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The Process and The Lemonade Diet

Ive been really struggling with the cayenne and have had to resort to putting it in a shot glass and taking it straight down. Then kind of rinsing my mouth around with the Lemonade and then drinking it straight down until the burn stops. The Lemonade with Cayenne in it tastes like burned rubber to me (not that ive ever eaten burned rubber but im sure you know what i mean.) I ordered an electric Lemon juicer from Amazon and was a bit nervous about it as it was only £12 including postage but its the best thing about my Master Cleanse this time. I could juice those lemons all day - in fact i wouldnt mind doing it for a job, its really satisfying. It has a big jug over which the 'juicer' is seated. All you do is press a lemon half gently down and it turns on the motor. The next time you press it turns the opposite way. So fast and easy!!

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

Hmm will I realized what id done wrong – id mistaken a half teaspoon measure for the one teaspoon measure. I wrongly thought that the 4 spoons were ½ teaspoon, full teaspoon, ½ desert spoon, full desert spoon. So Yesterday I only used half the amount of salt that I should have so today I did it perfectly – apart from forgetting to drink the last glass of it because I got distracted and then thought it was water. I did wonder why I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I remembered and just thought id got used to the feeling – oh dear. I also messed up the laxative tea last night because nothing happened the first night I took it I decided to double the pods I was using – with the result that an hour later I was on and off the loo for about 2 hours and exhausted this morning. I am going to make an extra special effort to get my laxative and SWF completely right tonight and tomorrow morning!! Have spent all day resting today,  well working from bed to be exact as ive been feeling really cold and messed up my sleep last night (see day 2).  When I say resting ive probably done more exercise running for the loo all day (urine and stools – although I should  think  stools doesn’t really describe what is coming out of any of us by now)than I normally do all week .

The Psychological and Emotional

Psychologically and Emotionally I feel pretty stable today – actually stable is an understatement – I feel rock solid. However we are only on Day 1 so it may not be so in a few days time. Im hoping I wont wobble as last time I did the Master Cleanse I was around a lot of food and it didn’t bother me at all which surprised me greatly. I even cooked a few meals for my husband and his mum and even that I found fine. Im a bit worried that because im in a house on my own for the whole 10 days instead of making it easier it will make it more difficult. I do have a bad habit of making a problem out of nothing so im going to stop this thought process right now and just wait and see.

Weight Loss and Physical Results

Am not quite sure what the word is for how im feeling about my body and what im putting into it. Smug isn’t quite there but its kind of smug. Im certainly very pleased with myself and the 7lbs I have lost is making a lot of difference to me because I can get into my clothes again with out feeling suffocated by how tight they are and its great to have a choice of things to wear and not have to try to cover up lumpy bits so much. Obviously there are still a couple of small bumps that I need to get rid of and I aim to lose a stone (14lbs) more hopefully in time for my birthday in August (maybe before that if I do another Master Cleanse in 3 months time.)

Social Support from Friends and Family

This is the second Master Cleanse i have done - the first one without this site as i only found it on Saturday by accident and had planned to start today (Monday) on my own so was blown away that i could find support here because im completely on my own at home for the next 10 days as my husband is looking after his elderly mother and staying there for a while. He is very supportive on the phone and helped me no end last time i did the cleanse - making my SWF and bringing it to me in bed. I can see already that there are going to advantages and disadvantages to being on my own this time. Disadvantage - no one to juice the lemons for me but i purchased a brilliant electric citrus juicer that you just press the lemon  gently down on and it gets every drop out with no effort, no one to bring me my SWF before i get out of bed. Advantage - no cooking smells, cooking, shopping for food, not being able to join in on a drink etc. Last time i did the MC i found the hardest part of it was losing the joy of sharing a meal or a drink with my partner.

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  7. Group Cleanse Date: 2012.04
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