The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to the BIGGEST reasons people fail, and quit the Master Cleanse - Day-By-Day

  • Day 1 - The Bandwagon: Its really easy to jump on this bandwagon - Beware the hype and false expectations
  • Day 2 - Healing Crisis - Breakdowns: There is a saying: “Sick in, Sick out”. Be prepared to have cold and flu like symptoms as you detox.
  • Day 3 - Healing Events - Breakthroughs: Lingering feelings from the Crisis of Day 3 fades quickly into a manageable event
  • Day 4 - Breakthroughs: The struggles of the first 3 days always breaks into a movement of serenity when you begin to realize that “I can do this, I feel great.
  • Day 5 - Humpday: Halfway there, and over the hump to a new you, physically and mentally
  • Day 6 - Pitfalls: Starting to feel better, but still a long way down the home stretch
  • Day 7 - The Wall: 7 Days is good enough”, or “I can’t go any further” are common cries when one hits The Wall at Day 7
  • Day 8 - The Corner: Starting to feel better, but still 2 full days down the home stretch
  • Day 9 - Cleansers High: Often talked about clarity of the cleansers high begins to become apparent for many
  • Day 10 - The End?: Congrats you did it! Now the joy of new flavors OR maybe you should you extend your cleanse?
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