The Ease-In process is designed to ease the transition from a varied diet to a restricted diet. The Master Cleanse is not exactly a fast; it is more accurately described as a restriction diet. A fast is defined as a period of time of abstinence from nutrition, whereas The Master Cleanse is a diet that allows for a precise type of nutrition from specific ingredients: pure, unrefined rich maple syrup, organic and powerful cayenne pepper, and the fresh juice from organic lemons.

The Ease-In – An Optional Warmup

The Ease-In process is a term I created to describe the opposite of the previously described Ease-Out, or the process of breaking the fast, as Stanley Burroughs and others call it. I chose those terms because they are simple and descriptive. The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet are a challenge; a powerful change in both thinking and action, and the entire process requires both a warm-up and a cool-down. If you were planning to start a two-week training course for competition that required a physically demanding effort, you would of course prepare yourself. Perhaps an even better analogy would be the warm-up and cool-down before and after exercise. It’s not essential, but it is easier on the body to complete the exercise, and produces less consequences (avoiding injury) if you do it.

Day 1 – Removing Processed Foods and Flesh Foods

Removing processed foods is the easiest way in which we can begin to deviate from our standard modern diets. We all eat these types of food every day: refined sugars, salt, and flours; modified oils in wrapped treats and snacks; fast food with white buns and processed cheese. Even restaurant food, which we might assume is healthier, often uses processed oils and flours to create their pastas, breads and sauces.

Eliminating meat from our diet

The next big step is to remove the food we eat from the flesh of animals. Of course there is a lot of debate about the topic of the proper human diet, and so I would save that discussion for another time (I would conclude we are 80 herbivore and 20 per cent carnivore). But there is no debate that we are less able to digest flesh foods. This makes the protein and other nutrients from flesh food more difficult to access. Furthermore, the negative effects of flesh foods are what we want to reduce, if not eliminate.

Eliminating the dairy products from our diet

Dairy products are our first processed food. Our mothers were the first manufacturers of food that we require to grow towards a self-sustaining and self-providing being. Despite the fact that we were designed to process our mother’s milk for a brief period of time, the same cannot be said for the milk of other beings, particularly in the refined, pasteurized and processed forms of butter and cheese – or worse yet, Kraft cheese slices or Cheeze-Whiz.

Soups, Salads, Whole Grains, No Dairy and No Meat

Today offers a short visit into the vegan world. We certainly won’t be applying all the rigid rules of the orthodox vegan diet, but we are getting close. Tomorrow, we will approach what is called the Raw Food Diet, in which no food is ever cooked. Today, however, we can enjoy some of the most simple and enjoyable foods to prepare and cook: soups and salads.