Preparing for a new approach to a daily diet regimen always gets me thinking about Juicing.

A juice fast has been proposed by many as a compromise between a more difficult fast such as the master cleanse or a straight water fast.

Sometimes I wonder if a full time Juice fast, or Juice diet would be a way to go. Like a live food diet, you could get your needs met, and still have a vast range of flavors to choose from. Meanwhile you would get your nutrients mainlined into your blood stream without the need for heavy digestion.

Steve Pavilina has just completed what he called his “Juice Feast”. I like that term. It turns on your head the connotation of bad in a fast. Juicing is really quite enjoyable.

So here we are today and I am so excited about different flavours of juice.

I am going to start with Carrot, Tomato and Orange. In the evening I will try some Veggies.

Of course you can also make the soup as directed in the book.