You’ve heard the disclaimer: Results not typical. Results will vary. And that couldn’t be more true than with The Master Cleanse, which is why I’ll say it again.

Everybody is different. Some people do the cleanse with less lemonade than others, some more. Some do it wrong, but have tremendous results. Some do everything right but don’t lose any weight (in this case it’s nearly always because either they really don’t need to and should be doing a self-image cleanse, not a master cleanse, or because they are so toxic they need to do several longer term cleanses and detox methods over time to produce the results they’re looking for).

Having said all that I am sure you’re really wanting to know “what’s the average weight loss”, what can I typically expect?

Average Weight Loss on The Master Cleanse

Typically, around 1 pound per day is lost on a 10 day cleanse. When you factor in the Ease-In and Ease-Out that can end up being around 15 pounds or 7 kilograms.

What’s the max weight I have ever lost on the master cleanse? 2lbs per day. In the fall of 2008 on one of my 5 documented cleanses (12 total) I did a 10 day cleanse, I tracked my weight loss closely. I had plenty to lose at that time. I ended up losing 20 lbs in 10 days? down to 186.5 lbs by the end of the ease-out, starting at 206.7 at the beginning of the Ease-In. I don’t have those first and last days documented unfortunately, but here’s me at 206.6 lbs and again at 191.8 only 8 days later while still on the lemonade

What are The keys to rapid weight loss on the master cleanse?

  1. Be needing to lose weight: I had about 20 pounds over my ideal weight to lose. I lost exactly that. The Master Cleanse tends to stop weight loss around your ideal weight.
  2. Be relatively non-toxic already: If you have to go through to much detoxing, and repair, your body doesn’t seem to focus on dropping fat quickly as it has other more pressing functions to perform like repairing organs and breaking down tumors.
  3. Don’t starve yourself: 6-18 glasses is the range. 10 is a good starting point with 12 usually being the upper range needed per day. If you’re training for a triathalon you might need 20 glasses or more. But if you start starving yourself with 3, 2 or even just 1 glass of lemonade you’re now in water fast territory which is a whole different story.  There’s a law of diminishing returns when it comes to the tricky balance of how many glasses to drink. You can try to find the magic number, but my rule of thumb is drink as much as you want so you feel full, and energized. Let the weight loss take care of itself.

Generally the amount of weight lost depends on your calorie deficit as well If your body needs 2,200 calories to maintain its metabolism and your drink mix is 1,400 calories, you will lose more than if your caloric needs are 2,400 and your drink mix is 1,800 calories. This still holds relatively true while fasting, but as mentioned earlier, other factors can take precedence.

Also of note women tend to lose more weight than men do. Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Weight Gain and The Master Cleanse?

As mentioned, if you don’t have any fat or stored waste to remove, don’t worry, you won’t waste away. People who have done the cleanse for many months have reported that their weight loss ceased at a certain point (at their ideal body weight).

It’s also been noted that if you’re malnourished or underweight you can actually gain weight on the master cleanse (when done properly.

Master Cleanse Weight Loss Stories and Results

In the near decade we’ve been holding group cleanses, we have captured the experiences of thousands of newbie and master cleansers alike. For some, the winners of the My Experience journal challenge, we packaged their weight loss stories and results into reports, like Marlice’s weight loss story, and the story of Paula’s mater cleanse results, not only physical but emotional, psychological, and social too. Liz Nichol’s lost 11 lbs in 10 Days. That’s over 1lb per day. Nora lost 30lbs in 20 days. Wow!!!

You can get all of these master cleanser’s weight loss stories by doing the group cleanse, posting every day, or by buying the whole bundle of My Experience Journals.

Master Cleanse Before and After


Curious what this weight loss looks like in photos? What would weight sost at 3 Days, 5 Days, 10 Days, 30 Days after the only the lemonade diet? Then check out this post featuring some before and after master cleanse photos (sorry no poop pictures).