Day 11 – Last Day on the Lemonade Diet – Tomorrow Ease Out. I went to bed late after hockey – it was 1:30 by the time I closed my eyes. My cold seemed to be fading. The coughs were loosening up and I could breath and sleep no problem. I slept well and woke up to pee (as I always do each night due to all the water I drink on the cleanse). It was 6 AM. I was groggy and new I would sleep again, but not for long. I woke again at 7:30 feeling great. I feel light and thinner. My head is clear and my energy is high. I am really looking forward to eating. It doesn’t help that I was researching food recipes for websites to develop.

My Vitals show more weight loss down to 191.4, a drop of almost 15 pounds. My heart rate is looking good and my belly inches are dropping. Still a good three days till I have some comfort food like grandma’s perogies, or a cheeseburger so I expect more to come off. I really want to maintain a longer cycle of balance. Some once said to me balance is key, illustrating that going from one extreme to another is not healthy. I suggested that any balance is balance. What’s the difference between swings from a -1 or -2, to +1, or +2 – a shallow swing, or a deep swing of -101 or -102 to +101 or +102. The net difference is still the same. Balance. Not sure about that theory but sounds good against the BS meter.

Photos – Front, Back, Side Relaxed, Side Flexed and Gut Pinch

Height in Inches

72.5 – Of course this is never going to change, but it comes into play in calculating my Body Mass Index and calculating Body Fat Index as well.


191.4 – That is almost 15 pounds from the start of the cleanse.

Body Fat Index

20.4 – My body fat index is finally coming inline with my weight. Not sure how accurate this is.

Body Mass Index

25.7 – Slight improvement.

PH Balance

6.8 – same as yesterday.

Heart Rate

71 – Good.

Systolic Blood Pressure

123. Good

Diastolic Blood Pressure

71. God


Average – Need a better reading. My blood pressure machine takes a simple reading.

Waist in Inches

34.8 – Basically the same

Belly in Inches

36.2 – Same.

Chest in Inches

40.7 – Slight Improvement but the same as the day before.

Biceps in Inches

14.6 – Bigger than yesterday.

Leg/Quad in Inches

23 – Same as yesterday.

Gut Pinch in Inches

3.5 – Big improvement here.