Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe – The Master Herb of The Lemonade Diet

Cayenne Pepper is so critical to The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet that it is sometimes called the Cayenne Pepper Diet.


Cayenne Pepper is a Super Food. There are many so-called “Super Foods” and, in my estimation, Cayenne Pepper is one of them. A few others that immediately spring to mind include: Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Almonds, Avocados, Cocoa, Flax, Garlic, Ginger, Olive Oil and many more. These are all different kinds of food, from nuts, to fruit, to herbs and oils. Come to think of it, one day I ought to research and write a piece on classifying Super Foods.

Here is a great article on 17 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper from 

Cayenne Pepper – The Herb

Cayenne Pepper is also, of course, a vegetable and we get our powder for The Lemonade Diet from grinding up a dried specific type of red pepper. Still, many refer to cayenne pepper as a herb. This is something I don't understand clearly. Maybe someone can leave me a comment and enlighten me as to why this is.Cayenne Pepper is a herb, and as such might not be referred to as a Super Food by some, but I will. In fact, herbologist and herbalists say that Cayenne Pepper is The Master Herb. Perhaps this is where Stanley Burroughs came up with the name “The Master Cleanser”.

Capsaicin – The Cayenne Pepper Secret Weapon

Capsaicin is the most active compound in Cayenne Pepper. It is what gives it the heat we taste — a heat so powerful that handling the ground cayenne requires gloves. The ‘hotness' of the Cayenne Pepper is measured in a unit called Scoville ranging from 40,000 to 100,000 IU's.

As is usually suggested with many things in life, start slow and build up. Try the 40,000-unit version in your lemonade before moving up to the 100,000. The more cayenne pepper in your lemonade the better. Use it to taste. If the package isn't marked with a unit measure, then it is likely 40,000.

Why Cayenne Pepper is great for The Lemonade Diet

Cayenne Pepper has many wonderful properties: 

  • It is a stimulant which raises the metabolism (something that is important when not digesting food).
  • Cayenne pepper also  increases circulation, which is very helpful when cleansing because one often feels slightly cool, likely due to the low metabolism which results from not digesting food.
  • Cayenne Pepper also acts as a blood thinner and purifier, which can help with digestion.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Cayenne Pepper, like the Fresh Lemon Juice, helps to break up the mucous in our bodies. Mucous is where all our illness causing substances get trapped. This is why we get stuffed up, congested, sneeze and cough. Breaking up and eliminating this mucous is one of the major benefits of The Master Cleanse.

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits – video

The Cayenne Pepper Diet

Like Fresh Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper is vitamin rich and alkalizing to the body. Sometimes people even refer to The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet as the Cayenne Pepper Diet.

Whether you call Cayenne Pepper a herb or a food, you might now realize how essential it is to The Master Cleanse. It might even have lent the name to the “Master Cleanser” as Stanley Burroughs called it. He also called this cleanse The Lemonade Diet. Clearly two key ingredients in The Lemonade Diet are Fresh Lemon Juice and Cayenne Pepper (although the Rich Maple Syrup and Pure Water are equally important).

Have you ever done the Master Cleanse without using Cayenne Pepper? Maybe you used a substitute? Or have you used an alternative measure to take it if it was too hot for you (like gel-caps)?

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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for substitutes for cayenne pepper? I am severely allergic to cayenne. It triggers my asthma and I require epi pens. I was looking around and saw that ginger or various chili powders could be used.. I was thinking of combining them. (the ones I know I can use..) Thoughts?

    • I have been using chili powder and I find the flavor to be preferable to the cayenne. It doesn’t burn the way cayenne does and I actually enjoy the flavor, whereas I merely tolerated the cayenne. Don’t know how the health benefits are different/comparable to the cayenne…

    • Likely the severe reaction is due to the toxins being flushed out of the body. Often detoxes can make you feel worse before you feel better. This is likely a sign that it is doing its job. The body finally has been given permission to cleanse rather than operate in protection mode. You probably have a big toxin build up.

      You might consider starting slower and ramping up ever so slowly.

      Also to some research on how to maintain an alkaline state in your body. This is also a large factor in your bodies ability to deal with toxins effectively.

    • Plenty of options. I take Cayenne pills, I also have asthma, but it helps me. There are many types of peppers you can choose to try out.

  2. This is my 2nd round of the cleanse. I did the first (for 4 days) a couple of weeks ago in preparation for Spring Break. Felt sooo good at the end I knew I could go for longer. I put the cayenne into my lemonade the first day last time and realized I could not drink the spicyness all day. So the remaining days (and now, on my 3rd day of this round) I made a little extra lemon juice and maple syrup mixture in a small Tupperware container and added the cayenne to that. So now instead of having it in my lemonade, I do three shots throughout the day. So far it’s worked great for me…lost 8 pounds the first round and now, on Day 3 of my second round, I’ve already lost 5. I just read about the SWF today so I started that (VERY effective!) and I think that will boost my weight loss a little….we’ll see! Have 45 pounds to lose (not that i’m doing it all through cleanse) and this is a great jumpstart!!

  3. I have been on The Master Cleanse for 11 days. I am using it for a diet and the other benefits were just a plus but my primary motive is weight loss. I have plateaued at a 10 pound weight loss and the scale has not budged for 2 days. This is so frustrating as I have incorporated exercise (Zumba & weight lifting) also to help with the loss. I am 60, done with menopause and cannot believe this weight will not come off, even with the drastic measure of The Master Cleanse. Please help.

  4. Third day of the lemonade diet. I didn’t ease I just like to jump in cold turkey. This is my third round. I have never made it to 10 days. I usually start to modify it by the 5 day but I’m gonna try to finish this time. I am noticing my energy level is high. I usually drink about 4 cups of coffee a day. I’m noticing that I don’t really need the coffee. I have incorporated one cup of black coffee though.

  5. [Lemonade Day 2]
    I’ve done the master cleanse several times, and these are the only reasons I’ve been successful:
    -I PLAN like a crazy person. Write everything out and try to strategize for upcoming events that might kill it. Your friends WILL try to break you and beg for a night out or a dinner. HOLD your ground.

    -Herbal tea, herbal laxative, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt water flush if you do that, the salt is just outstanding & they have it at Bed Bath n Beyond

    -I use Coconut nectar instead. The flavor just flows better with the lemon, it is SO MUCH TASTIER than syrup

    -I make variations: sometimes I substitute 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar (50% lemon, 50% apple cider vinegar), sometimes I add curry powder and cumin with the cayenne, sometimes I sub lime or grapefruit for 1tbsp of lemon… The lemonade doesn’t have to be quite so cookie-cutter, just do your research and make sure what BURROUGHS (not random people on a thread) says is ok and WHY.

    -I drink black organic coffee or Yerba mate for energy if I feel like it the first day or so, it’s OKAY to do.. Any warm beverage like tea (also ok) also seems to help when u get a hunger the lemonade doesn’t fix.

  6. This day 1 of my master cleanse. I started this morning with the salt water flush. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now I’m on to the lemonade diet. It’s spicy but no different then the spicy foods I use to eat. I feel real good about this diet and the results. Will keep u posted.

  7. I was wondering if pure Cayenne pepper pills were okay to take instead of putting it in your lemonade? The ones I have are 470mg of cayanne fruit powder (capsicum futescen).

    • i think it is ok to use the gel caps. i am losing 1 lb per day using the gel caps i bought from gnc. i am also still eating 1 meal a day. my plan is to do this for 10 days then go full force lemonade diet for 10 more days. i guess this is my way of easing in and it works for me

  8. Alright so… I had a fallout with the master cleanse… Used too much cheyanne pepper the first time and felt like i was going to die, i did however change my strategy and it is working amazingly i simply put cheyanne pepper in a small container and carry it along with my lemonaide mixture. Before i drink i just dip my finger in the small capsule and suck it all off… Then as a chaser i drink my lemonade actually tastes 100xs better and now i can enjoy the master cleanse…. If i can only figure out a trick for the sea salt water i will be golden!

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