Day 8 and feeling great. I do have some cold symptoms remaining but I feel good. Just a runny nose really. I played hockey again last night. That is my 4th time exercising while doing the master cleanse and lemonade diet. I can see the end on the horizon and I am looking forward to eating. It sure is funny, the process of this cleanse. You go through so many emotional states. It’s like being in love and depressed because you were dumped happening every day. I sometimes feel a loss for the food, like I will never eat again. Thankfully I realize quickly of course that this is not true and so that feeling passes.

It is also interesting how I CRAVE, and want to eat. Those “thoughts” don’t really go away. But the sting of them do. The hook, that I have to act on that thought. Maybe that is my favorite part of the lemonade diet. I learn each time that I am not my thoughts. I am not a biological machine on autopilot controlled by the sub-conscious ramblings of my mind. These are the same thoughts that make us eat when we are depressed, or bored. Those two unhealthy relationships with food lead us to the weight gain that we are trying to purge ourselves from.

One other relationship I have with food is that I LOVE it. I just love eating. The tastes and smells of the world cusine. While this alone isn’t an unhealthy relationship, perhaps my choice to eat until I can’t anymore so I can continue to taste as much as I can, is. In fact I am certain it is. My final cause for caloric in-balance is drinking. I like to booze. I drink beer and lots of them. That’s a lot of calories. Then, going home I want fast food, and lots of it. Then, hungover in the morning, I want fast food again. The trifecta of weight gain.

But I digress, on to today’s vitals.

I lost another pound. ad my heart rate has stabilized. I haven’t looked at my photos from 1 day to the next. I will when I am done to see if I can see a difference in them. I do feel a difference.

Photos – Front, Back, Side Relaxed, Side Flexed and Gut Pinch

Height in Inches

72.5 – Of course this is never going to change, but it comes into play in calculating my Body Mass Index and calculating Body Fat Index as well.


195 – Down 1 pound from yesterday.

Body Fat Index

23.6 – Up slightly from yesterday. I am not sure how closely related weight is to the BFI on this scale but it doesn’t seem directly tied – which is good I think. It must be taking an independat reading.

Body Mass Index

26 – Only small improvement.

PH Balance

6.6 – Nicely settled on the alkaline side of the Balance (Check that, It seems that 7.1 – 7.4 is a healthy state). I need to check this again after I flush and brush my teeth and tongue. The scale goes from 0 – 14, and 7 is balanced.

Heart Rate

72 – Slightly higher than yesterday.

Systolic Blood Pressure

134 – Slightly higher than yesterday.

Diastolic Blood Pressure

72 – Same.


Average – Need a better reading. My blood pressure machine takes a simple reading.

Waist in Inches

35.4 – the same.

Belly in Inches

37.4 – Essentially the same.

Chest in Inches

42.1 – Essentially the same.

Biceps in Inches

14.6 – Well I have worked out.

Leg/Quad in Inches

22.8 – Down a half inch.

Gut Pinch in Inches

3.7 – Improving a litle every day.