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The Process and The Lemonade Diet

It almost seems like I’m craving the Lemonade, I did not think it would be this way, but that was based on a pre-made Lemonade cleanse that I had once kind of tried. The fresh brew seems to do it. Since I’m at work most of the day, I do mix the Lemons and Maple Syrup together (measured out) in a brown dark glass bottle, and then throughout the day at work I mix it with spring water (that I bring) and the Cayenne. Pretty simple! I also bring a big thermos of herbal tea, since I also crave something warm after the Lemonade.

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

Tonight I did the first SWF, since I had had normal BM yesterday. Today I had none, until 1,5 after the SWF, it was actually normal (I was expecting the worst!) and I think it was all the food I had eaten up until the evening before starting the MC. Now I’m curious to see what will come next tomorrow! I did buy a herbal laxative and took 1 (of 2 suggested) tabs last night, but they did not do anything. I may take 2 tonight to see what happens, after all stuff needs to come out!

The Psychological and Emotional

Psychologically this is huge for me.  2012 represents the year for me where I will finish things that I normally won't. It is almost symbolic to the rest of my life. I am a very determined person, but also l-a-z-y by nature (I was a cat in a previous life, so no wonder). I seem to be very strong at this moment, but it is just day 1. I do think I can put the hunger aside, but it so much fun to eat good food! But if I complete the cleanse, and shed the sluggish waste-line and behaviour, it will be so much better!!

Weight Loss and Physical Results

I am super happy about the weight lost and will try to keep it this way, with a more mindful way of eating, plenty of exercise and rest, and a cleanse again in April. This is the year of the truth for me, I’m headed for optimal health and so I will do the cleanses, also because this first one was so easy and went so well. Physically I feel great, although I did not have enough sleep the past days due to tasks I had to finish, I still had energy to get everything done and do my Qigong. This was a very positive thing to do for me.


Social Support from Friends and Family

Poor Fabio (my Italian 5-star cook and husband). He came home after a long day of work and cooked himself some pasta, which he had to finish eating outside as he saw me coming home! I did smell something good,  and was wondering what he was doing coming in with a plate… That’s the social support that you want! Again, at work I’m not saying anything, until they will ask me why I look so AMAZING!

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