Day 5 started great. I feel really good. It is true that the first few days are often the hardest. I woke up rested and early, and was eager to see my results from today, an aspect of all this that is becoming very enjoyable for me. During the previous five times on the cleanse, I didn’t weigh myself at all. The Lemonade Diet is about so much more than weight loss. Although, to be honest, the weight loss is an important factor, and is the main reason why many people do the cleanse – which is okay too.

Every morning, I am now interested to see my progress. A little feedback provides something to look forward to. In fact, because I am chronicling it, the whole process seems easier this time around: I have a set agenda every morning.

  1. Step on the scale to get weight and body fat
  2. Go to the bathroom to urinate
  3. Take my blood pressure and heart rate
  4. Measure my areas
  5. Take the Salt Water Flush
  6. Take pictures
  7. RUN TO THE BATHROOM – gross
  8. Make the juice
  9. Post to the website

A note on the Salt Water Flush. Today, I did a little test. I took 1 tablespoon, not 2 teaspoons. I have been telling people for years (in opposition to the book), to take 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons). It had always worked for me. Last year, I realized the book states 2 teaspoons. Yesterday, I took 2 teaspoons and had success. Today, I took the 1 tablespoon and had success. Go figure. So, to the people who are having trouble with the Salt Water Flush, consider these immutable requirements one more time.

  1. Take first thing in the morning on an EMPTY STOMACH
  2. Make sure the salt is completely dissolved
  3. Drink the whole quart/liter immediately
  4. Lie on your right side to promote movement through your bowels

Today’s vitals show I gained half a pound, but my PH dropped by 1 full point. My blood pressure was still high, but I began checking three times a day yesterday, and the results were better each time. My pinch test on the gut was down a half inch and I can really feel the slimmer nature of my body.

Photos – Front, Back, Side Relaxed, Side Flexed and Gut Pinch

Height in Inches

72.5 – Of course this is never going to change, but it comes into play in calculating my Body Mass Index and calculating Body Fat Index as well


198 – I gained half a pound. I guess you can’t expect to lose in a straight line. Some people don’t start losing weight until days later

Body Fat Index

17.5 – Not surprising that my body fat is the same

Body Mass Index

26.5 – Makes sense that this is the same

PH Balance

6.4 – Nice improvement here. This is one of the best health factors while doing the Master Cleanse. The lemon creates an alkaline state. Cancer can’t live in an alkaline state. Being on the side of alkalinity rather than acidity is desirable

Heart Rate

64 – My heart rate was lower this morning

Systolic Blood Pressure

148 – Basically the same as yesterday

Diastolic Blood Pressure

84 – A little better


Average – Need a better reading. My blood pressure machine takes a simple reading

Waist in Inches

35.8 – Same

Belly in Inches

37.8 – Same

Chest in Inches

42.9 – An increase

Biceps in Inches

14.6 – Basically the same

Leg/Quad in Inches

23.4 – Basically the same

Gut Pinch in Inches

4.1 – A drop of almost a half an inch and feeling smaller, for sure