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“The 3 Secret Ingredients of the Original Juice FAST used for Rapid Weight Loss to Eliminate Toxins and
reset Natural Body Healing systems”

Discover how to develop a “Cleansing” mindset that will free you from both Toxic foods you’ve ingested over years, but also the Toxic thoughts you have about Food and Eating.

In This Webclass I’m Going To Show You…

  • The #1 critical thing you must do FIRST in order to successfully FAST for rapid weight loss — and it’s the one thing that everyone is the most afraid of.
  • How to leverage (common) 3 Super Foods That have been used for thousands of years for Cleansing, Detox and Wellness.
  • The “behind the curtains” look at exactly how thousands of our students went from overweight and unhealthy to shedding up to 2lbs per day (and how anyone can replicate this unique method)
  • The easiest and fastest way to Lose Weight and Feel Great, and do it so quick and easy with no counting calories, complicated methods, or recipes.
  • The 5 step formula to Lose Weight FAST.

Jovanka Ciares

Health Coach

Your Webclass Host

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