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The Lemonade Diet Concentrate: Pre-Mix Your Lemonade for People on the Go

I used to drink my lemonade Pre-mixed. I now understand a critical flaw to this plan. The longer your Lemonade sits, the more enzymes die. OK, that’s a bit dramatic. They don’t die, because they are technically not alive. But they do lose their ability to do their jobs. Lemon Juice really is a unique juice. It is […]

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5 Tips to Make the Master Cleanse Lemonade Right

Everyone who chooses to do the Master Cleanse has very specific reasons why they feel they need to cleanse. They may have goals to achieve, be it to lose weight fast (or at any speed), eliminate toxins, to address bad eating habits or balancing their health in certain aspects. To ensure your results, we decided to write a […]

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Lemonade Cleanse Everyday: Using the Lemonade Diet Daily

OK, so we all love The Lemonade Diet. Well…, maybe not LOVE. Sometimes we have a love/hate relationship with The Master Cleanse, but mostly because detox diets, and cleansing is so challenging. But if life wasn’t challenging we would all be very bored. There is lots to love (or hate) about The Lemonade Diet including […]

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Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe – The Master Herb of The Lemonade Diet

Cayenne Pepper is so critical to The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet that it is sometimes called the Cayenne Pepper Diet. Cayenne Pepper is a Super Food. There are many so-called “Super Foods” and, in my estimation, Cayenne Pepper is one of them. A few others that immediately spring to mind include: Acai Berry, Goji […]

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Fresh Lemon Juice is Required for a Lemon Juice Cleanse (Duh)

The Lemon Juice Cleanse that is The Master Cleanse requires the MOST CRITICAL component of The Lemonade Diet, freshly squeezed lemon juice to be just that; FRESH!. If you don’t drink your Lemon Juice Fresh, you will not be getting the active enzymes that lose vitality over time, partly through exposure to light and air. This leads […]

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Cayenne Pepper, Water, Lemon, and Maple Syrup – Which Ingredient of the Master Cleanse Recipe is the Most Important?

Cayenne pepper, water, lemon, and maple syrup are the entire ingredients for the Master Cleanse recipe, and it would be impossible to get the full effects of the cleanse by leaving one out, but which is the most important? The cayenne pepper loosens and the water is the greatest solvent. The lemon’s citrus is wonderful and […]

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