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The Process and The Lemonade Diet - Lemonade Diet - Day 1

The best investment I made was to buy a mini juicer at the Bed Bath and Beyond.  It comes in handy for the Cleanse and when I drink Orange Juice, which is not very often.  I find myself only drinking orange juice during the ease in period or the ease out period.  I have read too many books that indicate that orange juice has way too much sugar in it.  My big booty does not need anymore ammo to grow, believe you me!  I am glad that I am not starting the cleanse today, I opted for the ease in, but if I do not start soon, I will most likely opt out completely.  It is easier to just dive in.  Ok…. Tomorrow, I will start.

Detox and The Salt Water Flush

I keep telling myself, “think of all the yucky stuff that you are ridding your body of and feeling great mentally and physically at the end of the process.”  This is the ONLY way I can survive the Salt Water Flush  (I call it the Salt Water Gag fest).  I like the Smoothe Moves and the Lemonade, but I ABHOR….. do like that word?  Not strong enough for what I feel about the Salt Water Flush.  Oh help me.  I am going to start tomorrow. I have to think of a way to bribe myself to do this.  Maybe a new pair of designer jeans or something

The Psychological and Emotional

Psychologically and emotionally, how do I feel today on Day one of the Cleanse?  I am opting for the ease in because I am note quite ready for the full cleanse yet.  I have done this cleanse about 5 times now and the one thing I dread is drinking the sea salt in the morning.  I do not mind the lemonade and I actually look forward to the Smooth Moves.  It is hard psychologically speaking to face the sea salt.  I know I can do it, but I don’t want to do it.  It takes every fiber of my mental strength to down that gaggy concoction

Weight Loss and Physical Results - Lemonade Diet - Day 9

One good thing is that I lost 8 pounds in 5 days.  So if I keep it up and boost up the exercise which has basically been walking the dog, it will be super duper and I will be way happy at the end of the 12 days.  I really do not care about the weight loss, but I do.  Make sense.  Being lighter feel lighter and better.  I hated the bloated feeling I get after eating normally, which really is not that normal or halthy for that matter.  My skin does look better so I like that. I did not get the major breakout like I did in the past so that is weird to me.  My tongue is totally gross, but that is normal.

Social Support from Friends and Family - Lemonade Diet - Day 7

Happy New Year to you all.  Thank goodness for the support of this group.  I can usually talk my husband into doing the cleanse with me, but he is on the fence.  It sucks when he is not on the Master Cleanse with me because we have to plan around his meals.  He is tell me to leave the house or go do something outside the house when he eats.  I can’t just go outside when he cooks something.  If I stay in the backyard, then come inside after he eats, I can still smell the scent of the food in the house.  It is cruel.

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