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The Process and The Lemonade Diet - Lemonade Diet - Day 1

So today I ran out of maple syrup after I made my first couple drinks. I knew I was about to run out and had a plan to go to the store with my friend later but the fact that I ran out so quickly kind of shocked me I guess I just didn't pay attention to how much was used the last time I attempted this cleanse about 5months ago lol. Anyhow now I've definitely got enough to last :) Today my friend asked me if I liked the taste of the lemonade and honestly I do! I said to hi, "it's just like a spicy lemonade haha." Offered him a taste but he was eating his yummy veggie stuffed quesadilla so he took a raincheck hahaha. At first I was struggling a little with only having that taste in my mouth all day but now I find that the water I drink is the perfect balance to change the pH balance in my mouth :) "

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

I am pretty happy about making friends with the SWF after 20 years of holding on to the old thought that I would never do one successfully. My newfound method of drinking only 10 oz of concentrated salt water (as opposed to the full 32 oz) has worked well for me, followed by a 16 oz mugful of warm lemon water, then another 6-8 oz of plain warm water. This will be my SWF recipe from here on out.

The Psychological and Emotional

This being the 2nd last day of the cleanse I feel sort of serene having come this far. I can't believe it's almost over, time flies!! I have no hungry (or mental hunger rather) or cravings anymore but having said that I almost feel like the end is so near it's hard to get through this. Almost like an itching like I just want it to be over and it's so close I can taste it but i can't taste anything, except lemonade. Hahaha I'm feeling really good about myself knowing that I literally can do anything I set my mind to, because this has been one of the hugest commitments to changing my lifestyle that I've made and actually stuck to. But this is just the start."

Weight Loss and Physical Results - Lemonade Diet - Day 9

I'm feeling so absolutely Marvellous about my body and mind inside and out, it is Spectacular!!!!! :D The continuous detoxing is SO wonderful and quite easy to see the immediate results from. Which I think is one of the best / most awing parts of this cleanse, not only do you see the detoxing but you see the results, IMMEDIATELY!! It's so gratifying, it's like nothing else, and honestly I hate diets and restrictions but that's why I love this, because it's really not a diet it's a cleanse that has amazing benefits for your body. It's unlike most diets because of the ease in and ease out. I believe that just the mental / psychological discipline it requires to get through this, is enough to make you come out so much stronger on the other side, that you don't fall back into your old patterns... It literally is the transition into a healthier life. I LOVE IT!! "

Social Support from Friends and Family - Lemonade Diet - Day 7

The people around me are supportive for the most part but also want to please me, for example if I want to quit they want me to quit because they don't want to see me "suffering'. Which sadly makes it a lot harder, particularly in my moments of weakness because all i want to do is give in and grab some great tasting, energizing (in my mind) food hahaha. Not to mention the fact all this wonderful food is around me all the time. Fatigue just makes this all so much harder AHHH!! People have been commenting a lot today on the change in the appearance of my skin and also my weight lose... So that's a positive and definitely motivating :) Goodnight everyone :) I hope your struggles are subsiding :)"

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