Talk about feeling like a kid at Christmas! There is no better way to describe my emotions when my eyes opened up today. The cleanse is over, I made it through. Now I’m into my re-integration phase, or as they call it in the health care industry, re-feeding.

Day fourteen

I wake up and shoot out of bed and straight to the kitchen. I’m like a bat outta Hell with one mission only… get new flavour on my palette! Fire that juicer up baby, because I’m making a FULL GLASS! One orange, two orange, three orange, four orange, five orange, six orange, holy crap! How many freaking oranges does it take to make one small glass of OJ?! I don’t care. I take a deep breath, calm my self, and then for the first time in weeks, I put something to my lips that I actually LIKE the flavour of… Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice!

It’s sooo good. Sooo good!  The flavour is just yummy, and different, and new.  It’s like a I got a ‘Happy Meal with orange juice, hold the Happy Meal’ and I’m lovin’ it! I sit down and start working a while sipping on my OJ, savouring every tantalizing taste of it. Once I’m done the first one I head off to the shower. This is the earliest I’ve showered in a long time. Usually I have to sit around and wait for the salt water flush to tell me it’s ok to go shower, that it’s done for the day. Not today!

Through out the day I continue to make myself OJ. Unlike the lemonade, I don’t chug the OJ. I enjoy it. And for this reason I take in a lot less liquids. With the lemonade I would chug a full glass then fill it halfway with water, drink that right away, then fill it again and sip on it for a while. With the OJ I make a much smaller glass of OJ and sip on it for quite a while, then maybe have a glass of water before my next glass. I certainly notice the major decrease in water intake.

At the end of the day I head over to a friend’s place for ‘Potluck Yoga’. This is my first time attending, and I really need it. My shoulders/back are in a bad way from hunching over my laptop for several hours everyday. The way potluck yoga works is we meet a one person’s house and do yoga as a group. The instructor changes from time to time so that each person get’s to spend a little bit of time on the specific poses they would like to focus on. And those of us that are beginners don’t have to instruct if we don’t choose to. It’s great!

During the entire session my mind doesn’t stop reeling about other foods though. I am thinking of crackers and cheese, and french fries, and apple pie, and pasta carbonara, and sushi, and movie theatre popcorn. We were having such a good time we go for an hour and twenty minutes, and I just kept thinking about food the entire time! At the end of the yoga the rest of the group decides to hang out a little longer so they can make a snack together. I opt-out and Amzi and I head home. I think to my self, “One day… one day.”

How do I feel?

I can honestly tell you that physically I don’t feel much different. After my first glass of OJ today I did pass a little gas. It’s the first time in 13 days that that’s happened (I think. Although I don’t officially keep track of those things). It only happened after the first glass, so I don’t know what that means.

Psychologically, my craving for food has never been stronger. It’s some kind of light at the end of the tunnel type thing. You know when you really have to pee and you’re on your way home trying to hold it in? You get to your front door and fumble with the keys, desperately trying to get it open. And then in the house, you just drop your bags, toss your keys, leave your shoes on and go straight to the bathroom. I call that the pee-dar. As soon as your body get’s close to the familiar surroundings (ie your house) the need to pee goes through the roof. What was a slight urge becomes an emergency. You no longer just move quickly, now you rush!

Well I think the same phenomenon is happening to me right now. My body know’s I’m near the proverbial toilet and the urges to release the proverbial urinary pressure is causing me to want to eat more!

My outlook going forward?

I am still heavily committed to completing the ease-out properly. I just really look forward to spending time with friends at restaurants and dinner parties again. Or even meeting up for a coffee. On that note, I look forward to coffee too. As this cleanse comes to a close I am going to move straight into another challenge of the body. I am going to start a very serious work out regime to try to get some of my muscles back.

Question of the day

Anybody have and great soup recipes?