Oh, wow, it’s nice to drink and taste the freshly-squeezed orange juice. We have been looking forward to eating something for such a long time that it feels like cheating when you don’t drink the lemonade.

Drink the juice slowly so you don’t upset your stomach. If you just pound back a quart of orange juice, you will likely get a reaction from your stomach. Sip it. Enjoy it. Savor it. You will actually notice over the next few days that, when you eat, you instinctively slow down. This is good, promoting as it does a long-term, healthy relationship with food. Be present with what you eat. Select good, nutritious and wonderful-tasting morsels, and eat slowly.

It feels good to put away the lemons and the maple syrup – although I have wondered about the Orange Juice Day and the total calories when only drinking the orange juice without the maple syrup. So I figured it out. During the cleanse, I consumed around 1 cup of maple syrup each day and 1 cup of lemon juice. That is about 900 calories. 1 8oz glass of orange juice provides 112 calories. I want to have around the same calories as the other days. The original book never actually specifies the amount of orange juice: it says, “Drink several 8oz glasses”. I decided to make 8 – 8oz glasses, providing me with 896 calories for the day.

I bought 16 large navel oranges yesterday. I tasted a little juice from one today, and it is pretty sour, so I might yet replace them. In the past, I have had oranges that yielded amazing juice, and I want the same again. I still don’t know for sure what kind of oranges produce the best juice.

I am also going to compare the hand juicer with the power juicer in order to see which produces the most juice, and by how much.

Before I start the Ease-Out with the Orange Juice, this morning, I will be doing my last Salt Water Flush. I will let the pulp and fiber in the orange juice build into a natural movement that is likely to follow the next day.