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Then head over to the Kickstarter page, to pledge your support, and while your at it, why don’t you promote this campaign by sharing the link, and we’ll reward you for doing so.

Make sure to check out the details on how to register after the video below explaining the project:

Learn more about iMasterCleanse – Social Documentary

Contest Details

There are two ways to win. In both cases you’ll need to register using the form below. After you register you’ll be given a special unique identifying link that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, by Email or any other place on the internet like Blogs and Forums.

The more times you’re link is clicked, the more you’ll win and have a chance to win.

There two levels of prizes are for those who have pledged, and those who have not. Those who have pledged are eligible for both prizes, and those who have not are eligible for the first prize:

Contest Prizes

  1. Grand Prize: ALL Kickstarter Rewards (except events) + PLUS $100 Gift Certificate
  2. Top 10 Awards get the Top 10 Master Cleanse Kickstarter Rewards (except events)
  3. Random Drawing for all participants (each point is an entry or ticket into the draw. The more entries the better (obviously).

Contest Leaderboard

Make sure to check out the iMasterCleanse Contest Leaderboard to see you status each day. The Contest is 60 days, so that’s lots of time to do much Sharing and Engaging, so get rockin’.

Contest Rules

  1. DO NOT Spam. Spam means to repeatedly post random, or repeating crap. Just be real, and share. Find someway to make what you’re saying compelling. Messages of inspiration are always nice. Quotes work too. Be creative.
  2. DATES: Contest opens May 23rd, 2011 and closes July 26th, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST.
  3. Rewards for Social Sharing contest, although are the same as the Kickstarter campaign, will only be awarded it the Kickstart project is funded. If the project is not funded there will be 3 consolation prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd most active members.
  4. Rewards for the Social Sharing Contest will not include any events, just digital and physical media.

Contest Entry Form

All you have to do to get started is enter your email address, and you’ll be on your way.
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Scoring Points – Many Ways

The contest is REALLY amazing for scoring points. Just enter your email address to get started. Then doing almost anything on, Facebook, The Master Cleanse Facebook Page, Twitter and YouTube will earn your points. You’ll get a special link that you can share anywhere and everywhere (just don’t spam any social site, or our site, :)…

Make sure you’re registered first, or you won’t earn any points for your activity.

Once you’re registered, you can check in on the iMasterCleanse Leaderboard to see where you’re at.

Posting Comment

10 100 Earn any points for any comment on the website, please, be relevant to the conversation :).

Facebook Comment Box

10 100 On this page, or any other page on the website, you’ll earn points when commenting in the Facebook Comments box

Entering Contest

100 100 Can’t get much more simple. Earn a big chunk of points just for registering

Referred Signups

100 6000 Anyone that follows your special tracking link back to this page who registers for the contest, so be sure to encourage people to register for the contest too!

Facebook Wall Post

10 150 You can earn points by posting on your, or anyone else’s wall anything contain your special link (given once registered), or this page:

Liking Fan Page

200 200 You can like our page just by hitting the like button

Adding Facebook App

250 200 By adding the Contest Burner App to your Facebook Profile, you’ll enable your activity to be automatically posted to your profile, which will further earn you points

Posting Comment on Host Video

10 100 Go to our YouTube Channel and post a comment on any one of our videos, but especially our Kickstarter Video

Posting YouTube Video

50 100 Go to your own YouTube Channel, and post a video. Tag it with the Tag:

YouTube Subscription

50 50 Go to our YouTube Channel and simply subscribe to our Channel

YouTube Responses

100 200 Go to our YouTube Channel and post your own video response. Tell us something about YOUR EXPERIENCE with The Master Cleanse

Points for Tweets

10 150 Tweet our Twitter Name, URL, or Link

Tell us what you think, score some points!

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