graphic Banner – 300×250 – (Primary Sidebar Header) – Available a la Carte
  3. Graphic Banner – 728×90 – (Header Primary, View Header, View Footer)
  4. Graphic Banner – 160×600 – (Secondary Sidebar Header) – Available a la Carte
  5. Graphic Banner – 468×60 – (Header Secondary, Content Footer, Content Headline 3) – Available a la Carte
  6. Graphic Banner – 300×600 – (Sidebar Primary, Content Pillar)
  7. Graphic Banner – 720×405 – (Popup)

Payment Terms

  1. All ad placements are paid in advance.


  1. All ads are subject to quality review. We do not allow any socially unacceptable images or products.
  2. Any Premium or Package placements may have the product, and sales process revived as well.


Hybrid Content Banners

Hybrid Blended Content Ads: Placed in premium locations, and blended with content, comments etc. using icons, graphics, and multiple text types.

  1. Hybrid Ad – Comment Header
  2. Hybrid Ad – Comment Footer
  3. Hybrid Ad – Page Title

Currently only available as part of a Promotion Package. Please contact us for more details.



Product Reviews

Do you have a new product/service that you'd like us to review?  We are always looking for the latest, greatest products and services to promote to our audience. and while we're review products we discover, and love, you can submit your product for review to ensure we cover it and expose it to our growing network.

We will review your products and services, if they are relevant to our audience, in exchange for returnable product samples. Reviews will appear Blog Feed, our Facebook Page and other social channels.

It may be helpful to note that we currently bill $150 for Sponsored Posts therefore if you want a low cost product reviewed it is required that your sample be valued sufficient enough to cover the Sponsored Post fee. A second product sample could be furnished that could be used in a blog giveaway. (We gain readers, you gain more exposure.)

Samples: What You Will Get

  1. An honest review, both good and bad. We will contact you first for guidance if we have an overall negative experience with the product.
  2. The review may include pictures, when appropriate.
  3. Promotion of the blog review on Twitter and other appropriate social media platforms.
  4. If you opt for the Premium Post you'll receive re-posting, extensive social syndication, and coverage in our newsletter.

Procedure: How To Get a Product Reviewed

Complete the form on the left column of this page, and select “Product Review”

Make sure to check out our Articles Wanted page to understand our Primary Categories and then do the following:

  1. Submit a Guest Post with a note that you'd like us to review your company, product or service.  The guest post should include information about your company, product or service and any information our authors might be able to use in putting together the review article including press releases, testimonials, photos, videos, products samples (if applicable) and contact info.
  2. Once you've submitted your information, we will pass it along to one of our authors and you will be hearing from them within 24hrs
  3. If you would like to have our authors contact you for a quote or an interview, make sure to include your contact information.

Payment Terms

  1. All ad placements are paid in advance.
  2. $250 for Standard, and $500 for Premium Post with RePosting and Social Syndication.
  3. A contra credit will be applied for the value of the product.
  4. No cash/refund value or additional services or benefits implied on products furnished with a value over the allotted credit, which is at the sole discretion of the publisher.


  1. All links in Sponsored Reviews or Advertorials will be Do-Follow, unless we happen to find an editorial reason to do so other-wise. Please don't ask us for Do-Follow links. The value in the Post is brand exposure, no-follow back-links (which still have value), and social mentions.
  2. All reviews will be noted as “paid”, “furnished”, “sponsored” or “promoted”.
For Readers

From time to time, we will post product reviews for which we have received compensation in the form of sample products. We will always disclose when we have been compensated for a review, and you can be assured that our review is an honest one. We will not mis-represent our values just because it was free. We will always provide our honest assessment, both pros and cons, so that our readers have an honest appraisal of our experience with the product being reviewed. Besides, what may be a negative experience for us could be something that would be positive for you. Or vice versa. Integrity is important to us. We won’t shill just any product given to us, but if we get behind something and become its cheerleader, you know it’s because I really liked it.

Email Broadcasts

Must be congruent with our values and messaging, and meet criterial of value and ethics.

Currently only available as part of a Promotion Package. Please contact us for more details.

Social Posts

Tweets, Posts and albums.

Currently only available through or as part of a Promotion Package. Please contact us for more details.

Social Contests

Do you have a new product/service that you'd like us to promote to our audience via a social contest?  We run a number of weekly/monthly contests to engage our audience in conversation and reward them for their participation by giving away prizes. There are a number of ways we can work together in a mutually beneficial way through social contesting.

For more information on promoting your product/service in one of our upcoming social contests, please send an email through the contact us page.

Network-wide Title Sponsorship

Co-Brand our social sites. This is a platinum level partnership that requires congruent values and messaging. If you're interested in this type of promotion, please contact us.

Product Placement

Affiliate Programs

Do you have a product/service that our audience would find of value?  If so, let us know how we can sign up as an affiliate and we'll discuss how we can help you promote your product or service. Here are a few examples of products/services our audience might be interested in:

  • Books
  • Software
  • Information Products
  • Membership Websites
  • Events

Do you want to make money helping us promote the  We are currently in the process of implementing an affiliate program. In the meantime, please contact us to inquire about becoming an affiliate for the

Earn $39 – $297 Per Sale with High-Converting Mind-Body Weight Loss Products and Services

  1. 10-50% Affiliate Commissions
  2. Top Affiliates earn $30,000 K / Month
  3. How many Products and Services?
  4. Referral Cookies set for LIFE
  5. Always paid on TIME – Every THURSDAY
  6. Fulltime & Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  7. Awesome Freeline Content (so easy to promote)
  8. Available for Interviews, Webinars, and other JV Sales
  9. Always 5 Campaigns, refreshed every 3 months.
    • These 3 Super Foods
    • Lose Weight Super Fast
  10. Swipe Emails, Articles, Status, Graphics and other Posts.
  11. Custom Creatives/Content available upon request
  12. InfusionSoft Affiliate Software


We're currently offering the 3 packages for advanced placement opportunities:

  1. Standard Campaign – $1,000
  2. Display Domination – $2,500
  3. Editorial Campaign – $5,000
  4. Integrated Campaign – $10,000
  5. Title Sponsorship – $50,000

Standard Campaign (30 Days) – $1,000

You get the following locations resulting in 2,500,000 impressions (cpm = $10)

I have made available my #1 Location as your primary placement. It’s a blended content creative (see below for details). This spot sells for $10 CPM (cost per mille)

  1. Hybrid Display Ad – ATF – Content Header – Impressions
    • Icon: 80×80
    • Title: Fast Weight Loss is WAY easier with a Group
    • Description: There is strength in numbers. Get support through your Master Cleanse from people going through what you're going through in our FREE GROUP CLEANSE
    • Call To Action: We Start in 14 Days: Why do this alone…
    • Page Views Estimated: 429,00
    • CPM: $10.00
  2. Banner Display Ad –  ATF – Sidebar Tower
    • Type – Graphic Banner
    • Size: 160×600
    • Page Views Estimated: 429,00
    • CPM: $5.00
  3. Social Post: 1 Tweet Per Week
    • Estimated Clicks: 400
  4. BONUS: 1 Facebook Mention Per Week
    • Estimated Clicks: 400

Display Domination (30 Days) – $2,500

You get the following locations resulting in 2,500,000 impressions (cpm = $10)

  1. Hybrid Ad – Page Title
  2. Hybrid Ad – Comment Header
  3. Hybrid Ad – Comment Footer
  4. Graphic Banner – 300×250 – (Sidebar Primary, Content Headline 2)
  5. Graphic Banner – 160×600 – (Sidebar Secondary)
  6. Graphic Banner – 468×60 – (Header Secondary, Content Footer, Content Headline 3)
  7. Graphic Banner – 728×90 – (Header Primary, View Header, View Footer)
  8. Graphic Banner – 300×600 – (Sidebar Primary, Content Pillar)
  9. Graphic Banner – 720×405 – (Popup)

(You can also buy display exclusive. Please contact for details.)

Contact for more information, or buy now.

Editorial Campaign (30 Days) – $5,000

You get the above display, in addition to the following editorial, email, and social placements:

  1. Facebook Posts (1 Per Week per Advertorial Post)
  2. Facebook Album Posts – (LINK)
  3. Twitter Tweets (1 Per Week)
  4. Email – Newsletter (x6)
  5. Email Solo (x3) with Resend to Un-opens (or)
    1. Email Campaign (3 Emails)
  6. 3 – Advertorial Post (with 4x Reposting)

Integrated Campaign (30 Days) – $10,000

You get the above display, in addition to the following editorial, email, and social placements:

  1. Link – Primary Menu – (LINK)
  2. Link – Top Menu – (LINK)
  3. Link – Primary Keyword Group
  4. Link – Secondary Keyword Group
  5. Facebook Posts (2 Per Week)
  6. Facebook Album Posts – (LINK)
  7. Twitter Tweets (2 Per Week)
  8. Email – Newsletter (x2)
  9. Email Solo (x2) with Resend to Un-opens (or)
    1. Email Campaign (3 Emails)
  10. Advertorial Post (with 4x Reposting)

(You can also buy the Integrated Campaign a la carte for $7,500)

Contact for more information, or buy now.

Exclusive Title Sponsorship (30 Days) – $50,000

Includes everything above plus network co-branding and exclusivity of all other banner locations (excluding internal inventory):

  1. Website Channel Header Co-Branding
  2. YouTube Channel Header Co-Branding
  3. Facebook Channel Header Co-Branding
  4. Twitter Channel Header Co-Branding

Contact for more information, or buy now.


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