Master Cleanse can be a very emotional process and it also may trigger very emotional reactions when you tell the people in your life about this choice you are making. This Cleanse is a bit extreme and goes against many common beliefs people have about food and eating etc…and you may need to prepare for these responses or really limit your contact with people around you.

So it is a really good idea to prepare your self both mentally and emotionally for this Master Cleanse journey.

Knowledge is Power – You Can Convince Your Mind of New Ideas

The sure way how to do that is to educate your self about: [easyazon_image asin=”1569756139″ alt=”The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet” src=”” align=”right” width=”102″ height=”160″]

  • Your body and how it functions.
  • How that fits in with the Master Cleanse process.
  • The cleanse it self and all the ingredients.
  • What happens in your body when you are on the Master Cleanse so you can predict your reactions and stop fearing the unknown.This refers to the healing process in your body.

This can remove a lot of obstacles in your mind and will allow you to be prepared for giving people valuable answers and arguments if they will doubt your choice to do this cleanse.

Cleansing Our Bodies Can Trigger Many Other Events in Our Being

Emotional body, Cleansing

I have mentioned in my other videos that Master Cleanse is an opportunity to experience a holistic way of cleansing which includes all our aspects: emotional body, mental body as well as our energy system/chakra system. When we trigger changes in our physical bodies, we trigger the same changes in our other bodies (and the other way around). Emotional Body, Energy body We live in the era or conscious living and we are also starting to understand that our Energy body is actually the template for our physical body. This is also the reason I was so happy to assist and it’s community with some knowledge that I have accumulated in the last few years that I hope will allow the master cleansers to see the connection. This may also allow for the cleanse to be much less challenging or frustrating process.

Day 5 of 30 Days to Master Cleansing – Emotional Body

What is the Emotional Body?

The Emotional body, which is also known as the Astral body, is the seat of our emotions. It is the bridge between the mind and the physical body. Our emotional energy governs our fears and hopes, loves and pains. Holistic Cleansing, The Emotional Body The Emotional Body is more fluid and of a higher vibration than the Etheric body. It appears as colored clouds in continual motion, reflecting the quality and intensity of the emotions. This is the part of you that likes to “jump out” in times of trauma and shock, to produce a feeling of emotional numbness, which will allow you to slowly integrate the knowledge of the shock in your own way. The emotional or the astral body, is the carrier of feelings, emotions and character traits. This body is the projection of your longings, moods, feelings, appetites, and fears. The emotional “self” is the expression of your mental “self” thus the emotional body is the expression of the mental body. Consequently emotional blockages prevent the manifestation of clarity of thought and direction in the physical body.

Emotional body video :

Lets Allow for the Master Cleanse to be an Emotional Journey

“Tears are words the heart can’t express.”

As I mentioned, that Master Cleanse can be very emotional process that can cause us to to loose energy to this emotional stress, but if we start seeing emotions as feedback that our bodies are providing us with, a lot can change.

I Am Willing to Learn

Emotional body, Healing Our emotional system is a guidance system we need to pay attention to as it can reveal very important information about past traumas we may holding onto. Knowing that feeling negative emotions is followed by a reaction on physical level – releasing toxins into our bloodstream which is not desirable, can be the reason to start developing new awareness that can prevent our health declining.

I am in the process of positive change.

For more positive affirmations like the one above visit

Understanding Your Body Language

I recommend to take it easy on interactions with other people in your life and really focus on your self and pay attention to whats going on with your body. Pay attention to the signs you are getting – emotions, thoughts that come up or any discomfort you may feel. All of these is your body communicating very important messages to you and you can learn to understand this language over time. Its like learning any other language, it will take lots of careful listening and your focus while you stay determined to understand and speak a new language at the end of the process.

Louise Hay: You Can Heal You Body

The best resource if you would like to learn this language – your emotions, some discomfort or pain, that your body uses to communicate with you about what is going on with your state of being is Louise Hay and her books, hands down! Her books are easy to read, fun and full of stories to relate to while offering tons of practical advice. One of the best investments you’ll ever make, I am sure.

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I would like to suggest to journal during the cleanse, to really see whats going on with you mentally, emotionally and physically and allow for past drama and limiting belief system to exit your body and your life.

How are You Feeling About Your Own Body?

Your Body Mantras

What are they ? I talked about these sayings we just trough out there out of habit that can stand in our way of creating the perfect health. Leave us a comment below and share your mantras with us. It will be greatly appreciated.

Here are some mantras that people shared with us on Facebook page:

  • Fabulous is on the other side of this cleanse.
  • My mantra was “my desire to lose weight and clean out my body is stronger than my desire to eat”.
  • ?”I’m worth it!”.

Happy Cleansing everyone!

Erika Dolnackova