So we have begun this journey together, in this new season. Let’s take the opportunity to share our experiences in a way that encourages not only ourselves through the support of others, but just as importantly, to encourage others with our support for them. Look to give just a little more than you take from this experience. Let’s take the opportunity, in what seems like a self-centered experience, and transcend it into a social benefit.

The process of the Ease-In is one that I have come to rely on. It is simply a mirror of the process of breaking the cleanse, or what I call the Ease-Out. By approaching the Lemonade Diet slowly (the main event of The Master Cleanse – the fasting days when you consume only the lemonade), you not only prepare psychologically and physically for the upcoming challenge, but you also begin to train yourself for a potentially lifelong change in your dietary habits – whole grains, no processed foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Head over to the topic pages to post your experience today by midnight (12:00/24:00 EST). If you are not participating, or are doing the cleanse but have not registered, you can still post your comments and questions.

If you are registered, remember to post at least 100 words on each topic. Please begin each post with a Title including the day. For example:

<!– Day 1 –>

<!– Day 1 – Starting to Ease-In –>

<!– Day 1 – Here we go and I am so excited –>

Good luck, everyone! Have fun and post often. Every post helps others learn and gives you another chance at the prize money.