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It’s Way Easier with the Support of a Group

For many of us, The Master Cleanse Experience is all about starting fresh, making changes and sharing with each other for support and encouragement. And since we all eat so much over the holidays, I have noticed that many people are likely to start the Master Cleanse after New Years, Easter, Summer Holidays and after Fall Holiday. It seemed logical to create The Quarterly Master Cleanse Group Cleanse.

The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore, we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

We also provide 5 topics to post comments about to further structure the advice and questions from our participants. Our entries on the these specific topics will act as a Daily Journal, open for the support of, and from the entire community. Each quarterly cleanse, we’ll reward all those who leave comments in general, but specifically, if you complete the entire Master Cleanse, and Journal Daily on these Daily Journal Pages, you’ll be eligible for some really great rewards.

Post Your Comments Each Day on These Diary Journal Pages

Dates for the Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Experience. If you must start the a day or two before or after our dates and you still want to participate, simply make your comments in your own journal using Microsoft Word or any other Text editor on your computer. Then simply post your feelings on the appropriate days and topics. Registration is always open for Open Classes, the day before The Ease-In date for each event. 

  1. My Group Experience Home & Registration
  2. Psychological Emotional
  3. The Process and The Lemonade
  4. Weight Loss and Physical
  5. Detox and Salt Water Flush
  6. Support – Social, Friends and Family
  7. General Questions and Comments

Each Group Experience will start on the first FULL Monday (never the day following, but the next week) Following each major holiday or seasonal change of Winter (Christmas and New Years), Spring (Easter), Summer (Independence Day), and Fall.

Duration of the Group Cleanse

Each Group Cleanse will last 16 days including both the Ease-In, Lemonade Diet, and Ease-Out. The total time on the Lemonade Diet will be 10 Days. We start on the first full Monday after a major holiday. In my opinion the timing is the easiest after these major holidays, and on these particular days. This allows for us to Start the Ease-In on a Friday. The Lemonade Diet will start on the following Monday and conclude 10 days later. The Ease-Out will begin on Thursday and end on Saturday, leaving Sunday for the first full day of eating wisely.

Group Cleanse Comment Posting

Once you register (and even if you don’t) you can start to post your experiences on each topics pages by posting your comments to each page. 


Most of all enjoy the experience and HAPPY CLEANSING…


  1. Sierra

    Hey from Texas everyone! I’ll be starting the ease in method tomorrow, and the master cleanse Monday. I tried the master cleanse last week and I had a horrible migraine for 2 days and had to throw in the towel. I have two babies, aged 3 and 6 months and I cannot function with a migraine and still be able to parent. Can anyone give me any tips on avoiding migraines from caffeine withdraws? I suffer from chronic migraines anyway and I drink one caffeinated beverage a day to avoid the migraines. I can handle headaches but I really struggled with head pain last week so any tips are welcomed! Thank you all in advance!

  2. Shawn Michael McKendry

    hello, everyone. I just found out about this website yesterday evening, so I registered and dug into all of the materials that Mike has so generously accumulated for us. I couldn’t be more grateful to be around a community of like-minded, motivated, brave individuals who are willing to take on this transformation.

    I understand that we were all different people, with different stories, coming from different places, with different factors that will either accelerate or limit our ability to produce results. However, we should all be proud that we all share one thing, taking the first step towards looking in the mirror and realizing that our highest potential is locked inside us, and there are tools that we can take advantage of to unlock the health and healing powers of on natural greatness.

    My name is Shawn Michael McKendry, and I was first exposed to the master cleanse when I did a personal development program with about 15 other people through a group called “mastery in transformational training” based in Marina Delr Rey, California, back in 2009. Among many other goals, this organization was founded with a similar format to landmark, which seeks to promote personal responsibility, empowerment, abundance of possibility and the power of enrollment in life.

    Back then, I thought I was “the man” for accomplishing 15 straight days without cheating. However, I was severely misinformed and my group was not either, doing a lot of the common mistakes in the process, such as preparing my lemonade I had of time, hours or even a day ahead. I did not realize how critical it is to preserve the enzymes until they’re ready to go into my body. Essentially, I was missing out on the “life” source of fresh, organic, lemons that are still alive, and the juice to put that life energy into my body. Nevertheless, my weight loss was 17 pounds and that 15 days, So, not only did I feel great and my body thanked me for the weight loss, but I had momentum and use that to fuel the believe in myself to accomplish any other goals.

    still, the worst part about doing the master cleanse incorrectly the first time was my lack of awareness with understanding what constitutes “real” or “living” foods. Life energy is the most important thing that I feel can provide. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and personal enjoyment are all extremely important parts of our relationship with food, but they are still not as important as the life energy. Meat products very, tremendously. They are the accumulation of the basic source of life, plants and their minerals and vitamins, which of been consumed by organisms small to large. Similar to a “Russian doll” we have a tremendous history when we eat meat. Like our intimate partners, where being with one person is like being with everyone that they have been with, at least with proximity to time, we are eating an animal’s flesh that has been constructed by the consumption of that animals diet, the source of that food the animal eight, and the history of any other animal within its own diet, the quality of The environment, the emotional energy and conditions of it’s life, and the toxins that have been poured into that flash that we eat. I am 100% new to the concept of vegan eating, and I still consider myself A full-blown carnivore who craves fast food and pretty much every commercial indulgence out there. However, my sincerity is real, and I intend to change this in my life, now at 36 years old. In fact, I’ve had two decades of battling weight loss, up-and-down, where I have lived my life between 30 and 100 pounds overweight since I was a teenager. Low-carb and carbohydrate restrictive diet have been the key for my way lost in the past, but I have continue to struggle and I consistently put weight back on in phases. I believe my dietary choices have significantly impacted my health, my weight, and my psychological abilities. low-carb has helped lose the weight and lower inflammation, but help it has not detox the material in my body that has slowed things like Miamian system and my body’s ability to rejuvenate and repair itself. I have been prone to soft tissue issues and injuries, and I do not want to continue having surgery after surgery to correct things like lower back, shoulder, knee, etc. issues.

    I’m ready to take myself to a whole new level in life, and I’m pursuing law school now, after spending the last three years rehabilitating from two lower back surgeries and 2 foot surgeries. I probably need to have a soldier surgery and possibly a knee surgery as well, in the coming year, but luckily, I have uncomplicated my life to the point where I can focus on healing and studying, and no longer pursuing hasty or wasteful endeavors that are either premature or outside the scope of what my life needs right now.

    So again, I am truly grateful for this form, this website, Mike and any partners he has, and all of you, sharing this experience with me. It means the world to me to have someone who can relate, who will take a sincere and responsible effort in approaching the process of this master cleanse, and who will use it as a catalyst in order to rise above the natural so again, I am truly grateful for this form, this website, Mike and any partners he has, and all of you, sharing this experience with me. It means the world to me to have someone who can relate, who will take a sincere and responsible effort in approaching the process of this master cleanse, and who will use it as a catalyst in order to rise above the natural and commercial Tim Tatian’s and all of the targeted marketing that six to infect us and steal our mind share to satisfy a never ending compulsion for using processed food to satisfy the emptiness that comes with our modern, overworked, sedentary, disconnected, isolated lifestyle.

    • Shawn McKendry

      Well, I’ve made it! Today is day 13 with incredible results! 16 pounds of weight loss, spectacular emotional and spiritual strength, and a heightened sense of awareness and personal responsibility. For the first time, every lemonade drink that I had was made just moments before I consumed it. I am thrilled to have the life and energy coming through brightly, in my face and in my spirit, unlike previous attempts, where I let the juice sit for hours and sometimes even overnight, which ultimately made me appear weak and worn down. I feel like I can go for another two weeks! However, I’m going to try to use the rest of this week to be completely vegan, and dine out at By Chloe here in LA. Soon, eventually I’ll have some seafood in my meals about 10 days from now. But I plan to keep eating clean food that’s rich with life-energy. I am thrilled to have a renewed and clear feeling throughout my body and mind, and I want to kee that until I lose another 27 lbs. My relationship with food shall continue to be a blessing and a sustainably beneficial experience of health and wellness. My sincerest gratitude to everyone here experiencing this with me, whether you read this today, tomorrow, or sometime in the future. Let me share please, that I love you, and I send you my unlimited and everlasting support and strength that will ripple through the universe for you to use as you wish, at any time, for your own endeavors and pursuit of personal transformation. Be well. With love, Shawn Michael McKendry.

  3. Andre Bachelet

    Hello everyone! Andre here from Sydney Australia. 3rd time cleanser, 1st time aligned with a group. Just started Day 2, and already experience some hot and cold flashes but all is great. Glad to be here group!

  4. Viki Winterton

    So excited to be here. Just found out about the start of this. I have been on this fast for years, but never with support. So happy to meet all of you!

  5. James

    Day Two
    Did SWC, it went good. Feel good planning a two mile walk at 3 miles per hour. This seems to help stop hunger I like the pepper to burn my mouth.This help to keep my mouth fresh.Have a super cleanse day..

  6. Les

    Is this the group? I’m starting tomorrow. Does anyone have any experience doing this?

    • James

      I have no experience, however I’ve been in training bodybuilding all my life, and I will say that my best friend just got done doing a cleanse. He did it for 21 days and the results were phenomenal and he was able to break his coffee addiction and sugar addictions.

  7. Stephanie

    Hi there this is Stephanie I’m excited for starting tomorrow !! Where is the group again?? I can’t seem to find them…I will really need the support feel free to reply to this message I’m looking for a partner in cleanse crime!

    • Stephy

      Hi Stephanie, I am pretty sure these links are where we journal. :) I am on Ease in Day 1. My first group cleanse and third time doing the master cleanse. I am also looking for some support and looking forward to having a place to voice concerns and celebrate successful days.

  8. Hamsa

    I had planned on doing a Spring Master Cleanse, and this popped up in my email so I thought – why not do this in a group! I would like to start sooner though I know the start date will be here before we know it! Also, it will give the weather a chance to warm up a bit more, we have snow predicted here by the end the week in Southern Oregon and that means it will still be cold! I know myself well enough to know I prefer to cleanse when it is warmer outside and I feel more like getting outside for some fresh air and movement. I have done this cleanse before, but very far apart… first time I did this cleanse was in the 90’s, then I re-discovered it 3 years ago and did it for the 10 days and just loved it! But haven’t done it since, so I am ready to start stocking up on maple syrup and cayenne pepper and freezing some fresh squeezed lemon juice ice cubes to be totally prepped for this!

    • Robin Dohrmann

      Hello Hamsa,

      Did you start your cleanse? I am starting today – and thought I’d join the ‘group’ – is ‘this’ the group? If not can you point me in the right direction?

      If you did start on the 3rd, how did it go for you?

  9. Lisa P. Smith

    My name is Lisa P. Smith and this is my first time trying the master cleanse. My goal is healthier lifestyle, lose weight, detox bad bacteria, rid my terrible sweet tooth. The funny thing is as a child I never had a taste for sweets but now with Lupus and kidney failure the only thing that taste good is sweets. I would like to begin a healthy eating lifestyle lose 30 lbs and begin a active lifestyle. I have heard of this cleanse and am going to give it my all while praying.

    • Jeannie

      Lisa , I don’t have a medical diagnosis, but I am doing this cleanse for identical reasons! Left to my own devices I would eat only chocolate and ice cream every day!!! I’m praying this will help.

  10. Lisa

    Hi my first time ever on a cleanse. Had no maple syrup or cayenne this morning so just had hot lemon. Went to the gym and bought what i needed OMG cayenne pepper think I need to adjust that I very nearly did not keep it !!!. So plodding on today all the best you MC


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