Starting the preparation for the cleanse. The lemonade diet takes a little prep work. Getting the The Lemonade Diet ingredients is one part, but getting ready in your mind is another. For me there is one more facet, the Listed events of my experience on the Lemonade Diet Chronicle. Of course we all have our lives happening as well and I am no different. My friend who introduced me to the Master Cleanse told me there is never a good time to start doing it – we will always find reasons. It’s Halloween next week.

So my life made me cut my Ease in short, but that’s ok. It is optional, and frankly just something I started to bookend the Lemonade Diet part with the need to Ease Out. I named these stages to also help me realize that I want to aspire to a Live Food, Juice Diet lifestyle anyway – at least for the most part. A better way to describe the diet I would like to maintain is no processed foods. All natural. Beer is natural no?