This is my second video and the Day 2 of the 30 Days to Master Cleansing Blogging Experience. In the last Article I talked about the 4 elements of our being and here they are again:

  1. Physical Body
  2. Emotional Body
  3. Mental Body
  4. Energy Body/ Our Energy System

The Mental Body

All of these bodies need to be cleansed and maintained just like our physical body or our house, car …. Today I am going to be talking about the part of our being represented by our very intricate human mind, our thoughts and habits of thinking. All of these make up for our Mental Body.


Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

As a Life coach I think we are living at the time when we are getting out our had into our heart about a lots of things in today’s world. Many people are exhausted today and don’t realize that what actually tires them out is their way of thinking about the world. Our minds are processing so much information daily it’s challenging to stay calm and centered for many people. That also reflects in the state of our health and our physical bodies are many times hindered bu our habits of thinking. We loose a lot of energy to stress and emotional pain we can create for our selves through our perceptions. Healthy habits of thinking These cycles/ habits of thinking can be broken for us to experience overall sense of wellness again. When I work with my Life Coaching clients on their patterns of thinking, one of the first effects that I see them being very happy about is having more or lots of energy again. That is HUGE! That equals more productive day and healthier body as well.

Think in Better Ways = look and feel better.

What I hear from my clients often is that once they remove certain stress, they start looking better. That change happens so fast and I have some of them reporting on their friends asking if they got hair cut or changed something because they look great. (smile) So the outcomes are definitely worth the effort, don’t you think? Here is a video that shows you just how amazing our bodies are :

What is our Mental Body?

Here are some definitions of this aspect of our being :  The Mental body (the mind) is one of the subtle bodies in esoteric philosophies, in some religious teachings and in New Age thought. It is understood as a sort of body made up of thoughts, just as the emotional body consists of emotions and the physical body is made up of matter. … Holistic Cleansing, Master Cleanse Our thoughts, ideas, our Belief systems and our rational and intuitive perceptions are all borne in the mental body. It’s vibrations are higher than those of the ethereal and emotional bodies and it’s structure is less dense.

Mental Body- The 3rd Layer of Our Aura

The Mental Layer or Third Layer of the Aura is associated with the vibrational level of thoughts and mental processes of the ego and related to the Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra as well as your personal power. It is composed of a finer substance than the emotional body and it usually appears as a bright yellow light radiating about the head and shoulders and extending around the whole body. The light will appear stronger and pulsating when the person is concentrating on mental tasks. It extends about three inches to eight inches from the physical body.

The mental body is also a structured body.

It contains the structure of your ideas reflecting your linear thinking processes and your thought forms can also be seen in this layer. The stronger and more ingrained these thought form are, the greater is their definition within the mental body. To learn more, please click here.

How many thoughts do we have every day?

mental body, our thoughts The mental body is represented by our thoughts and habits of thinking. Research shows that  on average we have 20 000 to 60 000 thoughts a day. That is lots of information to process! And for a lot of people, this is random process still. We are still to learn how to utilize our mind to our full benefit. As a life coach, I like to ask people this question:  If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your own self , how many friends would you still have?

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of. Proverb

The Biology of Belief

[easyazon_image asin=”1401923127″ alt=”The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles” src=”” align=”left” width=”107″ height=”160″]

Today, we also understand that our thoughts create our reality and that includes our bodies as well. I have recently written an article about an amazing research of Bruce Lipton, well respected American biologist that exposes the idea that our habits of thinking and our perceptions have an effect on out genes and DNA. I highly recommend this book as a resource to re-educate your self about the human body and how we actually create Wellness or dis-ease.

2o Healing Affirmations to practice while cleansing.

Here are 20 affirmations that may help you establish some beneficial mentality during the Master Cleanse :

Feel Supported in the Process of The Cleanse:

  • I have friends I can talk to. I feel safe with my friends. I attract people into my life that understand this idea of cleansing and detox and that comforts me.
  • Other people respect me and my choices because I respect myself.
  • Today whenever I need support, I know that it will be provided.
  • This is the day to really experience trust. I trust in myself and trust life.
  • The entire Universe loves and supports me in all my endeavors.

Balance Your Life as Well as Your Body:

When you balance your body, you will balance your life.

  • Today I am centered, calm, and balanced.
  • I balance my life between work,rest, and play.
  • I am willing to open up to the abundance and prosperity that is available everywhere.
  • When I wake up in the morning I plan for a good day. My anticipation attracts good experiences to me.
  • Today I remember to breathe deeply and fully. I have all the time in the world to relax and be at ease with the process of life.

Holistic Cleansing, Master Cleanse

Allow for Healing :

  • Love flows through my body, healing all dis-ease.
  • Wellness is the natural state of my body. I keep this is mind every day.
  • I am healthy, balanced and filled with energy!
  • I nurture my body with love, light and kindness.
  • I lovingly create perfect health for my self. Every day I learn to make healthier choices expressing this attitude.

Feel Empowered and Strengthen Your Will :

  • I am willing to learn how to take good care of my body.
  • Life always reveals what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it.
  • I have the strength to remain calm in the face of change.
  • I radiate Joy and share it with others. My life gets better all the time.
  • I am willing to change.

What do you think? Do your Habits of Thinking Hold you Back?

Tell us one of those little thoughts that loop over and over, that is just an old record playing on auto-play. Habits of thinking are just like habits of eating. You can and will break them for better ones.

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