The Master Cleanse Roadmap is your quickstart guide to what The Master Cleanse is, and exactly how to do it. This Roadmap is an Infographic which communicates both visually with graphics and with supporting text. If you like this Inforgraphic or Infographics in general, check out this great website: Cool Inforgraphics

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This Roadmap to The Master Cleanse is meant to outline the major steps to The Master Cleanse from a very high level of detail. There is much more to learn about each of these following topics. Fortunately there are many resources for us (most of which are free), so that we might better understand this remarkable process towards long-term health and lifestyle choices –while loosing weight and gaining clarity along the way. This Roadmap is not meant to explain these finer details. Please see the website for more information.

  1. What is The Master Cleanse
  2. Before The Master Cleanse
  3. Starting The Master Cleanse: Ease-In
  4. The Lemonade Diet
  5. Stopping The Master Cleanse: Ease-Out
  6. After The Master Cleanse
  7. The Master Cleanse Day-by- Day Report

Accompanying the Roadmap is The Master Cleanse Report. The Master Cleanse Report details the specific points of the Roadmap. This 70 page report of all original content outlines the basic process of The Master Cleanse, and how each day is different for each cleanser and for each different time cleansing. It’s always a little different.

Living Day-to-Day is the way to make it through The Master Cleanse. When I think about the 8 days ahead of me I can get discouraged. The mountain to climb seems too high; the wall in front of me too high to climb. When I come back into the moment, I am able to let that worry pass into the activity of the day and then this 1 day isn’t so bad. I begin to realize how good I feel rather than how much I want a cookie, or a beer, or anything but a glass of spicy lemonade.!

The 10 Day Lemonade Diet – Day By Day

  1. Day 1 – The Bandwagon: “Its really easy to jump on this bandwagon – Beware thy hype and false expectations”
  2. Day 2 – Healing Crisis – Breakdowns: There is a saying: “Sick in, Sick out”. Be prepared to have cold and flu like symptoms as you detox.
  3. Day 3 – Healing Events – Breakthroughs: “Lingering feelings from the Crisis of Day 3 fades quickly into a manageable event”
  4. Day 4 – Breakthroughs: The struggles of the first 3 days always breaks into a movement of serenity when you begin to realize that “I can do this, I feel great”.
  5. Day 5 – Humpday: “Halfway there, and over the hump to a new you, physically and mentally”
  6. Day 6 – Pitfalls: “Starting to feel better, but still a long way down the home stretch”
  7. Day 7 – The Wall: “7 Days is good enough”, or “I can’t go any further” are common cries when one hits The Wall at Day 7
  8. Day 8 – The Corner: “Starting to feel better, but still 2 full days down the home stretch”
  9. Day 9 – Cleansers High: “Often talked about clarity of the cleansers high begins to become apparent for many”
  10. Day 10 – The End?: “Congrats you did it! Now the joy of new flavors OR maybe you should you extend your cleanse?”

Then there’s the Ease-In and Ease-Out (which is the reverse of the Ease-In

  1. Day 1 – Orange Juice:
  2. Day 2 – Liquid Diet:
  3. Day 3 – Super Fast:

What the full report detailing what these days are like?


Day By Day Journals of Master Cleansers

We learned these 10 Day-By-Day “Archetypes” by listening to our over 10,000 Group Cleansers, 100,000 comments of inspiration, and insight.


Here’s a sampling of 10 of our most popular Master Cleanser and their Experienced Journalling their Master Cleanse Day-By-Day:


I feel fantastic today, gloomy weather aside (those forcasting bastards said it would be sunny today!)

Got up and weighed myself this morning before my SWF, only to find I’d lost about 4.5 pounds. And that’s despite the gallon of water I drank yesterday (1 and 1/4 gallon, actually, but the SWF doesn’t count since it goes straight through you).  Or maybe it’s BECAUSE of it?

Was very active today. Went for 3 long walks, 2 of which were to stock up on lemons and maple syrup. Still have not had any cravings or hunger, in spite of all the tempting things at the supermarkets I visited.

I’m happy because I found organic lemons and maple syrup (still no grade B, only grade C) at the supermarket and thus will be saving a bit of money by not having to pay the expensive organic food store prices.

Because I’m being more active this time around, I’m upping my maple syrup to about a tablespoon per glass.

How is everyone’s Day 2 coming along?  Please do share! :)
Good vibes to you all,



The Lemonade is getting faster to make. I’m going to head to a meeting in a bit and I’ll take some with me. I may make it with some crushed ice this time, so I can chew on something. I wish there was such a thing as lemonade soup. I really want soup. ? My routine is beginning to present itself. Normally I would make coffee in the morning feed the cats, clean the litter. Now I make the saltwater flush, feed the cats, clean the apartment, clean the litter, clean the apartment some more, and wish I could be clever enough to create lemonade soup, and them clean the apartment some more. I’m hoping to have a really clean apartment by the end of the Master Cleanse. :)



Yay, the photos look so much better today.

You can definitely see that my stomach is flatter, but also that my legs look slightly slimmer too.
I really, really hope this detox is stripping off the fat and not just water from my body. I would love for this to be the start of a healthier weight, that I can continue to build on after the Cleanse and that won’t pile back on, as soon as I eat a piece of fruit.

You hear so many things about detoxing and when doing my research before deciding to start The Master Cleanse, the internet almost makes you have to accept that you are going to put the weight back on.
Although, this for me, is not for weight loss, it would be lovely to think that it is possible to keep the weight off if we continue to be wise about our food choice afterwards.

If anyone knows of anyone who has been able to keep the Weight off after The Master Cleanse, please let me know – Hoping to get some inspiration.

Thank you :)




A much better day today. 2nd day with no cigarettes and I didn’t miss them at all! Worked most of the day (until 8.40pm) so didn’t really have much time to think about food or hunger so that made the day a lot easier.  I seem to have my energy back again today –yesterday was really bad but I do have ME so I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. Last time I did the Master Cleanse my energy levels came right up which gave me the idea that a lot of my symptoms were food related and I was sent to a Dietician by my doctor. Neither of them seemed horrified by the Master Cleanse  which was a surprise to me –  I was really expecting them to be up in arms about it.



I always feel good when I get over the hump and reach the half way point. It feels like such a major accomplishment. There’s no turning back now. I am feeling so good that I’m really thinking I will see how long I can  go this time. I will listen to my body but have a feeling I am going to be able to sustain this for longer than 10 days. We’ll see, but I’m feeling so positive and hopeful about it. I just love the way I feel when I am doing the cleanse and can just tell that it benefits my health enormously which in turn effects me psychologically.



Looking forward to the end, but these last days still will serve me well. Especially need to clear my thoughts, other than my body. Without having to deal with food, and not feeling full or hungry, there is more time to ‘digest’ my thoughts. Did an hour of Qigong today, which helped me a lot. The cleanse seems to be quiet a piece of cake (sorry!) and I can very well think that I will do this a few times a year to reset my system (body, mind and soul). So glad I found this!



I am feeling okay about myself, pretty good about myself, actually, considering the physical feelings.  (Not great.)  Things around me continue on as usual, and I even brought home delectable looking chicken parmesan for my daughter and mother tonight.  Watching them eat it, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted it, or not.  It looked good, and then I thought about it.  So rarely do we think about where our food goes and how it affects us in the near future.  Each bite of everything we take determines a lot of things.  It can affect our weight, our blood pressure, how we feel physically and mentally, our alertness level, it affects our s kin, our hair, our bones, eyesight, mood, energy levels, even our blood and muscles.  Yet, we so rarely consider it.  We just eat, mindlessly, without a though to “right action” of any kind, most of the time.  I say “we” here, but I really mean “I.”  I know that there are those of you out there who really do consider each morsel that you put into your bodies, but probably you are the few and the far between.  I still feel lonely, I still feel kind of sad.  I did get out in to town yesterday (the first time since I began the cleanse) and it was nice to be around other people, even if they were strangers.  (I live in a very remote rural area, which is normally heavenly bliss, but after a few winter months of being clammed up in the hizzle, it can get rather stale.)  I miss food psychologically.  That’s about it.



It is the end of day 8 and I feel good. I know I will finish the 10 days and the ease out.  There is no question in my mind about that.  There is however, lots of question about what to do at that point.  Part of me wants to continue, the part of me that wants to go down another dress size.  Part of me wants to challenge myself to go longer.  Another part of me, just wants to live normally, be able to eat, get together with friends, have dinner with my family, etc.  It has been on my mind quite a bit and I just keep telling myself that I don’t have to decide yet.  It helps me to say just 2 more days and if I add days to it before then, then it isn’t really just 2 more days.  For that reason, I am allowing myself to finish my first goal, without taking it away.  Once I reach that goal, then I will have the chance to make a decision on what to do.



Right now I would have to say that this blog board has become my greatest support. Just having the obligation to come here and post everyday has helped motivate me to continue to stay on the cleanse. After I made the adjustments I really felt defeated and like I should give up, but then I come here and read the encouraging comments from people like Paula and others and I know that I have to keep going. If nothing else what I am going through can and will help someone else so thanks MC team for making this outlet of support available!



This cleanse is going so much better than the first one I did last fall. I feel so in touch with my body and spirit this time around and feel so fortunate to have made it ten days without a single bump in the road.  If all continues to go well I will resume eating solid food sometime around March, starting with raw fruits and vegetables. February will be mostly juices to reintroduce my body to the routine of processing pulp and to gently restart my digestive system, which is currently being given a rest.

I’ve been reading up on water fasting and intend to try it at least once over the next 3 remaining weeks of my cleanse.  I’ve never heard of anyone dying from a fast (juice, water or otherwise), though I could name plenty whose unhealthy American junkfood diets have killed them.

I went into this cleanse quite healthy and at a normal weight, but with the intention of releasing the numerous toxins I had accumulated over 18 years of living in that most toxic of countries.

Whatever weight I do lose during this cleanse I will, for the most part, replace with healthy weight once I finish, so there is no need to fret.

Aside from the physical and emotional wellness I’ve attained from this journey so far, the most rewarding thing of all is knowing that I’m allowing my body to heal and rid itself of toxins which would have become illnesses later on in my life. Cancer and diabetes are not for me, nor is the multiple medication culture I grew up with.

Be well, everyone!

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