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This page is an instructional page for our Master Cleanse Group Cleanse. Please check that page for details on our Quarterly Cleanses and our Individual Cleanses.

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The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but it also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

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M.E. (My Experience) Journal Pages

Diaries and Journals have long been an extremely effective way to document your experience (obviously :), but also to provide the framework for success, the review for improvement and the motivation to continue. Today with websites, social media, blogs and forums, the diary journal has only become more effective. And so we to provide that framework for documenting your trials and tribulations in The Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Diary Journal.

These links will take you to the pages that you can journal in each day, by simply posting a comment on them. Everyone in the Group Cleanse will also diarize their experiences, and respond to yours. This forum has proved to be extremely effective in the success of thousands of Master Cleansers and Newbie Cleansers alike.

How to format Your Diary Journal

Each day, post a comment on each of the above diary journalpages. Start your main entry with a Milestone Indicator like:

Ease-In Day 1: I need some help. Has anyone every experienced…


Lemonade Diet – Day 3 –> Today was another great day, I…

As long as you preface your primary entry with that, we can track your entry and better organize it for the benefit of others. You can post as much as you like, on any page you like. In fact you’ll get points for nearly every interaction you take. But if you want to qualify for the grand prize, you’ll need to post each day, on each diary journal topic, and preface it with that Milestone title.

Diary Journal Examples: For Inspiration

Our book, Master Cleanse Me (to be published later this year), is in part a compilation of the experiences of the most popular, and helpful Group Cleansers’ Diary Journals from the last 10 quarterly Group Cleanses. When you buy Master Cleanse Me, you’ll also get the bonus Diary Journals from past Group Cleanse Leaders. Here is a little bonus for you, to aid you in your own journalling. Enjoy, and Happy Cleansing

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  1. MWebb

    Today is the morning of day 2 on the cleanse. After not eating a thing yesterday, I weighed in this morning and no weight loss. I have been doing the tea since Wednesday night (its Friday). Then again last night and the last two mornings. Is it normal not to have lost any weight? Not even water weight?
    I drank about two cups full of the lemon/syrup mixed with water. So probably 2 gallons of liquids yesterday between the lemonade mix and plain water.


  2. kizzy

    Hi everyone today is my fifth fourth was not to bad.I do the laxtive tea at nights and I have an early morning usually at 5 in the morning to go bathroom. Its not solid more of a slime and water really doing the ease in makes a big difference to me.then I go on my day,I work at a place that cooks food the food never smell so gd. But that’s a strength for me I can smell but not eat or have to far I have had slight head ache,runny nose back pains. I am holding on 5days to go really.I have lost some weight which feels really gd and am hoping I can maintain this n go even lower. There are times through out the day I don’t feel like for nothing but water is that normally anyone?

  3. Madeleine

    Day 1

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday was my first day of my first cleanse. It went by pretty quickly. During the day I had classes so that kept me from thinking about food. But after class all I wanted was dunkin donuts and dominos. I resisted. I did eat a peppermint though. I know you aren’t supposed to eat anything but I chew a lot of gum all of the time so I just needed something to fill that need.
    The salt water flush was disgusting. I honestly thought I was going to throw up. I wish it was two cups instead of four. At night I had the weirdest muscle ache in my shoulder.
    I wanted to work out last night but I was worried that I would feel too light headed.
    I finished the night with a laxative tea

    • kizzy

      I had the shoulder pains as well it will pass

  4. Angela

    Lemonade Diet-Day 8-> Hello my friends..I have been following the journaling since the 1st of January when i began the ease in process and boy am i glad i eased in…i am a newbie and found the community to be a big reason i was able to continue thus far…my will power and mind was quite weak in the begining…what has been said about the end results are so true…to re-train yourself and lay to rest the ego and then allow yourself to persever will bring more rewards than the weight loss…because then there will be the ability to maintain the better, healthier habits long term…the smelling of “food” was/is difficult to circumvent but i wanted to share a great tool that i came up with…a travel size container of mentholatum…whether at home or in public, whenever i am assailed by smells of food(good or bad) i whip out my jar and inhail deeply…there are only two more days of lemonade left for me and then the easeout…i feel incredibly optimistic about my health and mental well being…i hope that this helps those taking this moment by moment and day by day…solids will be there next week..both uptop and down below

  5. Jacqui

    I’m starting the cleanse on Monday with the 3 day ease in. This will be my second cleanse. The first one I did 9 years ago before my wedding. Now I just want to cleanse and detox from all the junk I’ve put in it over the past 9 years. This will be a actually a 40 day dietary reboot for me. Starting with the 10 day master cleanse followed by a 10 day juice fast then 10 day raw foods diet and lastly a 10 day paleo diet.

    I’m not ready to give up bread, pasta and cooked food for life, overall I have an “everything in moderation” dietary philosophy, but I need to reboot from my caffeine and refined sugar addiction.

    After the 40 day dietary reboot my goal is to make overall healthier food choices and count calories and light exercise to reach and maintain my weight goals. Which is 125 to 130lb. I’m 41, currently around 165lbs after having my second child 9 months ago.

    I’m being very quiet about this cleanse. My family knows but I’m really looking for the people doing this cleanse here online to help be my support system. The first time I did this being a part of an online forum really helped. My goal then was 14 days but I only managed 10 and I didn’t ease in or out. This time I’m doing the ease in but then ease out with 1 day of OJ and then 9 days of juicing instead of the 1.

    Today I go shopping for my ingredients!

  6. kizzy

    Am so ready but scared but excited can’t wait. Easy in is tom

  7. Madeleine

    I am a newbie and I’m really excited to try the master cleanse. I know this isn’t a diet but I always fail at things like this. I am in the January 12th group but I would like to start on the 31st. If I fail on the 31st then I will stick with the group. None of my friends want to do this cleanse with me. I am hoping to start eating a lot better and lose weight.

  8. Cora

    Lemonade Diet Day 2 – I have been trying to redo the MC but after 2 days i just gave up, this time, however, i am determined to finis my 10-day MC. I had a headache last night, but i felt better when i woke up this morning. And i hope i can make it this time..wish me good luck:)

  9. Phyllis Puyear

    I feel good today, not hungry. Day 3. I just don’t feel like I’m loosing weight though. I have done the cleanse before. The first time in 09. Lost 10 lbs that I kept off. I still need to lose 20 lbs though. I will keep trying. Did anyone else not lose at first?

    • Heather

      How many lemonade’s are you drinking a day?

  10. Peggy

    Thanks for your comments. Encouraging to me. I did the master cleanse years ago. Did well, but have been trying to do it again in the past 2 years, but was never able to get pass the 2nd day. I will begin with a group on April 25th and am looking forward to having people to help me achieve my goal. I just found out that I have liver problems and that has made me take a good look at my health. Will do the cleanse and then watch my diet. 61 years old, but still have alot more years to to go to be able to raise the two 9 year olds and 12 year old I adopted.


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