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  1. Elinor

    I am on day 4 of the cleanse. I miss food.

  2. Nina

    Hey every one I started on the 6th

  3. Renee

    I started today, a day late and a dollar short! Feeling good so far, super optimistic!

  4. Munitopia

    Starting ease in tomorrow wish me goodluck

  5. Jessica

    First full day of the lemonade diet and I think my lemonade is really spicy. Wow

  6. KG

    Started the Master Cleanse today! Can’t wait to see the results and how long I can go! Good luck to all!!

  7. LUNA

    Facilidad En el Día 1, me mañana a sido tranquila pero le tengo miedo llegar a la noche ya que yo trabajo por las tardes en un restaron y la verdad k la tentación va ser mucha.

  8. Lynn

    Started Ease In on Friday, Jan. 10……just started the lemonade diet this morning (Monday, Jan. 13). I have decided to drink a tea laxative, once in the morning and again at night, instead of the SWF. So far, so good. Excited to see how others are doing!

  9. Lynda D

    Starting this Monday….have all my ingredients….cleaning out the fridge today…..I did not do an ease in, but have done this cleanse before and find it will be just fine without the ease in.

  10. Gillian

    Starting my Ease-In today. Hoping to join the Jan 13, 2014 group and going to 21 days.

    • Patty

      3rd day on the cleanse feeling a little light headed but other than that expecting a really good experience


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