Great question. And one that is on our “Should’ve Asked Questions” list (a list dedicated to the top questions people just don’t think to ask, and therefore doesn’t make our top “Frequently Asked Questions” list. Frequently asked Question variations include: What is a Cleanse? What does a Cleanse Do? How does cleansing work?

Or perhaps the more general question is even more relevant:

Does The Master Cleanse Work at all?

First let’s look at what a cleanse does specifically what The Master Cleanse does on a high level.

  1. It rests our digestive system
  2. It provides easy access, whole food energy (maple syrup, lemon juice)
  3. It provides “functional” super-foods, that contain nutrients, and micro-nutrients that have a certain, known effect in our bodies.

Specific Explanation of What is a Cleanse?

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The Master Cleanse works because it’s a liquid mono diet, composed only of lemonade of which you can drink as much as you like in a day.

When you eat typical solid food, your body requires 25% of its energy to break down, and liquefy and digest that food. So everything you eat has to be converted to a liquid soluable form to be asssimulated.

Because The Lemonade Diet is already mixed with water it’s already liquid soluable form. There’s no solid food to break down. Therefore this liquid foods is assimulated in a matter of minutes.

So all of this energy that is usually used for the digestive process, to break down on average 2-3 pounds of food each day. And when the energy is no longer needed for digestion, the energy is redirecetd into digesting itself. A process called autophagy oand autolysis which is governed by enzymatic action. Everything you eat has to have enzymes to breakdown the molecules of the foods we eat.

People ask: Isn’t my body going to break down. Yes, it does, but it breaks down what it doesn’t want. Unhealthy cells, unhealthy tissues, and accumulated waste. These are what’s removed.

How the Ingredients Work to Help “Cleansing”

If you have 2,3,4 or 5 pounds of waste in your colon alone, all the water will rehydrate that mass, and the compounds in lemon that breaks down and loosen mucus buildup, and the cayenne pepper is a catalyst stimulates the lemon juice to be more effective. All of this together makes your body loosen and re-hydrate this waste so it can be easily removed.

What’s more, this autophagy and autolysis is effecting more than just digestion. Studies show that fasting produces profound neuronal autophagy, and there are other studies that show how all facets of our bodies are cleansed through fasting.

Naturally we then must remove this waste through our kidneys, large intestine, liver, skin, and lungs or through what I simply as the systems of detox: breathing, sweating, urinating, defecation.

There are complimentary detox methods that we can use to aid our detox through breathing, sweating and urinating but as they are, they continue to function as normal during the lemon fast.

But pooping is a different story (pardon my slang).

In order to have a bowel movement, our bodies need fibre to produce a process called pperistalsis which is a series of muscle contractions that move the food along our digestive system, being liquified, utilized, and finally  and leaving waste behind to be removed.

So we need a “hack” if you will to allow the body to purge what the lemonade is helping our bodies get ready for elimination. So we use the digestive process to digest what the body doesn’t want by taking a natural detox laxative, the detox tea made form the herb senna. We can also do the salt water flush, another amazing health hack that triggers the body to flush a litter of soothing  and bathing warm sea salt water that acts as a top-down enema.

This is what we might call “cleansing”, the removal of toxic waste from our bodies.

The Master Recycler: How Cleansing works

We might just think that cleansing is only that. But And the body will in fact recycle much of the “waste” it works on. You may have a tumor that can be 90% recycled into healthy tissue rather than all being eliminated.

Our body has developed for millions of years and has it’s own inate intelligence. It won’t throw away healthy tissue. Would you? We don’t throw away what’s good. As a society we’re even slowly starting to get this by adding recycle requirements, alternatives to junking everything.

If going green is to reduce, reuse, recycle, then I say cleansing is as green as it gets and The Master Cleanser is the Master Recycler.

In the end, it’s as simple as can be. The Master Cleanse works because it creates the environment, the condition to do this natural process more effectively.

So if you’re asking, does The Master Cleanse work? You should probably ask the tens of thousands of Master Cleansers, many of them posting on our website here, others on our facebook page and all around the world.

If you’re asking how the master cleanse works, maybe now you can visualize cleansing a little easier.