FAST 15 Challenge

STEP 3 (3)     >>>   Join The Facebook Group

What happens next?

The group administrator will approve your request to join.Users are approved based on the name you used when you signed up for the Cleanse Quarterly Club. If for some reason you used a different name when you subscribed than what is listed on Facebook, please send over an email to to let us know and we will get you access.

Challenges are exclusive to Cleanse Club subscribers, so access is limited to those who pay to play.AND, in case you missed it, the private group will also contain exclusive content.

Things like the opportunity to connect with hundreds of other like-minded cleansing, detox, fasting and wellness enthusiasts including private interviews with famous wellness experts. (You can even ask them questions!) Sorry, to be fair, this does mean you can’t add friends who aren’t subscribed. But we encourage you to tell them about it!Why should I join the group before I start the challenge?It’s important you don’t try to join and submit photos all at once…at the last hour of the challenge. Why? Because we need a 24-hour window to confirm your membership to the group. Plus, we want to meet you in the meantime; we’re friends now.Can I talk to other challenge participants within this group?Totally! In this group you’ll be e-introduced to a community of like-minded wellness enthusiasts. We love when you post and share your adventures.