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The Process and The Lemonade Diet

My process today was easy.  I have a bunch of orange juice in the refrigerator and drank that.  (There was no way to get out of here to get fresh oranges, I didn’t plan well enough to make sure I had enough of them to juice beforehand, and so on, so this has got to be good enough for today).  I was sore and felt pretty awful this morning, so stayed in bed until after noon, so my first drink wasn’t until after then.  I’ve had five cups, and two (of my ccol new pink BPA-free water bottle) bottles of water.  I’m sure there is probably some reason I am supposed to use fresh oranges, and I even have that juicer I bought (still sitting on top of the cabinet in the kitchen, yet unused), but this is hard enough on me as it is.  I’m doing my best!  I was hungry pretty early on, so chugged the first two cups pretty quickly.  Went on about my day, cleaned my room a bit and even organized my desk organizer (sad) and got some little stuff done.  My mom and daughter are having some delicious baked chicken tonight for dinner. ?  I know that if I rationalized that it would still be okay to eat today, since the ease-in is “optional,” I’d still feel bad after having gone these three days and then messed it up.  I’m sticking to the ease-in.  (sigh.)  Not next time though.  In a semi-pissy mood.

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

I forego the SWF today, and just do a lax tea.  Unfortunately I only did the one, I remembered that when it was too late to do another before the next morning.  Still at six or so glasses of lemonade a day, so that should be sufficient.  (Plus as much water as I can manage.)  Things are moving along, liquidly, nothing real solid at all.  That also is not too pleasant.  I find myself wondering if there are going to any more solid days.  I am now pretty positive that detox is occurring.  My tongue is kind of white, and it truly feels like things are trying to get out of me.  It’s not that pleasant of a feeling, to be honest, but I don’t want to frighten anyone off of this by saying that it is too bad.   It’s not that bad, and I still feel  like the benefit s are outweighing the negatives.

The Psychological and Emotional

I attempted to do this wonderful Master Cleanse a few months ago, but quit in the middle of it because I felt like I was coming apart, emotionally.  It had nothing to do with the physical aspects of it.  At the time, I was going through a very stressful change in my families’ living situation... and I was trying to deal with that in the best way that I knew how.  I am still trying to deal with this same issue, though I feel a good deal more stable about it these days.  I feel more prepared mentally this time, feeling pretty steady and ready for it.  Physically, I have to admit, when I tried this the last time, even though I only lasted six days (three of the ease-in period and three on the fast itself) I hadn't felt so good... in ages.  I had all sorts of energy, nervous energy, good energy, vibrant energy, and truthfully, it made me restless.  I USED to be that energetic, all the time, and back then, I liked it.  I guess that my life has changed in ways that have made me used to being calmer, so that when that kind of energy started resurfacing in my life I wasn’t sure how to handle it.  That was one issue.  That one, and also the one that I still struggle with daily; the fact that I am still on these painkillers.

Weight Loss and Physical Results

Physically I am glad to report, that I am not feeling deathly today.  Not quite fabulous yet, but a hell of a lot better than the past three days.  I am feeling, at this point, anyhow, like I can probably endure the remainder of it.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far, frankly.  Rarely would I suffer through feelings like those and continue to treat myself in such a way.  I am all about physical comfort, pleasure, happiness and feeling good.  Feeling bad, at my own hand, is not something I would intentionally create for myself.  I am surprised I even feel like going on, but somewhere inside me seems to lie this promise of beauty and physical, mental, spiritual rejuvenation on the other side.  I wait in stillness for that time to arrive.  I do feel a bit humbled, and though I know that is not physical, it is caused by my endurance of the last three days.  I guess sometimes we think we are tougher than we would like to admit we actually are. ;-)

Social Support from Friends and Family

Now this is the topic.  As for support, I am ashamed to say that I frankly haven’t gotten a lot of it.  The thing is, you really need to be pretty strong emotionally, on your own, before you can attempt something like this.  I t can be lonely.  People think that it seems weird, that you will starve, that you will perish, faint, become ill, that you can mess up your digestive system, that you need to be taking in protein ALL of the time and rebuilding your body from when you got sick three years ago, that you are ignorant, that you are arrogant, that you are doing something extreme, that your doctor wouldn’t approve, that you are going to grow weak, that you are going to DIE.  Lol.  (seriously I just read a comment from one gal who was one her THIRD Master Cleanse, yet her family persists in telling her that she is “Going to die, bla bla bla.”  ha ha ha.


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