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The Process and The Lemonade Diet - Lemonade Diet - Day 1

The best investment I made was to buy a mini juicer at the Bed Bath and Beyond.  It comes in handy for the Cleanse and when I drink Orange Juice, which is not very often.  I find myself only drinking orange juice during the ease in period or the ease out period.  I have read too many books that indicate that orange juice has way too much sugar in it.  My big booty does not need anymore ammo to grow, believe you me!  I am glad that I am not starting the cleanse today, I opted for the ease in, but if I do not start soon, I will most likely opt out completely.  It is easier to just dive in.  Ok…. Tomorrow, I will start.

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

Well, this was a very interesting experience. As I really don't like the taste of the laxative tea; the night before, I decided to go with taking a quarter of a teaspoon of Magnesium Oxide in a small glass of water, I thought i'd see how I go as I don't usually get any cramps with that and to be honest, it worked really well alongside the SWF. I woke up early to do this. I was sure i'd bought Sea Salt, but after examining the packet, it turned out to be Lake Salt. Considering it was all I had, I figured it couldn't be too much different, so gave it a go. I mixed 1tbsp with a litre of warm filtered water and mixed it in a protein shaker then, without too much thought, downed it! Lucky for me, I don't have too much of a gag reflex, so forcing my mind to believe it was soup, and 2 breaths later, I managed to get the whole thing down within 60 seconds. I felt really full and decided to put myself back to bed for half an hour. I lied on my right hand side and could hear it doing its magic in my stomach. About 20 minutes later, I couldn't hold it any longer and sprinted, quite uncomfortably to the toilet. After only drinking Orange juice the day before, the whole sensation was, to put it mildly, a loose sensation. I only made 2 trips and that was it for me, for the whole day. Pleasantly surprised how simple the process is. Not something I am excited about for tomorrow, but i'll repeat and let you know if there is much of a difference in my reaction.

The Psychological and Emotional

Today has not been difficult for me. I really thought I would struggle as I am still preparing meals for my other half and surrounded by food at work, but to my surprise, managed to stay focussed and not fold. The morning was absolutely fine, I wasn't even hungry. Towards the late afternoon though - I started to get a headache. I know this is part of the detox process alongside caffeine withdrawal symptoms, so kept my water uptake up and plodded on with my day. Being the late evening now, the headache has subsided slightly and I am so pleased that I have managed to get through day 1. I have mentally prepared myself to expect things to get very hard. I do love my food and by day 10, will definitely be looking forward to easing-out onto my soups. Until then though, I will keep you up to date with my roller-coaster ride - This is all for the long term benefit and I know I will be so proud of myself for being in control and succeeding.

Weight Loss and Physical Results - Lemonade Diet - Day 9

I am not doing The Master Cleanse purely for weight-loss purposes. I have recently gone through a very clean eating plan, which I have, in total - over the space of 12 months, managed to lose 50kg. I feel like a brand new person for losing it and this will hopefully be the icing to my journey. Just recently I have developed a bad case of eczema on my face. I first thought it was an allergic reaction to a type of food, but for the life of me, can not work out what it is. Depending on how I decide to reintroduce food back into my diet, I am hope that the detox will help aid in the isolation process of this food type. To be honest I do still have another 10kgs to go to be at my optimum BMI weight, but the eczema is the base to the reason for me doing this Master Cleanse and if I do subsequently lose my last 10kg, then this will merely be a bonus for me. Throughout the process I am not going to weigh myself, I prefer to measure my body and record cm loss - I find this as a much more rewarding process, plus I know that after the cleanse when we start reintroducing food, some of the weight will inevitably return. So, I am hoping that my measurement process will help with this deflating element.

Social Support from Friends and Family - Lemonade Diet - Day 7

This is a topic I am quite passionate about. Unfortunately, when I moved to Australia, I left my family back in the UK, so I don't have family I can discuss this with. In a way, this makes me feel more independent and in control of what I am doing - but when the going gets tough, I will need to speak to someone for support. During this cleanse, as much as I would like to make the journey with my other half, it is at this stage in his life, not something he would mentally be able to do - He is strongly into his fitness and doing intense workouts each day means he needs to keep his protein and calorie intake up, so at the moment, it is not for him. However, I do expect his support with my journey. It is hard for him to understand the benefits of detoxing, he would much prefer it if I was to eat normally, but up my exercise routine, so although he has agreed to support me, I know it'll be difficult for him. We will see.

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