Remember why you have started this challenging Cleanse.

This is why you do The Master Cleanse : to be healthier, to feel lighter, to honour your body and to allow it to function properly, even perfectly, to know that you can do this, to be proud of your self you made this choice, to inspire others to take care of their health better, to feel free of toxins and to have a fresh start.

Your whys will keep you focused until you succeed.

Remember your whys, they will keep you focused and motivated. If you need to, make a list of all your whys and read it every morning to put you in the right state of mind to start another day of the cleanse.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE”.  Wayne Dyer

Your mind will play tricks on you.

This cleanse can be the time when your mind will play tricks on you and your old habits of thinking and being may creep up on you in a way you don’t even expect. Your mind may try to convince you that you NEED your morning cup of coffee, yet you know that coffee dehydrates you and should never be the first thing you drink in the morning. It dramatically slows down your metabolism. I am not saying, coffee is bad ( I drink it after my breakfast too), but it is not a replacement for breakfast, yet so many of us do that.

I know that many people doing the Master Cleanse are doing it to loose weight and to let go of a few pounds that are sometimes almost impossible to loose. I found that once I educated myself about how my body works and what are the things that I can do to be in sink with it’s natural way of functioning, it was easy to establish new habits or just change them a little if it makes sense.

“I love myself, therefore I take loving care of my body”. Louise Hay

Simple Life coaching exercise

Here is a simple exercise that will allow your mind to support you in this cleansing process: I like using affirmations, but many times they can be competing with strong, over time accumulated limiting beliefs. What I found helpful was shortening my affirmations to just one/two words – statements, ideas that are easier for our subconscious to accept. The one word mantras are easy to do and you can do them before each time you drink your lemonade.

Write down your goals, but use very simple words representing your desired outcome that create positive emotional response in you .This is very important! It is the engine behind these words/affirmations manifesting as your reality. Hang the list on your wall, put it on your fridge or carry it with you in your valet where ever you go.

Here are some desirable outcomes that could get your list started:

  • Healthy ,happy and energized body
  • Healthy drinking habits
  • Stronger, leaner body
  • Free of my old habits
  • Fresh new start
  • Clarity of mind and strong will
  • Clear skin
  • Fast/ faster metabolism
  • New wardrobe that fits your new, healthier body
  • Healthy, shiny hair
  • Feeling happy and proud
  • Strong will

It could also be just one word statement like Energy, Happiness, Health, Vitality, Love, Letting go …those work very well and are easy to create physiological responses in your body that will jumpstart your mind to work in a ways that helps you to reach your goals.

Limiting beliefs standing in your way.

What limiting beliefs could possibly be standing in the way of you achieving your goals while on the Master Cleanse? Many. We all have our individual ones depending on our upbringing and our environment.

Identifying your beliefs can be as simple as finding a piece of paper and a pen and after taking couple of deep, centering breaths writing down: I believe that my body, my metabolism (or whatever you are wanting to find out your limiting beliefs on) is …and GO!

I recommend that you set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just write. Here are important things to remember ones you start writing :

  • 1.Don’t think too much, just do a “brain dump” and don’t judge your self for what you are writing down. You will organize you thoughts later.
  • 2.Keep your pen moving at all times ( so your ego has no chance to edit the process ), even if  you ll have to write “I don’t know what to write” for the first 1 minute. If you can (as sometimes its a very emotional process) exhaust the topic.
  • 3.If possible try to find peaceful and safe/private place to do this. It may be very emotional and sometimes tiring (even physically) for a brief moment.

This is very a important knowledge for you as you can’t change something you are not aware of. You need to OWN your limiting beliefs and then release them with new understanding and love (as they were there to protect you first). They are NOT who you are, they are what you experiences that formed your habits of thinking. And habits can be changed!

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Happy Cleansing!