Day 9 – It was a rough night last night. My cold symptoms are back big time. I have never sneezed so much in my life. I was so congested in my nose. It was runny in a way that I have never experienced before. I was up most of the night. I had to miss a meeting in the morning, but by the time I woke up I was feeling better. The congestion passed a bit after a long hot shower. Stanley Burroughs says you lose mucus a lot and maybe that is what is happening. This is the first time I have felt like this on the lemonade diet.

I skipped the flush today. Will of course do it tomorrow. I have been reading a lot of comments that people are doing it at night. You probably don’t have an empty stomach due to the juice, so that isn’t the best idea. I really believe the morning is the time to do it.

Today’s Vitals show that I am still loosing weight. My blood pressure seems to have stabilized.

Photos – Front, Back, Side Relaxed, Side Flexed and Gut Pinch

Height in Inches

72.5 – Of course this is never going to change, but it comes into play in calculating my Body Mass Index and calculating Body Fat Index as well.


194 – Down 1 pound from yesterday. I expect the weight to start coming off big time over the next few days. Even after the cleanse I am sure it will continue – if I don’t go binging

Body Fat Index

25.3 – Up slightly from yesterday. Again doesn’t really make sense.

Body Mass Index

25.9 – Same as yesterday.

PH Balance

6.8 – Did not notice any difference. Need the digital version

Heart Rate

72 – Same as yesterday.

Systolic Blood Pressure

125 – Considerably lower than when I started.

Diastolic Blood Pressure

82 – Up 10 points from yesterday.


Average – Need a better reading. My blood pressure machine takes a simple reading.

Waist in Inches

35.2 – Essentially the same.

Belly in Inches

36.8 – Essentially the same.

Chest in Inches

40.7 – Down an inch.

Biceps in Inches

14.2 – Same as yesterday.

Leg/Quad in Inches

22.8 – Same as yesterday.

Gut Pinch in Inches

4.1 – This pinch test is getting really loose. I can feel the fat breaking up where it was solid last week.